POLL: LowKickMMAmeme competition day 1

Our competition is off to a flying start! We got loads of creative and funny memes from you guys, so great job all around!

Below are ten of the best entries. Vote for your favorite wisely, as you can vote only once in each poll. Please note that if you sent a meme that isn’t featured below, it does not mean that it won’t be published in the upcoming days. Also, we’ve updated the competition guidelines and period, so for all competing or intending to participate, please re-check the guidelines post
Please submit memes through the PM system only (not via email) and do not use photoshop.  

And to the memes:

1. Diaz Typing 
Submitted by PukeVomit

2. IF i invented the front kick
Submitted by speede


3. Styling
Submitted by kungfurule

4. Looking for the best fighters out there
Submitted by Akordas


5. Total Recall 2
Submitted by steven306

6. Yea I made that
Submitted by Fletcherx 

7. Winning
Submitted by IRISH

8. Talk to the Hand
Submitted by onemoreround


9. Facepolm
Submitted by ian

10. Wanna Train
Submitted by rottenpunch


So, which of these is your favorite?