Vitor Belfort in training for the winner of Silva vs Sonnen

  • mmauk

    i’ve always thought the UFC are holding him back to face the champ. Every top MW has a fight coming up apart from him. Even if Sonnen shocks the world and beats Silva, Dana will just make it a LHW fight either way the fight will happen

  • UrHype

    He got injured, he was supposed to already have faced him.

  • mmauk

    tell me something i don’t know

  • UrHype

    you say you think they are holding him back, then say everyone has a fight coming up but him…………if you already knew he was injured, maybe you can put those 2 together and it will all make sence you nimrod.

  • Nightwolf

    I was just wondering what was going on with Vitor! Shit yeah! He’s back! Someone to get amped up for. Can’t wait to see him back in the cage!! hahahaha this has just made me happy. GO VITOR!!!

  • mmauk

    he’s no longer injured and has no fight scheduled. everyone else seems to have a fights on. Akiyama just lost and has a fight already.Dana already said Silva will have only 1 more fight at MW if he beats Sonnen I assume it will be Vitor and that’s why he has no fight scheduled DO YOU GET IT NOW. don’t worry when that happens i’ll be leaving a message on your wall saying I TOLD YOU SO.

  • japanegro23

    Title could have been shortened to “Belfort in training for Silva.” Short and simple.

  • 51JD51

    So your brilliant realization is that Dana is waiting so Vitor can fight the winner of Silva vs Sonnen!!??

    Title of this video: “Vitor Belfort in training for the winner of Silva vs. Sonnen”


  • peter1234211

    yee silva is gunna win, unless sum miracle happens for sonnen.i think sonnen is gunna get be like a child haha
    nd vitor he’s a badass im predicting if silva beats sonnen wich he wil lol
    he’ll beat vitor by submission..

  • mmauk

    I’m just hoping the real A Silva turns up and beats Sonnen after that don’t be surprised if Dana wastes no time naming Vitor as Silva final fight at MW when that happens you’ll get a message on your wall 2.

  • Dabs

    Yeah, in fairness he has only had one fight since coming back to the UFC at a 195 CW and should at least have to prove himself in a tune up fight. Certain fighters have been cut due to injury in the past. Vitor has a puncher’s chance when that fight happens as Anderson is superior in all aspects of MMA bar hand speed…

  • willhammy

    He needs another fight before he gets a title shot. Vitor has not been worthy of a title shot in my opinion. He beat Linland and Franklin neither guy on top at the time.

  • lopresti1

    him n alan belcher should fight if belcher wins against maia

  • dray12

    thats a perfect matchup

  • Bryan Fontez

    I honestly believe that Vitor Belfort will be the first person to Knockout Anderson Silva… COLD.

  • Hit2Hurt

    urhype is a total idiot. i had to change my name on here cuz the other one wasn’t working. but urhype suggested i change it anyway cuz my name said i was stickin stickinurchick’s chick. i guess he’s all on stickinurchick’s nuts. i think stickin is a sharp dude most of the time and knows the sport well. but urhype is a douche. and if my old name worked i’d still use it. just clearing that up fellas.

  • japanegro23

    Actually not a bad prediction.

  • japanegro23

    Thank……… you………………………………. somebody go get Hype over here.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Why are you going to post “i told you so” comments on peoples’ walls when everyone knows that Vitor is fighting winner of AS vs Sonnen….even kids in ethiopia know that.
    Note: “sense”

  • UrHype

    No shit, this guy came to my wall amd wrote I TOLD YA SO just like he did your wall. Unlike that moron, when Vitor got injured I assumed he would get the winner after he heals up…..yea that guy even fails at celebrating hes right for the first time ever.