Carlos Condit: I love playing the spoiler, I’d like to fight Anderson Silva next

Speaking to, UFC interim Welterweight champ Carlos Condit waxes on a variety of topics surrounding his huge UFC 154 bout with Georges St-Pierre. Condit says that ring rust shouldn’t be as much a factor as many people think, but he does wonder about the strength of GSP’s surgically repaired knee. He touches on the subject of Anderson Silva being at the fight, and how many may be focused on GSP’s future superfight with Silva rather than the task at hand in Condit. The Natural Born Killer bluntly states that he’s here to spoil the party, a role he relishes in. Condit would love to fight Anderson Silva himself after he beats GSP, but he knows that roadblocks are in place before that. Condit appears calm and to-the-point as usual in addressing some very relevant topics here.

  • Fletcherx

    Carlos let the interm go a little to his head

  • Fight2survive

    So Condit can run away from Silva? No thanks, I’ll pass. I rather see GSP humping on Silva than Condit running a marathon.

  • Akordas

    Guys first watch interview before comment he said he rather fight WW contenders. He said “Yeah I would fight Silva but there are a lot contenders waiting”

  • grandslam

    Exactly, at least have the courtesy to watch the interview before showering your hearted on Condit.


    Walked, Jogged, or Sprinted, he tattooed Diaz grill the whole fight & i expect he’ll do the same to George St.( 3 Fights in the Last 5 Years) Pierre.

  • darejz00

    “tattooed Diaz grill”

  • InfiniteEnigma

    “showering your hearted:….is that because we dont know “hoof-hearted” ?

  • cranestyle

    Condit has a chance to beat GSP, more than anyone in awhile.

    But get a shot at the Spider? Bisping will challenge for the belt at 185 in a pink tutu before that one happens.

  • grapplure

    condit vs anderson sounds like another amazing KO for anderson

  • Randy Marsh

    I don’t blame him for saying he would fight Silva.. Everyone else wants a shot at him.

  • mindkontrolle

    Conduit vs. Silva?? LOL, nigga please.

  • thekilling

    people are really underestimating Condit. Im not a records nuthug but their records are similar and Condit has more stoppages in the last few years. It’s going to be a great fight.

  • Dabs

    Carlos didn’t say anything he shouldn’t. He said he would ‘like’ to fight Anderson because he loves him and he is the best in the world. He didn’t say he was looking for the fight – in fact it was shite stirrer Helwani who even prompted that notion. He then went on to say there are a long line of welterweight contenders if he does win.

    After reading the first three comments on this thread I wonder if GSP has three testicles too?!…..;)

    While you’re figuring that one out I must say HATEOCRACY made the first sharp comment on this thread too.