Anatomy Of A Kick & Jones’s Big Toe

The latest (all-the-rage) fan pleasing move in the Octagon is the spinning-wheel kick. Recently, we have seen it used in devastating and fight ending fashion by UFC notables Vitor Belfort and Jr. Dos Santos. Both used the kick in their last fights and to lay out their respective opponents (Luke Rockhold &Mark Hunt) in beautiful highlight reel moments.

This week on “Anatomy of a KickDr. Robert Klapper, Chief of Orthopedic surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Group, breaks the move down in terms of the muscle groups used and how they’re actuated. He told Kenny Florian that it’s all about the “diagonally oriented muscles” above and below the waist, namely the Oblique and Gluteus.

Dr. Klapper stated that the Oblique muscles traverse the side of the waist diagonally and in such a manner at to allow the body to “coil up”. As they contract and shorten the power, torque and speed is developed.

The Orthopedic surgeion further stated that as the Gluteus is also a diagonally oriented muscle, it too allows the fighter to coil up and “spring out of it with such power that with 1 kick, you knock the guy’s head off.”

On the subject of the 205 Champion’s injured foot, Dr. Klapper reports that all is well and Jones’s big toe has healed up “cleanly”. 7 weeks post the injury, Bones Jones is now 100% and ready to start training for his upcoming bout with Alexander Gustafsson set for September 21rst, at UFC 165 in Toronto.  


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    June 22, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    And the multitude of MMA moves continues.
    Glad to hear Bone's bones are healed just fine. 8))

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    June 23, 2013 at 8:34 am

    1st, I'm glad to here that Jones is healing up well.
    2nd, I'm also really glad that techniques like spinning back kicks are becoming prevalent in MMA. The conventional wisdom has been that they are too risky but I have long thought that the reason they seem that way is that they are being thrown by TMA guys who don't do any real sparring or (like in TKD) neglect the aspects of fighting that allow one to use these kicks (wrestling and grappling). Now that some guys are evolving their game to include these kicks we are seeing that the TMA guys were right to stand by these techniques but that they just didn't train right.

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