Renan Barao likely to defend interim title against Michael McDonald

When Renan Barao defeated Urijah Faber for the interim bantamweight title, the new champ made it clear that he wanted to wait for the current champion in order to unify the belts. The problem is that the UFC isn’t sure exactly when Dominick Cruz will return and having Barao benched with worthy competition just might not work. 

Shortly after UFC 154, Dana White spoke to members of the media about the plans for the current UFC interim bantamweight champion. Rather than keep Barao sidelined, Dana White is figuring that he’ll be back in the Octagon in early 2013. 

“We were talking about Barão defending his title now,” White said according to MMA Weekly. “Whether he wants to wait or not, we’re going to go back to him probably soon here and have him defend it.”

White signaled that the opponent for Barao could be none other than Michael McDonald, who is coming off of flattening Miguel Torres earlier this year. 

  • TheRealDeal

    Just a warm up for Barao before he kicks Cruz’ A$$ all over the cage.

  • godsofwararise

    Wrong, McDonald’s a beast. I’m leaning towards him derailing the Barao hype train. He also has the better chance against Cruz.

  • highkick12

    GOOD. Enough of this letting fighters sit around for a year waiting for championship fights.

  • KeithFarrell

    Hopefully this is true, this is one hell of a match up.
    The #2 and #3 going at it for the interim title, both of the guys being absolute machines.

    Hard fight to call, probably go with Barao just because of the great competition he’s beat but McDonald can definitely win.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I’d have to go with Barao In this one.

  • GoldenBibi

    Easy win for Renan Barao….

  • azzkika

    After his performance against Faber he is worthy of the hype. I agree Mac Donald is a beast but Barao looks very tight and a future champion in the making.

  • Clinch_z_Demise

    barao was practically giving faber his legs and didn’t get taken down once! Safe to say he’s the best current striker at 135, and with bullet proof take down defense? Cruz and McDonald do NOT have the formula to beat him

    • KeithFarrell

      Cruz has far better offensive wrestling than Urijah, for MMA. He won't try to scramble you he'll just use one of those sick knee taps or duck under for a double