Vitor Belfort diagnosed with Hepatitis A, UFC 133 fight against Yoshihiro Akiyama is not at risk

Multi-time UFC Champion Vitor Belfort revealed through his twitter account about being diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Belfort explained that the disease is easy to treat, also reassuring his fans that the fight against Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 133 (August 6 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) will go as planned.

Thirty-four year old Belfort is currently 19-9 in his illustrious Mixed Martial Arts career, after losing to Anderson Silva in his last fight at UFC 126.

Here’s some of Belfort’s latest tweets (via

  • friendlyfoe

    Thats is some serious sh*t man….i hope he does recover from it.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    Are you serious? Tell me you’re making a bad joke.

    He said ‘Burn Hepatitis and send her to hell’, the ‘her’ referring to the Hepatitis. Most languages assign genders to their nouns, I’m assuming ‘hepatitis’ is feminine in Portugese, and even if it isn’t, people who speak a language in which there are marked genders tend to use ‘he’ or ‘she’ rather than ‘it’.

    Also: Hepatitis A isn’t even an STD.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    you completely misunderstood pigu.

  • Scrappler

    Ok let’s admit it Vitor is a LITTLE too religious”Please god burn this Hepatitis and send her to hell” wtf?

  • MMAW

    i like Vitor, but yeah he comes off being too religious.

  • MMAW

    Although that’s what gave him strength to fight through the dark times so i’ll give him a pass on that

  • ulikebang

    It mustve been transmitted from Anderson’s big toe….

  • Boner89

    love Vitor as a fighter, but his head has been mind raped 1 too many times…

  • ClosetCasey

    Everyone’s voting “cool” for the fact that Vitor has hepatitis A. Sick bastards.

  • postmortem

    that what happens when you mess around with brazilian girls

  • TDraGon

    its “cool” that he is being straight up with the fans and that he isnt letting it affect his position on the fight. Also he is being pretty positive about it so that is why we use “cool”