TOP 5: Most anticipated UFC events remaining in 2012

With four months left 2012, Ultimate Fighting Championship is expected to entertain Mixed Martial Arts fans around the world with a number of strong fight cards. The promotion will conclude its 2012 calendar with UFC 155: Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez II, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 29th.

Next UFC Pay-Per-View will take place on September 1st, featuring the Light Heavyweight title scrap between Jon Jones and Dan Henderson. While there’s no doubt about Jones vs. Henderson being “a fight for the ages”, I personally feel UFC 150 fight card is not as stacked as other remaining line-ups (unfortunately, cards are subject to change):

UFC on Fuel TV: England
September 29, 2012 at Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England

There’s no Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones or Anderson Silva on this card, but UFC on Fuel TV: Struve vs. Miocic is definitely an intriguing event. The main event is a very interesting encounter between two up-and-coming fighters, who will be looking to move up on the Heavyweight ladder. The event is co-headlined by Fight of the Night candidate between Dan Hardy and Amir Sadollah, with top UK stars Brad Pickett, Che Mills, and Paul Sass also competing on the card. Personally, I’m quite interested in John Hathaway vs. John Maguire. Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu is for real, but I’m really curious to see whether Maguire has what it takes to defeat John Hathaway. On the undercard we have Tom “Kong” Watson (former BAMMA Middleweight champ) and Jimi Manuwa  (former UCMMA Light Heavyweight champ) making their UFC debuts. I expect both fighters to make prove they belong inside the Octagon.

UFC 153: Brazil vs. USA II
October 13, 2012 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Previous Brazil vs. USA card took place back in August, 2010, when Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva had their first date inside the Octagon. While UFC 117 had only main card bouts matched-up as USA vs. Brazil, this time we have 11 out of 12 fights participating in this so-called Western Hemisphere derby. Aldo vs. Koch is the main event, but what about those fights – Rampage vs. Teixeira, Belfort vs. Belcher, E. Silva vs. Fitch, and Maia vs. Story. Incredible. As far as undercard goes, we have Gabriel Gonzaga making his Octagon return against powerhouse heavyweight Geronimo dos Santos, and the BJJ wizard Christiano Marcello fighting Reza Madadi. UFC 153 could well be one of the best, if not the best card of the year.

UFC 154: GSP Returns
November 17, 2012 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

George St. Pierre is expected to make his return to the Octagon at UFC 155, facing the Interim UFC Welterweight champ Carlos Condit for the undisputed title. With St. Pierre on the card, UFC 155 will receive more than enough media spotlight in what could become one of the biggest UFC events in 2012. Also on the card, Brendan Schaub takes on Lavar Johnson in a ‘who connects first’ contest, while the potential number one contender scrap between Matin Kampmann and Johny Hendricks serves as co-main event.

UFC on FOX 5: Nate Diaz show
December 8, 2012

If I’m not mistaken, this will be the fourth time Nate Diaz headlines a LIVE TV event. Cesar Gracie product will have his shot at Ben Henderson’s UFC Lightweight title, with sights on winning his first title after sixteen UFC bouts. Rest of the main card bouts are just as big – Alexander Gustafsson fights Mauricio Rua in #1 205lbs contender bout, and BJ Penn returns from retirement against Rory MacDonald. This is so far the biggest UFC card on FOX, with a good possibility of producing three Fight of the Night bonuses.

UFC 155: Uncle Chael goes up North
December 29, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada

UFC’s NYE cards are traditionally stacked from top to bottom. Last year’s NYE card was headlined by the heavyweight blockbuster between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem. This time around, we have Cain Velasquez rematching Junior dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight title, while Chael Sonnen makes his 205 debut in the UFC against Forrest Griffin. Sonnen vs. Griffin would certainly be the co-main event of this card, but UFC 155 is expected to feature other high-profile MMA bouts, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship would love to make a positive exclamation point after injury-struck 2012.


    I can’t wait until 9/1/12 to see Bones disrespectfully slam choke the shit out of Ol History Hendo then personally hand his unconscious body over to Team Queerest member Chael in the audience….then call me up a designated driver later that night so i can join the WHINE FESTIVAL that thousands of you Bone Haters will be hosting on this site

  • Brasil

    Jones vs Hendo imo is the biggest fight left in 2012…dont care much about Aldo vs Kock (would rather see the zombie), dont care much about GSP vs Condit (would rather see punk Diaz), cont care much about JDS vs Cain (would rather see Anabolistar Overoid)….Dont care much to see another LW decision….Love to see Chael, Maia, E.Silva (but unhappy he will have to take on another Lay and Pray guy,,, and now the fatther of them all)…so I guess not as great as it sounds at least for me….could be a lot better.

  • Evan Holober

    (knocks on wood)

  • MMAeveryDay

    ^ This is why parents should beat their kids!

  • DaddyLongStrokes



  • azzkika

    Are you for real? Condit is the best challenge GSP has ever had and a true test of the champion. Condit should be practising leg kicks as GSP’s knee is probably dodgy for the remainder of his career now. It’s one of the few fights I am looking forward to since the bullshit judging ruined one of the best fights of the year last week as I kinda lost my enthusiasm for the sport.

  • Knight_vision

    yeah I thought Edgar won 2 there’s still loads of good fights out there.
    Rua vs little nog 2
    Evans vs Rampage 2
    I would like to see Anderson Silva and Henderson 2
    Kampmann vs Condit 2
    what about a grudge match Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koscheck

  • TheRealDeal

    Maybe golf or tennis is more appropriate for you.

  • KeithFarrell

    Even though I’m in UK I wouldn’t put the Nottingham card up there

  • Anton Gurevich

    Why not? Kong Watson, Manuwa, Sass, Maguire, Hardy vs. Sadollah… very very fun card. No superstar names, but you definitely gonna see some awesome fights there.

  • highkick12

    Really? The guy who spent the entire fight avoiding Diaz is the best challenge ever for gsp?

  • spiderp4p

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  • mindkontrolle

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  • mindkontrolle

    Well, how can one put this… they are both “safe”…

  • ulikebang


  • sankaku jime

    Waiting for Dos Santos vs Cain II , Dos Santos vs Overeem, Mmmmmh, did overeem have a chance?. I don’t think so
    Believe Cain!!!!

  • KeithFarrell

    I’m interested for the Watson fight, Saas of course and Maguire. Hardy vs. Sadollah seems okay but I am just not that interested in them personally, both guys refuse to improve their game and stay in the UFC due to an exciting style.

  • KeithFarrell

    Main event is a great fight but just leaves the card feeling like it has no real main event to get pumped for and to be lead upto

  • ny2ut2id2nv

    Is rather have a fighter that sticks around because of an exciting style rather than one who plays it safe to protect his record.


    We’ll see funny you & the rest of these Dumptrucks are when yall whining like a depressed fat chick or DLS after Chael threw that dumb ass spin punch, when Bones beat da brakes of Hendo. 2nd that shit

  • MMAfan87

    I agree with CageRage what fight are you talking about azzkika….GSP vs. Condit is gonna be boring as HELL….First off given the way they fight in the first place. Second they’re training partners so they’ll be extra cautious the ENTIRE fight….and Third they’re friends…..this fight=zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • artsnot

    Oh yeah, Condit is the worst. He is just plain boring to watch. I hate the way he never goes for finishes and always plays it safe. This guy will never get Fight of the Night or K.O of the Night bonuses. I can’t believe the way he “ran” from Diaz like a coward but yet managed to land more significant and overall strikes in the process. They should have a name for that lame tactic, maybe something like slipping and countering.

  • purinho

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  • DaddyLongStrokes

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    I want to know so I can keep children away from there.