Test footage of EA’s debut UFC game leaks onto the internet

Test footage of the UFC game that EA has been developing has leaked recently, showing off some really cool facial designs, some serious details and some truly amazing graphics.

I’ve been a gamer all my life, and the very best combat sports games hands down have been EA’s Fight night series. With a combination of realism, complete control and some of the nicest graphics to ever grace a console, you can expect EA to give its debut UFC video game the very same treatment.

In my opinion the THQ games were horrible in comparison to what was possible, so I gave them 5 minutes of my time and never looked back. If this is just test footage I can only imagine what the final product will look like.

Here’s hoping EA’s UFC game blows our faces off with graphics, gameplay and innovation.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Diamond-mma2/ diamond-mma2

    i thought it was actual footage not r 3D character renders lol pretty good renders tho hope they can manage it into the game…and to me UFC for the Sega Dreamcast been the best one or maybe is the really fun times i had playing it that makes me think it is lol

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/FoetusFarm/ FoetusFarm

      i was staring at the third one for a while wondering why i couldnt figure out who it was and then i realised it was bald john mccarthy haha the models look great thoughespecially dan hendersons if they can kep up that realism in the game. Tim sylvia is definately in there aswell so im thinking this game either has a legend roster or the guys making it really dont have a clue and we'll end up with sylvia having better striking stats than overeem

      • http://lowkickmma.com/members/KeithFarrell/ KeithFarrell

        Yea the guys shown in the video are: #1 – JZ Calvacante, #2 John McCarthy, #3 Tim Sylvia, #4 a bad attempt at Court McGee?, #5 BJ Penn, #6 Dan Henderson

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Joey-Santosus/ Joey Santosus

    A few thoughts here… First, while I always value your opinion Fontez, I believe calling THQ's work with the UFC brand "horrible" is a bit harsh, if not unwarranted. With that said, however, some of the renderings here look great. I do not recognize all of them, though.

    I am also left to wonder… Is that really Tim Sylvia's face I see on that vid? And perhaps more importantly… Why?

    Finally, nothing regarding the UFC's intellectual property (or an extension of such) really gets "leaked." Lol, clearly that is what is implied here by the video's creator, but the fact that this video is still up (and no one has been sued) likely means that this has the UFC's blessing now, if not beforehand.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Spyridon/ Spyridon

      Agreed. I think it's wrong to call THQ's games horrible. In my opinion they degraded in quality each game, but they definitely weren't bad.

      They had a pretty big learning curve too, so to say you spent 5 minutes and didn't look back shows that your opinion is completely unreliable.

      You praise fight night, yet if someone played only 5 minutes on fight night they wouldn't have a clue what was going on there either. Would you take someones opinion about fight night if they spent 5 minutes then never looked back? As a matter of fact that's exactly what my step dad did. He decided the controls were bad and went back to madden. His opinion was completely unreliable for obvious reasons as well.

      On topic of the vid, I don't recognize them either, aside from the Sylvia look alike and BJ Penn. And aside from Penn it looks like those meshes are just some leftovers from EA MMA mixed in with their new animation system.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Bryan-Fontez/ Bryan Fontez

        You guys get a little ridiculous with the criticism sometimes.

        The THQ games being horrible was my personal opinion, that's something I'm allowed to have. I also stated that they were horrible in comparison to what they could have potentially been. Which is true.

        EA MMA wasn't the greatest game and yet it was still much better than any of the THQ garbage that had the UFC's name on it.

        THQ hasn't made a good game since the old WCW series for N64. They're haven't been a successful game developer for quite a while, which is also the reason they're selling the company.

        I knew Dana was making a mistake when he signed a deal with THQ, I was face-palming myself in the realization that he know's nothing about the industry. The only company with the funds, development team and research necessary to do the UFC justice, is EA. Period.

        You'll see the difference when this new game comes out. EA has their Sh!t together.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Bryan-Fontez/ Bryan Fontez

        I stated that they were horrible in comparison to what they could have potentially been. Which is true.

        EA MMA wasn't the greatest game and yet it was still much better than any of the THQ garbage that had the UFC's name on it.

        THQ hasn't made a good game since the old WCW series for N64. They're haven't been a successful game developer for quite a while, which is also the reason they're selling the company.

        I knew Dana was making a mistake when he signed a deal with THQ, I was face-palming myself in the realization that he know's nothing about the industry. The only company with the funds, development team and research necessary to do the UFC justice, is EA. Period.

        You'll see the difference when this new game comes out. EA has their Sh!t together.

        • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Diamond-mma2/ diamond-mma2

          idk…if i remember correctly years ago before the UFC got with THQ, the UFC wanted EA to make the game but EA refused so they ended up going with THQ. So now the MMA train has left EA want to get a piece of the pie

          • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Diamond-mma2/ diamond-mma2

            HA!! i had to Google it, it was messing with my head, i also remember Dana saying this in an interview.

            "EA Sports told us, 'You're not a real sport'," UFC president Dana White said in 2009. "'We wouldn't touch this thing. We want nothing to do with this.'"


        • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Spyridon/ Spyridon

          My only point is that you don't have any credibility when you say the game is garbage after playing it for 5 minutes. That's not even long enough to play through 1/2 the tutorial.

          Both EA MMA and UFC Undisputed had their strong points, and I could see why audiences liked both, but it's silly to say either was bad games. EA MMA hit it better with the casual audiences with easier controls, but was nowhere near as deep or complex as the Undisputed games were. EA's was "floatier" undisputed was "clunkier". etc etc,

          THQ's biggest mess up's were mostly releasing games that werent ready, after the first UFC game the others didn't have fully functional online and/or netcode for months, and shipping the games with some game breaking bugs. Gameplay itself wasn't the reason for their failing.

          That's kinda not the point of what I'm saying though. Once again, plain and simple, 5 minutes isn't enough for anyone to judge almost any game. Especially one with complex controls and high learning curve. The only games you can judge in 5 minutes are casual browser games and crap like that.

          On the topic of game companies, I know the game industry more than most man. EA isn't exactly the great company your making it out to be. As both a developer and producer they too have a long history of releasing games far too early, often times ruining the potential and killing the game. Look up what happened with Warhammer Online, SWToR, Dragon age (or pretty much any bioware game that was released after Bioware was acquired by EA), look at how they trashed MoH in favor of BF (multiple times), the multiple times they stomped NFS in to the ground. They've acquired and destroyed many other well known gaming companies, such as the original makers of the C&C series. A long history of on disk DLC, plus their online pass shenanigans.

          EA is just as bad as Activision. We just have to hope the heads up at EA determine to use UFC as one of their flagship series, or else prepare for the game to be nothing more than a quick paycheck that you have to pay $80-100 plus for the full game, every year, for a game that wasn't ready.

          Don't be so sure things are going to be better than it was with THQ. With EA or Activision, things could be wayyyy worse.

        • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Joey-Santosus/ Joey Santosus

          Didn't mean to create any sort of backlash here, Fontez. I personally wasn't a fan of EA MMA, though. These renderings are promising, but how it translates to the console is yet to be seen.

          Most importantly, however, will be the control system… at least in my opinion.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Evan-Holober/ Evan Holober

      It looks like a combination between Tim Sylvia and Jeremy Horn.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/KeithFarrell/ KeithFarrell

      I agree with David, THQ have done an amazing job with the UFC games and to say otherwise is shocking.

      They were the ones who took on the sport when no one else wanted it, they were the ones who invested in making each year better and even being brave enough to change formulas from annually to just bringing a new one out when it's ready. They were the oens who kept making UFC games and bringing out DLC for them when it was clear the UFC wanted to make a deal with EA.

      I can guarantee you the UFC games from THQ have brought at least 100k casual fans to the sport (maybe not regular watchers but hey are aware of the brand and fans of it).

      I've been very critical of how THQ was handled with the move, the UFC basically gave no thanks and just were like "thank f**k we're finally with EA now", which I think is wholly unfair…. especially since THQ is basically bankrupt now.

      The move to EA is good, but more credit should go to THQ.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Mmauk/ mmauk

    I haven't played EA's other MMA game so I'm not so sure if they will do a better job than THQ. I'm a PS3 man too so flicking the analogue to bob and weave was sick imo, I like fight night but hated the fact you couldn't move the upper body and feet at same time. 2K sports Tennis Top Spin game was waaaaaay better than EA's tennis games so, like I said it wouldn't surprise me if EA fu*k*d it up and done a worse job.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/KeithFarrell/ KeithFarrell

      trust me dude, they did

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Joey-Santosus/ Joey Santosus

      I'm also a PS3 guy, and before EA went out and monopolized much of the big name sports organizations, it appeared that Sega's 2k franchise was priming for a hostile takeover.

      As for THQ, I've long enjoyed their work. I remember playing their WWE games as a teenager. These games were fun, even though I wasn't a modern day pro wrestling fan. Their CAF system and the way their controls would branch from each button being pressed simultaneously with a different (or no) direction.

      It's fair to say that they could have done better with the UFC series, but being such a complex sport, with varying types of scenarios to cover (wrestling, BJJ, striking, etc) one can only expect so much…. As for EA, I don't care about soccer kicks and other illegal moves that do not make up the Unified Rules of MMA.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/KeithFarrell/ KeithFarrell

    Bryan how can you say EA's game was better? That is ludicrous!

    From a life long gamer, one of the main parts of my life just behind MMA, I gave both games a chance and have played for massive amounts of time on every THQ UFC game/// I can assure you the EA version is TERRIBLE compared to the THQ one if you give it a chance and get a good understanding of it.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/KeithFarrell/ KeithFarrell

      I'll leave it to the professionals of the two biggest gaming sites to make the points:

      UFC 3 review on Gamespot = 8/10 – http://uk.gamespot.com/ufc-undisputed-3/reviews/ufc-undisputed-3-review-6350315/
      EA MMA review on Gamespot = 7.5/10 – http://uk.gamespot.com/ea-sports-mma/reviews/ea-sports-mma-review-6282486/

      UFC 3 review on IGN = 9/10 – http://uk.ign.com/games/ufc-undisputed-3/xbox-360-82941
      EA MMA review on IGN = 7/10 – http://uk.ign.com/games/ufc-undisputed-3/xbox-360-82941

      • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Grapplure/ grapplure


        thanks for gathering other resources when it comes to real rankings

      • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Spyridon/ Spyridon

        Both games had different audiences, UFC catered to more of a hardcore gamer audience, EA to more casual gamers.

        I found both fun but had issues with both. The UFC game sequels came with lots of awesome new features, but at the same time lost a lot of the magic and balance that the earlier games had. The first UFC had some awesome online leagues and tournaments, the sequels didn't pick up in this area as much and lost a lot of the skill-based aspects.

        EA MMA was fun to pick up, had more easy to master controls (which it seems most of the appeal was) and had some good fights in it, but I felt like there was much less to master and become skilled in that game.

        The best games are typically ones that are both easy to pick up but hard to master, and a high skill-cap. Neither series managed to get a good balance of both yet.

        Hopefully EA UFC can manage to strike a good balance between keeping it as easy to pick up as EA MMA was, but the deep complexities of Undisputed.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/KeithFarrell/ KeithFarrell

    Even though I loved the THQ UFC games and still play UFC 3 online all the time (KO'd Jim Miller with Cerrone last night), I am crazy hyped for this game… especially if they bring these visuals to fruition.

    The biggest problem with the games is when playign online your opponent will go either Jon Jones, A. Silva or GSP at least 80% of the time and those fighters and literally unbeatable by anyone in their divisions (as long as the guy using them isn't 5 years old),, they need to either make the top fighters weaker for online or just straight out ban champs for online mode.
    Too many casual fans who don;t know anyone except the champs just go the champs and leaves me using Chuck Liddel against Bones Jones in a very bad mood.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Spyridon/ Spyridon

      Yeah this was one of the problems I mentioned that got worse with sequels. In the first UFC Undisputed, sure GSP and Brock were a bit unbalanced with mechanics. But as each sequel went on this moved on to every weight class.

      CAF's were handled very badly as well, they should have stat caps that are balanced with the best fighters in the world, rather than dwarfing them and being spread to be more efficient. Also individual abilities/positions were very unbalanced in the sequels (although I don't think anything in UFC 3 was as bad as the elbows in salavaari in UFC 2010, which was so easy to transition to – takedown to side control right in to it. It should take more than 1 transition after takedown to get in to the strongest position in game – it took more to get in to full mount and was stronger).

      Ground game in general went over so many changes, and while 2009 was a lot more basic, it was by far the most balanced in this aspect.

      The physics changes were also hit or miss, i hated how 2010 broke jab/striaght counter punching. UFC 3 went a bit too far in the opposite direction.

      I just hope EA UFC allows players to be skilled enough to have some awesome online leagues and tournaments again. I miss those from the first UFC game, I had such a badass record when it actually took skill, and so did all the others in league. The attempts at leagues in sequels and it was rare to see anyone with over 60-65% consistently due to all the randomness…

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Duder113/ duder113

    too bad there's simply no going around the fact : ea sucks

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Hondata79/ hondata79

    Are you guys writing a book ?