POLL: Who should Jones face next?

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    anderson silva so that everybody here in lowkick will know that the spider is no challenge at all with jon jones, he will be destroyed easily, hopefully he can pass weidmann but i think weidmann will destroy the spider so there is no sense at all of the jon jones vs silva, i think gegard musasi or gustafsson will be a good match up for jones or a rematch with shogun. Pls dont mention machida, i think machida is out of this league.

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      Mousasi would give Jones a good fight in the stand up but Jones would likely take him down and pound him out. Machida is definitely not out of his league. His quick blitzes got Jones a couple times and I thought he won round 1. I would like to see that rematch as well.

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        if he wants a rematch he should pass to musasi first, i think musasi is more better than machida.

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      Machida would destroy Mousasi my friend if you want to compare different leagues then Machida is in another league.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Asdf/ asdf

        Like Machida destroyed Rua? Mousasi vs Machida would be a great technical battle. I see Mousasi winning that fight. I see Mousasi as the best striker in the division other than Anderson.

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          Man this is some tin foil hat level crazy talk. Machida is WAY ahead of anyone else at LHW right now, including Jones and Mousasi, as a striker. If you can't see that you just aren't looking.

        • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Falcon4917/ falcon4917

          Rua has a great attacking style that is leagues behind the skill level of machida but more in your face. If you want to see how they stood up against Jones in the striking department you will see that Machida was better than Shogun by far in striking. Shogun relies on his chin more than Machida and thats why he had no chance with the long reach of Jones while Machida actually took a round from Jones in the striking department even having a foot disadvantage. Shoguns style is a hard one to deal with as its in your face but nowhere near as difficult to overcome as Machidas for most fighters.

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      dude…anderson silva is a jedi. you can not neat him.

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        Yeah, anyone who can simultaneously defend a TD from a roided out Bonnar and engage in humorous banter with his corner is going to be way too much for Jones to handle. I know MMAth isn't very precise but when you look at the fights they have in common, Silva has definitely had the more impressive wins with the exception of Chael. Even in that case though, Chael was handling Jones better on the feet than he handled Anderson. When Chael came out and started brawling and dirty boxing Jones I thought for a split second that Chael might survive a while and maybe even take a round. I never thought he had a chance of winning but I thought it might make it to round two. Vitor was a hair away from beating Jones and Bonnar gave him a hell of a fight. Andy made them look like chumps.

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    Anderson Silve, the obvious choice. Daniel Cromier as the second choice.

    btw, I can see any options to select from in this poll??

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    As great as machida is, I don't want to see any rematches that end so brutally the first time. Fresh talent and fresh blood is what i want to see against Bones.

    That means Silva or Gus

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    Give him Gustafsson. If he beats him, then a superfight with Anderson.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Mtnman/ mtnman

      i agree , he hasn't fought Gustafsson give him chance to see what he can do to Jones .. he should do super fight at heavyweight not Silva

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    Anderson and Cormier are not in the same weight class guys, and Silva got fight against Weidman.

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    We don't know if Cormier's kidneys can actually handle the cut down to 205, as he has suffered severe renal failure before in his career, so unless he can make the cut safely and still maintain his cardio he's not going to be a threat to jones.

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      He can make the cut, +99%.

      He failed last time because he did a last minute cut instead of doing it properly, he won't make the same mistake.

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        I won't believe it until the weigh in, because that's the type of cynical, old fool that I am. lol.

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    Gus and Mousasi needs to happen. I know Mousasi didn't look great last fight, but fighting somebody totally different on a such a short notice and a pretty serious injury, and he pretty much put on a clinic in the striking. I still want to see that fight.

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    Im thinking Dan Henderson got screwed on this one!

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    "Should" face Jones next. . . Gustafsson

    Who would most people want to see fight him next. . .Silva

    Who has the best chance of beating him. . .Cormier. . . then Machida perhaps.

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    I'd like to see him go up against his own toe. His big toe goes rouge, asks for a title fight…

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    I'd rather see Cormier fight him than Silva as he is a harder challenge for Jones. That doesn't mean I think Cormier is better than Silva: Silva is by far the better fighter, merely that his style and physical advantage will be harder for Jones to counter than Silva's style which has a serious weakness to wrestling.

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      He has a weakness in wrestling yet only one person has been able to get anywhere near beating him using wrestling and that guy was roided out while Andy was suffering a broken rib. Okami couldn't score a take down, AS out wrestled Bonnar and Marquardt and he subbed Hendo and Chael. You are correct, Silva has a serious wrestling deficiency.

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        Lutter mounted Silva and Sonnen took him down for 6 out of 7 rounds and kept him there. Jones is a far superior wrestler to Sonnen and Silva would struggle a lot.

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    Machida then Anderson.

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    someone the same size for a change. Gustaffson then Corimer at 205 then a move up to heavyweight.