Watch the UFC 118 Weigh-Ins LIVE at 4PM E.T.

BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar will go face-to-face for the second time this night, at the UFC 118 official Weigh-Ins. The LIVE STREAM of the Weigh-Ins will start here on at 4 P.M. ET (courtesy of, directly from the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts.

Make sure you have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer before viewing the stream.


  • TheGreat

    Go Captain America!!

    Bj you can go and F**k yourself!
    making excuses is for chumps not champs!!

    i wish Serra would drop to 155 to finish Bj.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    after watchin that im pumped for tommorrow nite!!! cant wait, this is gonna be a cracker

  • Joey Santosus

    I agree…. I had just started to buy into the possibility that he could catch Couture, but never mind. This isn’t boxing where your opponent stands in front of you and cannot grab a hold of you. In other words, hand speed is not enough. With that said, Toney will be much to slow to pose a threat to Randy…. Oh well.

  • Rafaelroberto840

    did anybody see toney?
    when he pulled down his pants his ass showed

  • Osnizzle

    Toney can go 12 rounds of boxing easily thats 48mins im pretty sure he aint gonna gas after 5 mins of mma. hes been fighting for over 20 years i can garrentee he aint gonna gas out

  • D

    First of all, 12 rounds of boxing is 36 minutes, and the intensity levels in MMA and Boxing are totally different. It takes far more energy to wrestle or grapple for 5 minutes than to box for 5 minutes. That said, I doubt he’s gonna gas out either, because once Randy takes him down I don’t see him lasting more than a couple minutes and if he can’t take him down Toney’s gonna probably get the KO in short order. I don’t see the second part happening.

  • D

    All this talk about Toney being in great shape… if it wasn’t for Roy Nelson, he would be the fattest dude in the UFC.