Tyron Woodley Calls Out Fans, Challenges Them To Take An Amateur Fight

tyron woodley vs hector lombard

UFC president Dana White’s patented punch line “Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges,” has become one of the most famous lines used in mixed martial arts (MMA) especially after close decisions. After some questionable decisions took place just this past weekend at UFC Fight Night 59 in Boston, White used this line once again, urging fighters to get the finish so the judges do not play a role in who wins the bout.

However, it’s not just White and other UFC personnel who use the line, fans have also been using it to criticize fighters so to say for boring fights that result in decision rather than electrifying finishes. After this weekend, it looks like one fighter is fed up.

Welterweight contender Tyron Woodley took to his twitter to voice his thoughts on the topic, unhappy that fighters who happen to be on the wrong side of a decision have to take the wrath of the fans. He even sent out a challenge to fans, calling for them to take an amateur fight, go through a training camp, and see what it’s really like to be a fighter:

Woodley definitely has a point here, as being a professional fighter is one of the most mentally and physically grueling jobs there is. The finish isn’t always there, but these fans may also may be targeting not guys who don’t get a finish, but fighters who don’t look for one, and just coast to a decision win.

Either way, are any fans willing to take on Woodley’s challenge?