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  • I don’t really see how going 6-0 with 1 finish is more impressive then 9-0 with 6 finishes in recent fights. But you’re right lets agree to disagree.

  • Evan, you are talking about a long time ago when Aldo was dominate, since 2011, Jon has most certainly been more impressive then Aldo and that’s what counts. As I said before, when these rankings get made, they go off RECENT UFC Performances, because if you lose, you will likely drop a few spots and that proves my point. Who ever makes the…[Read more]

  • Jacare is legit and is super dangerous for any 205er. Weidman is very very close to P4P #3/2 he is seriously being underestimated because skill wise he is out of this world. Of course no one is invincible and Chris could lose at any moment, however, he is special and I think he is destined for Greatness, like p4p 1 greatness. Jacare vs Machida is…[Read more]

  • LMAO!

  • Ronda deserves to be in the P4P rankings just like the rest of them. Say what you want about Rondas opponents, they are all still top quality, Ronda has just made them look bad. Most of these Women train in the top Mens MMA gyms and have Top MMA men as training partners. The same coaches, training facilities etc. Skill wise Ronda has better…[Read more]

  • Does it really matter, Jon Jones is the one on the top of the list, Aldo is a fantastic fighter but has he impressed me that much in his UFC career? Against Mendes(Even though he cheated to get the KO) yes but thats it. Jon Jones has continued to impress every fight, showing some new aspects to his game. Aldo has coasted, lost the later rounds and…[Read more]

  • So are you saying the WEC back in the day, was as high level as MMA in the UFC is today?? UFC back in 2010 is a completely different animal compared to today. The UFC skill level between fighters grows at a very rapid pacw. Also by including Aldo’s WEC wins, you are implying that when the UFC or reporters make these Rankings, like for example…[Read more]

  • Beyond pathetic, It’s a shame Coker went that Route, Bellator had potential. Lets just hope ONE FC and WSOF stay clear of this garbage and just let the fights do the talking. The UFC is light years away from any real competition but One FC has a great plan for China, which is Big $$$

  • There is no way in FUCK that Aldo is above Jones. UFC WINS COUNT. Look at Jones UFC record and look at Aldo’s. Why just count the last 5 fights?? Go off the entire UFC record. Jones 14-1(should be 15-0) With 9 finishes. Aldo in the UFC, only 6-0, 1 finish, Zombie dislocated his shoulder because of a previous shoulder injury, Aldo didn’t finish…[Read more]

  • If you are going to use Aldo’s previous fights there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Aldo’s first submission loss (Jon Jones has never been defeated) The level of skill with Swanson, Mike Brown, Faber and Gamburyan was no where near the high quality of competition of Jones resume. Shogun, Jackson, Machida, Evans, Belfort,…[Read more]

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    I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to the main event but its always a pleasure to see MM put on a show. The rest of the card covers the main event and I can’t wait!! So many sick fights and most are very important ranking wise. McGreogor vs Poirier is going to be epic. The return of Cruz is long awaited and if he wins I would love to see him vs TJ…[Read more]

  • I honestly don’t see how the “Over-saturation” is a major problem. It would 100% be a problem if the events have been terrible and not exciting in the slightest. That’s the complete opposite of this year. I would say out of 200 fights this year 185 have been top quality. I will agree the Hype factor of really big cards back in the day is missing,…[Read more]

  • I think the knees on the ground and kicks to downed opponents is a game changer, it was in Pride and it completely changes the ground game, most UFC fighters today that are “Lay and Pray” fighters would finish all of their fights from side control or north south with knees. Its fucking DEADLY!! I’m not really aware of One FC’s judging system, what…[Read more]

  • Everyone needs to understand how Gus is feeling, he went 5 rounds with the P4P king and almost won the damn fight! He felt like he deserved the immediate rematch and was forced to take a very dangerous fight with Manuwa. Gus was promised a rematch and it was booked, then the damn knee injury. He must be foaming at the mouth to get in there with…[Read more]

  • 1. Jon Jones
    2. Jose Aldo
    3. Mighty Mouse
    4. Chris Weidman
    5. Cain Velasquez
    6. Ronda Rousey
    7. Anthony Pettis
    8. TJ Dillashaw
    9. Johnny Hendricks
    10. Renan Barao

    The P4P rankings should be based of UFC performances IMO. Jon Jones is clearly number 1, 15 wins in the UFC with 9 finishes. Aldo looked ferocious in the WEC but since he has been in…[Read more]

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    I like the new look!! The old site was getting stale, good to see you guys are making the right improvements!

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