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  • Weidman win, easily.

    The only people I think can give Weidman trouble are Belfort and Machida. However, the Belfort that showed us could be a lesser version of the guy who was legally able to inject testosterone routinely the last few years so he might not do well.

    Another Machida fight down the road would be magnificent. Lyoto’s at his optimal…[Read more]

  • Which is why I pointed out the last three. Your timeframes aren’t the only base of a conversation between two people. Try and factor that in for future discussions.

  • Its definitely subjective, and most people say Jones almost reflexively when speaking on PFP status. But if we are going by criteria of recent performances/competition I gotta go with Aldo because of what has been stated already. I understand the killer Jon Jones has been since coming to the UFC, but I believe that same killer is starting to fall…[Read more]

  • experience1- No, you can certainly drop a fighter down a PFP list when you don’t know which weight class they will compete in next time out. It certainly isn’t about showing up to fight the most, but it is definitely about showing up to fight and which class they will compete in. Claiming something like that shouldn’t impact rankings would tarnish…[Read more]

  • cont’d…

    Aldo was ranked #6 PFP wise as of December 25th 2009. Right behind Anderson, GSP, Fedor, Machida, and Penn.

  • Yes, Aldo was ranked in the PFP list in the WEC. Ronda isn’t ranked by some people PFP wise now, so her wins not getting her on the list then isn’t a big surprise. Mighty Mouse wasn’t a champion, and had a recent loss to Brad Pickett before his UFC run… Look, serious question here; are you trolling us right now?

    If only recent wins were taken…[Read more]

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    SpaceJam – theexperience1 hit on a lot I would hit on in reply. However, just a few other things:

    -Not only do Sonnen and Belfort belong at MW, they were middleweights. They only moved up because they got offered a ton of money for Vitor to take the fight on short notice, and for Sonnen because he can sell a fight well (and you can’t really blame…[Read more]

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    Spacejam- Aldo has been fighting the higher ranked competition for longer than Jones. Jones has more UFC fights then Aldo because the WEC was the place to be for FWs and below before 2011 (you could also say the same for LWs as Ben, Cerrone, and Pettis were there). His cardio might not be the best, but its never cost him a fight. The only people…[Read more]

  • Everything is looking great, and the forum was a great idea. Good work all around.

  • I’d say he thinks he deserves a title shot next no matter what so he doesn’t think he has to fight again before a match with Cormier or a rematch with Jones.

    Personally, I completely disagree as he’s had basically one top 5 win in his career and it was against the shell of Shogun Rua. However, he’s not the first to do this and possibly getting…[Read more]

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    1. Jose Aldo
    2. Jon Jones
    3. Demetrious Johnson
    4. Chris Weidman
    5. Cain Velasquez
    6. Johny Hendricks
    7. Anthony Pettis
    8. TJ Dillashaw
    9. Renan Barao
    10. Frankie Edgar

    Some notes:

    -Most still push Jon Jones as the #1 PFP fighter in the world. I have literally never agreed with this assessment. I don’t think Jones ever deserved to pass Jose Aldo…[Read more]