Vitor Belfort hints at a return against Michael Bisping in May

Via his official Twitter (@vitorbelfort)

Following on from his win over Jorge Rivera, it seems Vitor Belfort wants a shot at Michael Bisping. Belfort is coming off of a loss against Champion Anderson Silva, back in February. Rumours had initially spread of a bout between Belfort and fellow Brazillian Wanderlei Silva, but it appears Joe Silva has had a change of heart.

A win over Bisping could see “The Phenom” quickly catapulted back into title contention. Despite being touted as the biggest challenger to Silva’s Middleweight crown, “The Spider” knokced him out with a brutal front kick in the 1st round.

Bisping this weekend knocked out rival Jorge Rivera, following weeks of trash talking between the two. Bisping put in a brutal performance this weekend at UFC 127, finishing his opponent in the second round via TKO. Bisping’s overall Middleweight record is 7-2, and a win over Belfort could finally see him get his long coveted title shot.

Image Source: HEAVY MMA

  • japanegro23

    Vitor by 2nd round knockout.

  • Kings_Of_Metal

    Belfort wants an easy fight ! LOL

  • frontkick

    Way to easy for Belfort,Bisping should fight Demian Maia.

  • flyingknee45

    I predict that Bisbing will grow a ponytail, train with Steven Sigal, Anderson Silva & Machida & win by KO with the dreaded SIGAL KICK in the 1st round.
    Just Joking

    Bisbing will be to scared to engage & strike with Belfort so he will try to run around the ring & use his footwork to avoid Belfort,s speed & power in his hands while belfort waits patiently to land a big combo. Bisbing will then get frustrated & try to work his wrestling & Jui-jitsu beause he will find out he has no chance on the feet.

    The ending:decision for Belfort due to Bisbing running or 3rd Round Knockout for Belfort due to Bisbing loosing control on the ground & getting Grounded & pounded.

  • Fluidity

    I believe Bisping would probably win this one, by decision since the old Vitor who was rushing in throwing bombs is long gone. The new Vitor is a very cautious counter puncher. So I say Bisping via decision or Belfort by KO but i doubt it.

  • odesahitman

    The general tonality of these discussion threads relating to Michael Bisping is that he is not a top 10 fighter and should not be seen as successful. If Michael did win this fight would/ could he then be classed as a genuine contender to fight the indomnitable Andersson Silva?

    / Odesa

  • odesahitman

    We agree that it doesn’t make sense to engage Vitor head on for reasons you suggest, speed, power (add striking momentum to the equation too).

    The only thing I can see not in Vitors favour is his lack of fighting time and also the need to shake off the psychological damage after his last defeat.

    I believe the best outcome Michael could expect would be a decision using a hit and run style attack/ defense. I would love to see this fight happen myself and look forward to developments.


  • Ciaran_Den

    I like Bisping and all but i cant see him winning this fight,would love to see him win though

    Belfort KO 1st round

  • MRfidgets

    hell yea cant wait to see vitor ko bisping like i hope vitor checks out this video and see how disrespectfull he is and ko’s him and spit on his face

  • IChokePeople

    I think a win by Bisbing would say more about where Vitor is. We have seen enough of Bisbing to say he isn’t top10. The fights with Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva (who is barely top ten if at all) showed that Bisbing is probably a solid top 20. All we have seen of Belfort at MW is a first round KO loss to the Champ and a couple of wins against mid level fighters two years ago. Going by that alone you would have to rank Belfort at the top of the middle tier of the division but taking his overall carrier into account you could maybe argue top 20. If Bisbing beat him I think you would have to put Belfort at the bottom five of the top 20 list but Bisbing wouldn’t rise that much IMO.

  • taz

    i actualy think Bisping could win this fight, even though he does tend to get hit hard about once every fight, he recovers quickly and is very good at dodging punches.

  • Endo

    Lol, could you make it any more obvious that it’s not the disrespect that you care about? You want him to spit on Bisping’s face?

    Fing clown. Stop hating Bis and do something with your life.

  • Endo

    It depends who you’re talking about. Most reasonable people know Bisping is a world class fighter. He’s not the best by a long shot but he is world class. If Bisping found the cure for cancer American fans would still be unimpressed.

  • Zadok83

    Don’t you mean “neurological damage”?

  • Zadok83

    Tell that to Dan Henderson.

  • BigNog22

    if bisping wanna keep all his limbs intact, he better not accept that fight


    This could be a good match up but i don’t see Bisping disrespecting Vitor in any way. I think he’s act similar to the way he did when he fought Wand.

  • nightmonkey17

    Very very bad matchup for Bisping. He will get knocked out fast.

  • TheGoocH

    bisping doesnt know how to defend punches and vitor will be the most dangerous striker he’s ever faced or might ever face for that matter. i really dont think he could win this one. this is a haters dream fight tbh.

  • slickrick

    I think Bisping could win by getting takedowns and avoiding powershots with his footwork.

  • dattebayou

    Belfort no doubt.

  • odesahitman


  • brahhnsowce

    why the hatred towards us British all of a sudden? wow, there’s one Brit who you strongly dislike therefore make a generalisation? it’s pure ignorance kid!

  • IChokePeople

    I agree completely that Bisbing is a world class fighter. As I said, he is solidly within the top 20. I just don’t think a win over Belfort would raise him any higher. I think it would drop Belfort.

  • HunterB

    with all due respect, a few of the British based lowkick members are acting completly ignorant about Bisping beating Rivera, saying he deserved the illegal knee, and that it is justifiable because of the trash talk. Cheating is never okay and Slickrick is one of the morons who thinks this way.

  • odesahitman

    Racism is based on self centred fear and this fear creates ignorance because it prohibits small people like yourself from truly interacting with the best of what each race, culture, community and person has to offer.

    Your unschooled comments do not add to the commentary of fighters and students of mma who visit this page.

    You are not a charachteristic reflection of the American population because American people are some of the best people I have ever met whilst on my travels.

    To describe you as a small man would be an insult to rodents, termites and fleas so I won’t say that! Instead I would advise you to step out of your caravan and actually go train with Europeans, Australians, Japanese etc… and come back when you have a qualified opinion with something that resembles value.

    Good luck in your journey,

  • odesahitman

    It takes a fighter to know a fighter and from an intellectual and mma standpoint you are neither.

    Flipping burgers at McDonalds does not qualify you to comment here. You should at least train and fight so you know what you are commenting on.

    Ps, were you not on Jerry Springer, I seem to remember your name from watching the TV one night, I think the episode was called, “gimps who refuse to leave the closet in their trailer”.

    That was you was it not?

  • Dabs

    He is not being racist…

  • brahhnsowce

    it’s not just British on here who are making ignorant comments though is it? there are mugs from all over who chat shit but recently there seems to be a lot of hatred towards British as a whole, purely because people have a problem with Bisping. and in his defence, all those dumb ass videos that were directed towards him I don’t blame him for losing it. Rivera maybe didn’t deserve the knee but he deserved the beating he took.


    wow. idk if i’ve ever seen Odesa so blatantly insult someone. seems unlike you, usually you go at it a little more from the side than head on like that. but Odesa. flipping burgers does qualify people to comment here, that’s why there is the “weak” option.

    UFC is FEEDING Bisping to Belfort. if Belfort can knockout a 205 lbs Rich Franklin in 3 minutes, Bisping is practically dead on arrival. but its a fight, anything can happen… i guess.

  • kevinowns

    @odesa your name is on top of your post yo lol


    corey. all you have commented on in the last 20 comments is how much you don’t like Micheal Bisping. you attack him and British people with kindergarden level insults with a lame addition of curses. you are so emotionally involved with hating Micheal you’ve spent hours typing it. love him or hate him, Mixed Martial Arts has gained MILLIONS of fans because of him. while i wouldn’t say he’s a top 5 in the division os anything like that, he’s fairly well rounded, has good speed and footwork, and could beat you senseless using just one limb. so how about you either gain a few I.Q. points, think of something else to talk about, or just shut the hell up. you’re either a 12 year old, in which case i feel bad for insulting a kid so much, or you should be embarrassed for acting like such a child.

    hope to be hearing from the more intelligent side of you,

  • Krogan

    That punch would have knocked out a rock, hard to fault Bisping for it even if everyone loves to do so.

  • Krogan

    I think this is a real 50/50 match up and its hard to say that Vitor is all that good.

  • GoldenBibi

    Easy win for Vitor……

  • taz

    Bisping haters need to stop going on about Dan Henderson knocking out Bisping, it was 2 years ago, and Henderson isn’t even in the UFC any more.

  • Boner89

    Vitor want be afraid to trade with Bisping like he was during the AS fight. Plus even if Bisping connects Vitor will be able to walk right threw it and land a barrage of his one. The only hope Bisping has is to get on top and pull a Decision.

  • Boner89


  • Boner89

    own* sorry forgot to proof read this one.


    spot on how i described you. kindergarden level insults plus curses. thank you for providing an example for all who haven’t read your comments. so that’s your intelligent side? and we live in a democratic republic. sorry. plus check all of your comments. riddled with WEAK.

  • DesiredUsername

    @Japanegro23 – really? do you think it would take Vitor that long to KTFO this over-rated arrogant A-hole?

    Vitor by intense stare-down

  • Endo

    “do something with your life Endo”

    If only you knew kid. : )
    I’d worry about yourself if I were you.

  • tadyakka

    vitor KO bisping by 1st round.

  • ksooner76

    OHHHH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Accyfist

    Saying “I just tell it like it is” doesn’t make bullshit fact! So are you saying that nobody outside the top 5 deserves to be in the UFC? That’s ridiculous. Real MMA fans can appreciate a good fighter at any level. I watch Dynamite and Sengoku in Japan and yeah many of those guys wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the UFC but they put on a great show. I love watching guys like Dan Miller, Marlon Sandro, Maxi, Tokoro, Akiyama ..I could go on forever. Fact is Bisping’s may very well lose to Vitor, Sonnen, possibly Maia, possibly Markuardt, possibly Stann, almost certainly Silva, but so what. He’s a great fighter, great to watch and always improving. Whether or not you like his personality means nothing. If you try to argue like you have been against what I just said, you’ll look even stupider than you already look, which is very stupid indeed! I my friend, just told it like it is.

  • Accyfist

    Actually, it used to be worse a year or 2 ago. Most people are not trying to bring the Anglo – American thing into it, although it’s under the surface, just 1 or 2 but It’s internet folk in general, much worse on Youtube. After Rick Gervais very funny presenting of the Golden Globes THAT somehow triggered a UK/US fight. A great Irish comedy ‘Father Ted’ somehow triggered an Anglo – Irish fight. It’s ridiculous and accentuated by what assholes so many people are deep inside as they would never say these things face to face, but fear no repercussions on the Internet. There’s having fun, Fair enough and being a twat! Most of you guys I respect even though I playfully disagree sometimes, but guys like Corey need to be ridiculed.

  • Accyfist

    But this is the guy’s problem. Whoever he beats, everyone just calls a no-body. I don’t know what you said previous to the last fight Mr.Choke, but most said Kang, Akiyama and Rivera would KO Bisping, Miller would sub him but after winning, they were nobodies anyway. I don’t think Belcher for example can be ranked above Bisping. I think Bisping’s beat better opponents than Jorge Santiago. He would take out Kazuo Misaki, just like Akiyama. So how can he be ranked behind these guys? I’m not big on rankings cuz you never know until the fight, but if I have to rank fan or no fan, he IS top 10. Doesn’t mean there’s no one in the top 100 who wouldn’t beat him, but simply on activity, achievement and performance he gets top 10. And Sherdog are back me up on this.

  • slickrick

    How could you say a win over Belfort wouldnt raise him? only a few weeks ago Belfort was the #1 contender. A win over Belfort would most certainly raise Bispings rank on any statistical based ranking system, and in the eyes of any1 that isn’t a Bisping hater just for the sake of it.

  • odesahitman

    Superb/ LOL!!!!

    I think that is the most clear assessment of Corny I have seen to date.


  • odesahitman

    It is hard for Corny to worry about himsel since he doesn’t quite know who he is yet.

    Best wishes

  • odesahitman

    You are completely right.

    I have no right to critisize anyone who flips burgers. The comment was a direct shot as you rightly assumed.

    My apologies to any fighters or martial artists flipping burgers. We do all have to start somewhere and the point I made was directed at someone who has no business commenting so negatively on fighters/ martial artists and people who he clearly does not understand.


  • odesahitman

    “You’ve obviously never seen the size of Odesa ****!

    Given the structure of this sentence it cannot be aimed at me.

    I wonder if you are trying to slur my reputation by intimating that you have seen my size?

    The most successful people in life are people with the knowledge of their lack of knowledge and it seems you have far more knowledge than me.

    I sincerely hope you are able to grow past the illusion of who you think you are at this moment and really embrace a life of mental, emotional, physical and some might say spiritual discipline.

    You are clearly lacking in three of these disciplines and I cannot comment on the physical element because I do not pretend to know your physicality.

    I suggest you begin focusing on role models, men like GSP, Big Nog, Andersson Silva… their example is far more likely to lead you somewhere different than focusing on a fighter who you clearly struggle to comprehend or appreciate.

    I feel compassion for you now Corey, only a person in a lot of pain would focus on something other than himself in a time where he clearly needed support in developing personal stability.

    “You are more likely to get what you focus on” – Focusing on positive role models and modelling their attributes which can fit with you is more likely to take you to a place where you can more fully cope with this internal rage.

    Good Luck on your journey.
    / Odesa

  • odesahitman

    Thanks for the feedback :)


  • odesahitman

    There are other fighters who have been hit with perfect shots who have suffered the same fate, Matt Hughes and Vitor Belfort spring to mind.

    Life goes on, people move on… The argument you are using is a little old now. Should you be defined by a mistake you made when you were younger and more naieve? How about the time when you were a child and couldn’t walk, should people still bring that up?

    Michael mouthed off with Dan Hendersson, approached the fight naievely and got knocked out as a result. Because of the British/ American rivalry at the time I imagine that the symbolism of that moment – USA wins GB has created a defensive or hostile feeling towards Michael with certain Americans.

    I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. People in the US should be proud of the many great things its people and the country itself has achieved. The fact is that Michael Bisping is not GB, he is simply a fighter who fought under the promotional flag of GB within a promotional context.

    National pride was at stake for both countries, however at the time the people of the US were going through a v v tough time. This fight may have gained more significance than it had if it were not for this, Michaels immature presentation of himself (at times) and his disrespect towards a man who has earned the status of “Hall of Famer”…

    At some point it probably makes sense to take people where they are as opposed to where they have been because if we judge ourselves on past mistakes, it is going to be pretty hard to let go of these and obtain something new, something other than the old reputation or position a person held in life – Michael Bisping is an example of this.

    Wouldn’t you say?
    / Odesa

  • odesahitman

    A very valid and luscid point.


  • odesahitman

    First of all your first comment is very funny – well done :)

    Now lets look carefully at the next thing you say, “I would not put my money on Bisping, instead you would “by” (meaning buy or purchase) a cheese burger.

    So your money/ expendable income would buy a cheese burger. I already feel compassion for you and knowing this has just taken that compassion to a whole new level.

    I believe the Gods of Lowkick may be considering adding a new category to help bloggers more accurately assess the statements and position you take and I look forward to being the first person to click the ridiculous button which should have your name should be situated next too for ease of use.

    Please keep replying because my world is a brighter place because of your thoughts.

    Thanks Corey

  • odesahitman

    Michael is what Godzuki is compared with Godzilla.

    For those of you who haven’t seen the MMA skills of Godzilla then I suggest you check them out. He is one mean grean fighting machine.

  • codemaster

    I don’t know what the problem is with this fight–it seems good to me.

    Bisping has proven himself by putting together some wins, and Vitor sort of catapulted up the ladder pretty quickly to a title shot–even though he has won some big fights in the past, in the current UFC MW division, he has not really proved himself.

    So I think a fight between Belfort and Bisping is interesting–and a win by either one would be significant in the rankings.