• I understand there were no females at the beginning but it’s still p4p not p4p unless female. You realize that all the factors used in the definition are still relative to weight being the factor that doesn’t change right? Sure some will have larger bones stronger muscles etc but still weigh the same. You then should see the need to seperate the…[Read more]

  • Here’s another one.

    Pertaining to how any two things compare when bearing in mind their real or relative, figurative weight.

    As soon as you add other factors other than weight it is no longer an argument about p4p but. Per pound Urijah is stronger than Michael Mcdonald because his wheight incorporates more muscle while Michaels is more height…[Read more]

  • Here is the official definition and it all comes down to the size of the person and nothing about sex strength etc.

    Pound for pound is a term used in combat sports such as boxing[1] or mixed martial arts[2] to describe a fighter’s value in relation to fighters of different weight classes. As these fighters do not compete directly, judging the…[Read more]

  • So then why is Ronda ranked along side the men? Simple it is about weight only. It is indiscriminate of gender otherwise it would not be p4p it would be pound for female pound and pound for male pound. Hence why she is on an indiscriminate list that only takes the value of weight into account. You are bringing in other factors besides weight and…[Read more]

  • XP you are still not seeing what p4p means. P4p is weight only. So it doesn’t matter if one is gifted by being male, it is based on weight and men are p4p better than females of the same size due to their gifts. You can’t say that they cannot be compared because of gender differences since it is only weight being taken into account if we talk p4p.…[Read more]

  • XP, it is fair to rank the women with the men since thats what the UFC is doing. And you’re right it is not about gender as indicated it is about weight and that means you rank them with the other 135ers even if they are men and in that case Ronda wouldn’t be any where near p4p status. Faber would crush her and he is 135. I don’t see where I…[Read more]

  • There are 3 or 4 guys I think can get Weidman. Jacare is one, Lyoto is another, Rockhold is another and although he lost 2 times I am not convince Silva is out of the question either.

  • Space, Faber, Cruz etc are all Rondas weight class and they would destroy her, she does not belong on the p4p list.

  • Ronda being on anyones gender nuetral p4p list is a big joke. If we have a womens p4p list then yeah she can be on it. Also the way things have been shaping up and changing make right now a very difficult time to rank p4p. But please spare me the Ronda dominates arguement, her competition is beatable by amateurs in the mens world and so is she.…[Read more]

  • Okay just realized this is temporary. Sorry for rant.

  • Why do we need codes and moderated? I was willing to let the dying of certain great features not turn me totally off but I feel this is getting stupid now.

  • I feel so many strikers would be doing far better with the rules allowing them to use their strikes against a grounded opponent, that rule mostly protects grapplers and guys that play the touch the mat game during a knee strike like Ross Pearson who was getting mopped by Melvin.

  • Well fighters don’t get many marks just for getting a takedown with no other accomplishment, damage is far more powerful in decisions and they consider internal damage as well like when a fighter is knocked down but without a scratch. top position is not the only place to win on points as they give more credit to a guy who can defend himself from…[Read more]

  • One FC, what do you guys think?

  • falcon4917 replied to the topic A forum! in the forum General Discussion 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Just being honest, I am not so happy but I am hoping to see the benefits of the new ideas coming soon. I agree with Spyridon on what he brings up but the format, background, the whole look feels mainstream instead of Lowkick. Everytime the changes come I feel we are losing the greatness that was once Lowkick. The Wall, Rankings, Green and Red…[Read more]