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    Rory Kernaghan

    So we all read the article yesterday, and I’m sure it deserves a forum spot, so bicker away my friends….

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    Evan Holober

    I’d say he thinks he deserves a title shot next no matter what so he doesn’t think he has to fight again before a match with Cormier or a rematch with Jones.

    Personally, I completely disagree as he’s had basically one top 5 win in his career and it was against the shell of Shogun Rua. However, he’s not the first to do this and possibly getting beaten before a big money championship fight has to not look good on paper.

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    Mike Drahota

    It rarely works out when you wait for a title shot, but I still think Gus should.

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    I voiced my opinion on this subject a couple of times before but… Gus should fight! Does he deserve a title shot? Sure… but it’s not available right now and wont be for a long time. So he should fight.. it’s no rocket science. He’s a fighter, that’s his job.. if he thinks he deserves the belt. He should have no problem knocking off some more competition while he waits for the opportunity to seize it…. Just saying!

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    Everyone needs to understand how Gus is feeling, he went 5 rounds with the P4P king and almost won the damn fight! He felt like he deserved the immediate rematch and was forced to take a very dangerous fight with Manuwa. Gus was promised a rematch and it was booked, then the damn knee injury. He must be foaming at the mouth to get in there with Jon. If Gus thinks he can beat Jon Jones then I don’t see how and why he wouldn’t be able to beat Rumble. Rumble is a ferocious KO machine and is extreme danger for any 205er. Taking a fight with him is no joke. If Gus loses to Rumble that sets the Jones fight a long way off, unless Jon loses to DC and Jones vs Gus both coming of loses will ruin the hype for the rematch. The timing is the only thing that might force Gus to take the fight, as X said it might be 6-12 months for that title shot! That’s time wasted in Gus’s prime, The UFC will more then likely book Gus vs Rumble. That is a GREAT match-up but it also eliminates a potential title challenger for Jones or DC.

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    I understand how he must be feeling.. but he needs to suck it up and be a man about this shit. This is the fight business he’s in. He can safe the drama and tears for his pillow. Shit happened and the aftermath was handled correctly. He got injured, another fight was made. Bones got injured, not Cormier so that fight still stands. It makes all the sense in the world. If DC got injured and they gave Gus his shot back, that would make sense too, but that’s not the situation. Injuries happen and the show must go on.

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