Sonnen / Florian Main Event Predictions

Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian breakdown Saturday night’s main event and what each fighter needs to do in order to win. They round-out by giving you their predictions as to who they think will walk away with the 185 belt. 

In their opinion, Anderson Silva needs to circle and have plenty of movement to fend off Weidman’s pressure. He also needs to use the cage effectively to stay on his feet, should Weidman have him up against it.

For Weidman, he must pressure Silva constantly and use his striking to disguise and set-up his takedowns.

I will refrain from tell you which fighter they picked to win, but I will tell you they were in agreement.

  • ImmaBoss

    Well what can i say crack is one hell of a drug lol Florian and Chael are dreaming a little to much, Anderson will remain champ no doubt but hey anything can happen so good luck to my boy Weidman

  • N.C.

    My gut is telling me, the first punch Spider jedi's Chris will start to break and then the first stuffed take down. He will be broken. Anderson has stopped hendo and Chael from taking him down. Both top level take down percentage. Chris will get a take down. But watch the first one that gets stuffed. Anderson will break his will. There have been way more experienced fighters who have cracked.

    I remember when Jordan won his 3rd championship. Sometimes, you know your witnessing something special. History in the making. And he's not done yet.

    • Brian Cox

      NC, if there is one thing I can guarantee you is that Silva will not break Weidman mentally. He'll have to KO him, but break his spirit and's not going to happen.

      • Entity

        Looks like I'll have to buy this card online. I got a job transfer, dropped satellite. I'll be flying offshore everyday doing oil measurement.

        • Brian Cox

          Entity, you should check out a website called "" and you should check it out about 2 or 3 hours after the card finishes.

          • Entity

            shhhh Brian…secret lol

        • grandslam

          I used to do that job some time ago.

        • grandslam

          That's a hell of a job mate. I used to do that on tankers. Got fed up of smelling methane.

          • Entity

            Offshore definitely isn't for everyone, on the plus side, I'll leave out at 8am and come back same day everyday at 2-3pm.
            Test and calibrate lack units and take samples, launch and receive pigs(pig= pipe cleaning apparatus made of rubber or foam that travels through the pipe and moves impurities and build up) sorry guys TMI I know

          • Brian Cox

            Actually Entity, it's TMI because we know what a "PIG" is. You insult us with the arrogance of your explanation.

            On another note…do you put tinfoil over your webcam, now?
            I'm curious, because I do. Ahhh…at least if any of our computers crash we can just go to Utah and ask for a copy of the data. :-)

            Happy 4th of July weekend to you. Enjoy your liberty to agree with what you're told.

          • Entity

            lol, you'de be amazed how many people look at you like you"re putting farm animals into pipes. The explanation wasnt for the guys who know, but those who say…huh?
            Thanks for the 4th well wish.
            At least Egypt got their independence eh?