Mark Munoz "After I win on July 11th, I deserve a UFC title shot"

UFC middleweight Mark Munoz feels he deserves a title shot after he beats Chris Weidman on UFC on Fuel TV on July 11th. Marcos Villegas chats with Mark about the challenge of Weidman and how he plans to win come fight night.


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  • LieutenantDan


  •'em-Sock'em/ Rock’em Sock’em

    Guess Chael has done something to change everyone’s view on how to campaign for a fight. You have to fight but you also have to talk.
    I also sense a bit of excitement from all the fighters with a predominant wrestling background.
    Everyone wants to test AS TDD – If Rashad or Munoz get AS down for some ground and pound AS will most likely be finished these guys hit hard.
    If Munoz’s wins I say put him up against let the winner test Anderson’s TDD.

  • Evan Holober

    Question is after Chris Weidman beats Munoz does he deserve a title shot?

  • asubia

    Sorry, but you have to actually beat a contender to be a contender. Dollaway, Simpson, Leben, Maia? I guess technically Maia fought for the title, but that only makes him a contender in the basic sense of the word.

  • Evan Holober

    Maia was top 5 in the world in some rankings still when he fought Munoz.

    Easily a contender.

  • asubia

    Maia left the division because he knew he wasn’t a contender after losing to Silva and wrestlers like Munoz and Weidman. Patrick Cote fought for the title too, but as I said, he was only a contender in the basic sense of the word.

  • asubia

    No! Don’t these guys actually have to beat someone to deserve a title shot? Munoz would be his 1st win vs a top 10 fighter. Bisping, Stann, Belcher, Boetch, or Vitor are guys I’d like to see Weidman up against if he wins.

  • spiderp4p


  • sbond

    He doesnt deserve a title shot, Weidman is good but to fight for the title you need to win against at least a top 5 guy. (bisping, sonnen, lombard, stann, belcher) at least one of these to get the shot. personally!!