Vitor Belfort refuses to wait for Anderson Silva’s return; Says he fights only for the fans

  • ston3pony

    Looks like Vitor is siding with Chael on Anderson’s translator.

  • Azzer12

    Respect to Vitor, theres not many fighters who would ask to train with the guy who beat them.

  • Akordas

    **** yea!!! I like this guy he fight becouse he loves fight not becouse win…

  • Ninja

    Maybe him and Sonnen will fight for the number one contender spot or Vitor vs Leben, either way both these fights would b sick

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    I respect Vitor so much more after seeing this interview and I want Vitor or Sonnen to be the champion already…..i hate that Ed Soares has his puppet parading as the champion(also see Ed Soares dancing monkey). Old man Silva is gonna retire very very soon more then likely because he seems despondent about fighting after the fight with Sonnen so hurray for that!

  • BigNog22

    who ed soares who?,LMAO

  • HunterB

    what??? why on earth would vitor not fight to win?!?!?

  • mmauk

    Belfort looks massive i wonder if the weight cut effect him he can be inconsistent he hasn’t fought at 185 for some time

  • Maxwell

    Man, all I can say is it will be great to have Vitor back and fighting, it will be a great thing for fight fans. As far as Vitor vs Chael for the no. 1 contender spot . . . **** that. I say that only because Chael simply doesn’t deserve it. He lost. He couldn’t finish Silva, and Silva finished him. Cut and dry. Sonnen (who’s performance I was impressed with) should have to work his way back up like anyone else. I say Vitor vs. Leben or Vitor vs. Okami for the contender spot. Vitor deserves that opportunity, Chael simply doesn’t.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    I think Vitor realises that he isn’t the true number 1 contender and feels bad about being given a shot before he deserves it. Belfort has always been an upstanding class-act and a great representative of the sport. I think he sees that having one fight in the UFC, and not even at Middleweight, seems a ridiculous qualifier for a title shot.

    And as far as all you dumbasses talking about how Chael doesn’t deserve a shot too quickly, that he’s right back to the bottom of the heap… are you kidding me?? Who the hell else in the MW division even stands a chance?? Leben? Bisping? Wanderlei? LOL. Even Okami isn’t strong enough.

    Chael was less than two minutes from the biggest upset in UFC history and no one can take that away from him. He beat the shit out of the so-called Pound for Pound King (a title which he certainly lost after that showing) and you Silva butt-huggers need to recognise that.

  • mmauk

    omg i can’t believe i’m about to defend Sonnen but **** it. name me a middle weight Vitor has beat at 185 recently. Sonnen destroyed Marquardt and everyone brushed it off despite Nate being highly rated. yeah he lost but he’s proven that at this moment he’s not a middle weight to **** with yeah he’s got some bad loses in his record but most guys at MW have either way chances are Chael will fight before Silva returns and so will Vitor. so wether you like it or not Sonnen could be fighting for the title again soon

  • Murdoc

    I met belfort a bunch of times and he is as cool as they come.I believe vitor and been a fan of sonnen since he pounded filio in wec. Sonnen is a better fighter then people give him credit for. He could beat belfort and any other 185 .he is the best in my opinion.

  • Xaikira

    Vitor vs Okami for No.1 contendor. If Vitor can’t beat Okami then he won’t beat Silva.

  • falcon4917

    Vitor is cool and humble. I agree with the ed soares comment and feel AS should be properly represented, who knows he might look like a nicer or wiser guy. I think Vitor has a chance against AS but still favour the Spider by a little because of his very well rounded game. I don’t think Sonnen will ever do that well against AS again though and I feel if he fought Vitor it would either be lights out for Sonnen in round 1 or 2 or it would be Sonnen gets TKO via GNP in round 3 or 4 defeating Vitor. If AS loses or comes close to losing his next 2 fights I will start to think he may be at the end of his dominance.

  • Rafaelroberto840

    Vitor Belfort vs Yushin Okami

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I’ve never seen the LOSER of any fight get so many respect before. I thought the goal was to WIN NOT to L.O.S.E. Sonnen LOST the fight so get over it…He needs to work his way back up like anyone else. I actually hope he gets a rematch so Anderson Silva can do to him what he didn’t do the first time around. If some of you actually think that Sonnen is going to be able to do the same thing again, then you need to think TWICE….

    By the way, Vitor Belfort is the man. I can’t wait to see him fight again.

  • 51JD51

    I’d like to see Vitor fight Okami or Belcher (still havent heard when he`s supposed to be back) and have Sonnen fight the other. The winners of either of those fights would both justifiably earn a title shot.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I meant ** much respect **

  • Dabs

    So how exactly has Ed made AS “sound better”? Anderson’s actions throughout his career smack of class. Vitor seems to hold on to the grudge…

  • WingChun


    I love Vitor – he’s just a class act. His next opponent? There are a lot of choices, here. The first obvious ones would be Sonnen or Marquardt, but no matter who they pick, I want to see this high-level fighter back.

    One of my major complaints about the UFC is all the “sitting around”. I think the company is large enough and the sport grown enough, in terms of fans and quality fighters, that they could have and should have, more cards. I see no reason why the UFC couldn’t have a fight a week or bi-weekly on Spike or Vs. They don’t all have to be title fights or bouts of major significance – believe me, we’ll all still watch.

    At minimum – the UFC should move to a minimum 1 card per month, schedule; PPV or otherwise. And to the best of my knowledge Belfort and Marquardt are both healthy (now)…so lets schedule one for Saturday or Sunday afternoon (there’s a thought, Sunday afternoon fights) and we’ll all watch Edgar v. Penn 2, the following Saturday.

    I personally hate all this chomping on the bit…waiting around for the next fight, speculating as to this or that, kicking over the last victory or loss, all because we have nothing better to do, because there are no fights – to watch. Thank God that there are other organizations out there…plus the occasional Roger Huerta (TMZ captured) street fight…that allow us to get our MMA fixes, when the UFC goes on one of its ( few months) hiatuses; Cheers to Strikeforce, Bellator et. al.

    Bottom Line – I think we could all stand more UFC fight cards. It certainly sounds like Vitor could, too.

    …we should start a petition.

  • japanegro23

    Definitely can’t stand people who wait for the next fight or title shot. Cough cough Rashad….

  • Madnessstill

    Vitor has the most potential,thats why he should get a shot. Sonnen lost, like henderson lost, why do these fools act like anderson should just fight the same guy he already beat over and over and over?

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Vitor is most likely going to fight someone else before he fights Anderson Silva since A.S is injured. I sure hope he gets a title shot soon though.

  • Hit2Hurt

    You’ve never seen that before cuz no one ever made such a huge statement from a loss. Silva got lucky. You guys just don’t want to admit it. Chael proved what he can do, and that getting subbed was just a mistake he’ll always remember. If Silva subbed him in the 4th or earlier it might look different. But it was a fluke. Chael was able to shake him off for a long time till he slipped.

  • bluntsandbeers

    vitor vs okami or leben for sure.

    sonnen needs to erase that defeat agianst maia cause hes shon a serious hole in his submission game

  • lionkill

    when someone speaks a latin based language like spanish,italian,or portuguese the translation to english leaves a bit to contextual meanings. many words or phrases have duel meanings etc… basically he is saying that Ed sugar coats what the spider is saying to be more “media” friendly aka he buffers him with instant damage controll.

    i don’t doubt that ed does it, i also don’t doubt that anderson knows about it, but im sure that is likely one of the reasons he signed with ed. it would just be one less thing to worry and stress about in life for him.

  • lionkill

    anderson has allways had and will likely allways have poor wrestling. he is good enough to evade bjj guys but that is a world away from western wrestling. he wasn’t good enough to evade hendersons wrestling he was saved from it by his striking. if he fights chael again he will be dipping in and out never trying to get into the mid range.

    if chael goes to erik paulson or josh barnett or some other catch wrestler he could really up his game. catch wrestling is what brock is learning and i think most freestyle wrestlers would be better learning it than bjj. its a strong mans submission style that is actually what western wrestling is derived from (so it holds similar fundimentals). if chael goes into two training camps learning some catch he might take silva via sub.

  • postmortem

    i have to agree with your catch wrestling statement many wrtestlers ruin theyre ground game by trying to become bjj artists. they just become amateaur bjj guys with good takedowns. catch wrestling is although it may be less dynamic than bjj it is definatley a better match for freestyle and roman greco wrestlers.

  • falcon4917

    Besides we all know Rampage won that fight fair and square. Okay I’m sorry, I just love Rampage. In my eyes he defeated Shogun 2wice as well. You guys might not remember this but in UFC 0.5 I even kicked the Sh*t outta Rashad, if you ask him he’ll just deny it though.

  • japanegro23

    Hahaha nice falcon. I really like Rampage too but Rashad did win. I’m not going to front and act like he just killed Rampage in all areas though. It was a control win. That’s it. I can’t stand how people defend his actions on wanting to wait. I thought it was about fighting. Fight. Don’t wait.

  • CJ250

    ed soares…….who…

  • 51JD51

    Vitor vs Belcher would make more sense as I dont know how much interest there is i a sonnen/okami rematch

  • Madnessstill

    Yea i can see anderson being totally blunt with the disrespect he recieves from “fans” who are angry that he won the “wrong” way

  • ksooner76

    Vitor and Leben …..mannnnnnn just dont see Leben having any chance
    he uses his head as defence and tries to tough it out but Vitor puts ppl
    to sleep………….. just Leben would get TKOed

  • falcon4917

    I think some poeple missed it was a lame joke.