Jon Jones: It's no secret Dan Henderson is a one-trick pony

UFC Light Heavyweight champion kickstarted his psychological warfare ahead of UFC 151 main event clash with Dan Henderson. Jones labelled Hendo as one-trick pony, claiming that he’s well-aware of his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Jones promised he will remain the UFC Light Heavyweight champion, in what would be his fourth title defense.

The fight between Jon Jones and Dan Henderson will headline UFC 151 at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada:

“How would I describe Dan Henderson? Dan Henderson is an animal, he’s a winner, he’s a beast. It’s no secret that Dan Henderson is a little bit of a one-trick pony. He has that power uppercut, overhand, when he touches people – they go down. My objective is to not get hit at all. We’ll see how I handle his famous H-Bomb.”

  • highkick12

    Well said Jones. Dont think you’ll have much trouble finishing Henderson.

    Now bring on the Jones hate…

  • partyboy

    its news to me

  • griffin

    if hendo KOs jones it will be the greatest moment in combat sports history

  • IGMBurninPiff

    why would it be the greatest moment? it would be the greatest moment in Dan Hendo’s combat sports history… either way I don’t think it will happen, Jones’ reach will enable him to stay on the outside and pick Hendo apart. Hendo really doesn’t set up his H Bomb with combos, so I think Jones speed will be able to stay away from it. I think Hendo’s chin is his only chance, if he realizes early enough Jones’ power punching isn’t the greatest and wades through some punches to push Jones to the cage is his only hope. if this fight takes places center octagon it will look like all of Jones last few fights.

  • Wanderlouie

    Ahhh yes, except or his OLYMPIC WRESTLING. jon jones is not only on the highest horse ever, that high horse has his diick in jon’s butt

  • Anwar

    Can he gets any ****ier!!!!! Unfortunatly Hendo wont be the one to put him down, neither machida. Maybe Cormier

  • Dreamtime

    Agreed. Unfortunately, it’s about a million to one chance that Hendo KOs Jones. Hendo’s no better a puncher than Rampage, and I don’t think Rampage even landed one blow on Jones. Rampage also beat Hendo. It is nice to dream though.

  • mmauk

    Hendo might be able to land that H Bomb, but other that I don’t see how he can win. I was there when he couldn’t out grapple Rampage and didn’t unify the pride and UFC belts and we all saw what Sheilds done to him. Jones as ****y as ever LIKE MOST FIGHTERS but Jones just opened up a buffet for his haters with that remark and they’ll tuck in for sure.

  • Cgross24

    Like Dan hasn’t criticized Jones, Jon had asked to keep it classy and Dan started the Crap talk. Like Dan’s OLYMPIC wrestling has fared so well, shields layer on him for the whole fight, shogun took him down with ease, please! Don’t fault Jon for stating the obvious and then doing it!

  • predator

    If Hendo KO’s jones then does Jones he get the treatment bisping got?

  • Kevin

    Jones will crawl to the center of the Octagon and immediately take down Hendo. Hendo sets up his H-Bomb with a stepping inside leg kick…however, I doubt he will get it off. I see as big of a one sided whooping that Couture put on Toney.

    Jones by submission 2nd round

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Just to be fair to Henderson, I’m going to give him a 5% chance at winning this fight. Jon ”Bones” Jones via sub – round 3

  • MMAeveryDay

    Jon Jones, it’s no secret, you’re a douche! If you beat Hendo, you may be the best LHW ever. If Hendo beats you, he’s the most accomplished MMA fighter ever. Son that fool Hendo!

  • IChokePeople

    I would give up ALL the christmas presents in my future just to see this kid do the stanky leg.

  • FE4

    Jon Jones believes the hype when he wants to but he should be a little more worried about Dan. Jon doesn’t have that one punch knockout power and Dan has a great chin, so unlike Jons other opponents I think Dan won’t be afraid to take a shot to close the distance. Dan has that dirty style against the cage too and you don’t want to be pinned up against the cage with somebody that has that type of punching power especially when he starts swinging off the break. I think Jon has all the right tools and should beat Dan, but I’m not sure his attitude toward Dan is going to help get his hand raised.

  • KeithFarrell

    It will be one of the biggest moments when Jon is the first one to TKO hendo

  • KeithFarrell

    Hendo’s Olympic wrestling = taken down and controlled by Shogun Rampage and Shields.

    Jones is much stronger and a far better wrestler than any of them.

    Hendo’s wrestling is basically non-existent in this match

  • KeithFarrell

    Exactly bro!
    It’s not like Hendo will be hurt by this statement and honestly when was the last fight Hendo didn’t spend every minute of every round looking for the H-bomb?

  • KeithFarrell

    Having a great chin doesn’t stop you from getting taken down or front kicked while closing the distance.

    Seriously if you think Hendo can keep Jon against the cage you are going to be in for a big surprise…

  • KeithFarrell

    Pretty much summed up Jon’s side of this fight – “shouldn’t have much trouble”.

    Hendo may be one of the best fighters to ever live but I think he has the least chance of beating Jones out of his last 4.

    Jones to be first one to TKO Hendo, elbones from the mounts!

  • KeithFarrell

    Jon Jones gets Nike deal… Jon Jones gets LeBron James beard

  • whitemare

    That one trick cud Put you to sleep son

  • David Saucier

    Did you just read the headline Anwar I though he was pretty respectful

  • BigAlRIz

    I hope Jones can handle the H-bomb more than he does his liquor.

  • MalcolmXtra

    Please somebody, Hendo, K.O. this dude!!

  • MalcolmXtra

    It will be one of the biggest moments when Hendo is the first one to TKO Jon

  • thexperience1

    Yeah but that 1 trick is one hell of a trick my man… It’s the type of trick that will Bisping your ass flat out counting sheep…. I like Jones going into this fight but if Hendo lands one it’s over… I go as far as calling it 50/50 simply because of the fact that Hendo can take a lot of punishment. He’s not afraid to walk through 10 punches to get close and land 1 H-Bomb .

  • KeithFarrell

    Matt Hamill was first one to stop Jon!!!

  • KeithFarrell

    lol jk

  • Cgross24

    Lets keep this real..Hendo is a 4-2 fighter in the UFC losses coming to Silva and Rampage(yes he lost to Page,hehe) and wins vs Rua,Franklin, Palhares, and Bisping. Yes he won some big name fights in other organizations(Fedor) but he has lost plenty as well…2 of 3 to Nogueira Brothers, please don’t tell me these are elite fighters! The OLYMPIC wrestler out wrestled for 5 rounds vs shields, split with Wanderlei, , a quality win vs Belfort, and a split in a couple of 2 rounders with Misaki……Sorry to say, but at this point in his career Jones has already knocked off as much top quality opponents as Dan. What is all this talk of Hendo being the GOAT??! Can people not read, his record is built on lesser fighters of other organizations! Just Sayin….Don’t be surprised when Jon dominates,tosses,elbows,batters a gassed aging man, if it goes out of round 2 its gonna get really ugly, unlike Shogun, Jones will finish Dan violently. Dan will give Jones props, and all you will move on to how Machida won round 1 on one judges scorecard, and if Jon wouldn’t have ragdolled him, split his head open, and knocked him off his feet with a punch, then choked him into a sack of potatoes from the clinch Machida was gonna win.. …Ok keep dreamin

  • IgorBg

    Jones is one serious dude…good luck Hendo…

  • fenomnx

    Hendo to beat the **** out of Jones via Hiroshima bomb =D

  • jmedno5891

    As much as I like Dan as a fighter I have to agree with Jones. Its been a looong time since Dan has really shown his wrestling skills and I don’t really see him being able to shoot in on Jon, or even being able to take him down in the clinch considering Jones has some good greco wrestling. I like both guys but I see Jones totally dominanting this fight.

  • Cookie77

    If Hendo is a one trick pony then that trick is pretty f*cking good to in the fight game as long as he has been. Never count out a fighter that has knock out power.

  • mindkontrolle

    All Jones is doing is setting himself up for a terrible KO from someone, it will grace highlight reels forever. It won’t be from Hendo, it’ll happen at HW.

  • sambo

    I’d give up all your christmas presents to see that too, but i doubt it will happen. Machida is the only one thats gotten a good shot in on Jones, because he is a great counter striker. Hendo’s striking is mostly offensive and Jones seems to be able to handle aggressive fighters well.
    Jones 2nd round choke would be my prediction but I’ll be cheering for Hendo to KO him.

  • IChokePeople

    Oh, I agree with your technical break down. I just hope we are both wrong. On a side note; it is interesting to note that Machida actually had a lot of success in rd one while being aggressive. I don’t think that will come into play with Hendo because he isn’t as accurate as Lyoto but it is interesting.

  • GianGiacommo G

    aaand is not secret that one thing you called ” trick” can take your head off and dethrone your ****y ass,let’s hope for that,I’d like to see Hendo fight Machida.

  • Entity

    That burrito make me burp, it wasnt good.

  • gm1

    Keep freakin dreamin…..

    You Hendo ho’s think Jones is going to stand there and trade with Hendo. or maybe Hendo will lunge forward with a hail mary h-bomb…Even if Hendo succeeded in that attempt (Hail Mary move) would be a weak win..lucky freakin lucky charm move….might as well play the lotto…

    No one has the right tools to beat Jones’ reach and skills…

  • gm1

    True That……

  • gm1

    I dont believe Jones will KO hendo…but It is most likely he will choke him out like Silva did to Hendo…

  • gm1

    And you honestly think Jones will knock Hendo out…

    Jones isnt seasoned enough to be knocking out people…
    He uses them as punching bags.,,kicks, knees…if on the ground he cuts them with elbows..looks for openings to choke out…..
    That is whats going to happen…

  • ksooner76

    why is he scared of Silva that would be great super fight there size is REALLY close

  • Satinover

    this could be hendos last fight, bad match up for him

  • TheRealDeal

    No Jone’s hate here. Love him or hate him, he is right about Hendo. Hendo will not be able to get close enough to Jones to do anything close to an “H” bomb, be able to take him down, or be any kind of a threat to Jone’s game.

  • TheRealDeal

    Hendo will most likely be dominated here, but he is tops in my book for F’ing up Bisping in the most satisfying highlight reel KO ever…..

  • mmagym

    hope hendo tags jones just to make the fight interesting.
    either way jones is gonna come away looking great again, he either gets tagged like Shields did,survive and win or completely shut hendo out through range or gnp making it look easy.

  • johndo11

    Bones main trick seems to be becoming an even bigger a.s.s hole.

  • M1_Global_Gangsta

    I dislike Jones. He is so ****y.

    However Im rooting for him this time ,and I hope to see him humiliate Dan Henderson who got lucky against a much better and much more skilled fighter than him : FEDOR EMELIANENKO.

    I agree with Jones, Hendo is a one trick Pony, he is not a gifted and talented fighter, he just has power in him hands, that’s all he has.
    Jones will show him that “Technique beats Power”

  • FE4

    You’re right, having a great chin doesn’t stop those types of things, just like two eyeballs can read a comment but not comprehend what was being said. I said, with Dans chin and Jones not being known for his knockout power, that unlike Jons past opponents Dan wouldn’t be afraid to close the distance. I don’t think Dan would hold him on the cage because Jones is too lengthy. I think that Dan will take him there and either swing off the break or take him down. Dans problem lies in his cardio but if he comes in shape, then you are going to be in for a big surprise because those are to very different levels of wrestling.