Vitor Belfort, Yushin Okami or Chael Sonnen, who should face Anderson Silva?

The fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen sparked a debate in Mixed Martial Arts community around who should be Silva’s next opponent in the UFC Middleweight division. Chael Sonnen backed up his every single word (except the McDojo comments) in this fight, giving Anderson Silva his toughest test since the fight against Dan Henderson at UFC 82.

But despite Chael Sonnen’s heroic performance, it looks like the voices about awarding Vitor Belfort a title shot are growing stronger. Before we get to the point, I would like to clarify that I’m a huge “Phenom” fan, but there’s just too many facts that bother me when it comes to giving him a title shot against Silva:

*Belfort did not beat anyone in the UFC Middleweight division

*His only fight in the modern-era UFC was against Rich Franklin at UFC 103

*UFC 103 took place on September 19th, 2009

*Belfort’s last fight as a Middleweight was against Matt Lindland at Affliction: Day of Reckoning, on January 24th 2009.

Now let’s assume Anderson Silva will return on February 2011, and face Vitor Belfort. It will be more than two years since Belfort’s last fight as a Middleweight (!) and eighteen months since his last fight in the UFC. Sorry, but you can’t get a title shot after not fighting for over a year in your promotion, and over two years in your weight class.

If Chael Sonnen is not about to get an immediate rematch against Anderson Silva in February or March, Vitor Belfort should fight Yushin Okami, who due to his quiet personality somehow stays out of the title shot debate. Okami is 9-3 in the UFC, as a fight between and Vitor Belfort will truly determine who deserves a shot at Anderson Silva’s Middleweight title. It’s a great opportunity for Belfort to shake off his ring rust and prove his worth against a top class well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist.

There’s no doubt about Vitor Belfort being on paper more than a worthy opponent for Anderson Silva. The speed of his hands is second to none, and can cause troubles to any opponent in any weight class. But then again, you have to fight in your weight class at least once to get a title shot. There are so much better options than this, for Sonnen, Okami, Belfort, Silva and the MMA fans around the World.

  • ston3pony

    Sonnen no contest. Vitor should have at least one fight before getting a shot.

  • Osnizzle

    All 3 challengers need to fight one more fight before a title shot now that Anderson Silva is out till at least Feb 2011 with injuries. Anderson Silva already fought everyone in the top middle weight class except for Vitor. Put Vitor vs either Sonnen or Okami then go from there.


    It should be Sonnen. He more than earned it. Vitor would be stupid to take on Anderson after such a long lay off. Vitor vs Okami for the winner between the Silva – Sonnen rematch.

  • Joey Santosus

    You make a valid argument…. Whoever it is, it should not be an immediate rematch for a guy that just lost. No matter how valiant an attempt it may have been, it was still a loss. Has Silva really gotten so good that ALMOST beating him is enough to earn another shot? Maybe have Belfort and Sonnen fight for the contender spot. However, then u have Okami left out of the equation once again. With that said, really Okami probably deserves the next shot, while Sonnen and Belfort earn theirs.

  • Oopsmadeyatap123

    Okami versus Belfort for title shot. I think Okami deserves it.

    I dont think Sonnen deserves an insta rematch. The loss wasnt controversial like all other insta rematches are.

  • Joey Santosus

    Not to mention the fact that Okami is the only man in the UFC that has ever recorded a victory over Silva. Could be a decent selling point for the match-up. You would think that would have already inspired a bout between the two, but its easy to see why it hasn’t happened. Neither guy is much of a promoter and it would be difficult to get the casual fan excited about seeing it….

  • capjo

    ALMOST beat him? Sonnen DESTROYED Silva for 4.5 rounds on the ground and to a lesser extent standing up!

    Sonnen’s Achilles Heel has always been getting careless and allowing himself to get caught in a sub. After 4.5 rounds of Sonnen expending huge amounts of energy throwing Silva around like a rag doll I don’t fault the guy in what happened at all.

    Nice try nuthugger in trying to dismiss an outstanding systematic destruction of who many consider to be the PNP best fighter in the world.

    Sonnen said it best at the post fight presser. He and Silva should be coaches of the next TUF and then an awesome rematch afterwards. which would bring in HUGE…dare I say, historic ratings!

    The lower tier group of Belfort, Okami, Marquardt etc. should fight it out among themselves for a title shot against the winner of Sonnen vs Silva 2. For christ sake, Sonnen destroyed 2 out of the three guys I just mentioned.

    Sad fact is, you nuthuggers just don’t want to see the inevitable. That being, your boy Silva having his as* handed to him again but this time, losing his belt for good in the process!

  • UltimateMMA

    Not Chael Sonnen thats for sure he lost fair and square and should get a few more victories under his belt before getting another title shot.And I want Belfort to get the title shot but hes had only one fight and it wasn’t even a 185(but he did knockout Franklin in that fight)And Yushin has two impressive back to back victories.I think Belfort will fight Silva and if Okami can win another fight He will proably get the winner of that fight.But thats just my opinion :)

  • Boner89

    sonnen gets the rematch, okami n belfort for the number one contender spot

  • UltimateMMA

    And I just read the article saying Anderson is out until next March I take it back.Proably gonna be Belfort vs Okami for the title shot(once again my opinion) :)

  • 51JD51

    I agree, maybe Sonnen or Okami could wait for the title shot but Vitor needs a tune up fight if it’s gonna be that long. I’d put him against Okami then perhaps put Sonnen against Belcher if Belcher is able to fight this year (havent heard when he’s ready to go again)

  • WingChun

    I vote for Vetor.

    And I can’t believe (in this article) that Sonnen’s fight against Silva, was compared to Hendo’s fight against Silva; not even close. Hendo had one good round; the first. Sonnen had 5 great rounds and was less then 2 minutes away from winning the fight and taking the belt. Henderson was never even close to that ball park.

    I like Henderson, he’s one of my favorite MMA fighters (at least attitude wise), but to compare his fight with Anderson, to Chael’s fight with Anderson is – ridiculous.

  • falcon4917

    Okami, Nate, Vitor then a rematch if Chael is still winning. Others deserve a shot too before Chael gets his rematch.

  • falcon4917

    sorry scratch Nate.

  • falcon4917

    Forget about capjo below man. Your post is getting sharps for a reason. You make sense in the idea that Okami should be next, thats exactly what I said above although only realizing you said it already. And for capjo, AS was beating Okami into another dimension and was caught in a far more unlikely scenario than this, AS had no immediate rematch and neither should Sonnen as although he has defeated 2 of the 3 mentioned he did not defeat Okami.

  • Anton Gurevich

    No one “compared”, but said that Sonnen gave Silva his toughest test since the fight against Henderson.

    Do you disagree? Think it was Leites? Maia? Maybe James Irvin? Ah, Yeah.. it was probably Forrest Griffin. No.


  • falcon4917

    many have to fight who they have beaten before to get back. If your champion material you will get back like Fitch for example.

  • capjo

    LOL, and here I was thinking this kid above was getting ‘sharp” rating based on the fact this place is filled with a majority of teen-aged to early twenties kids. Looks like your lil pal “Joey” ( what grown man calls himself “Joey” …lol) above…formally know as ‘StickinUrChickWithMyWeeLiLD*ck”, will write anything to help prop up Silva no matter the facts.

    …like I said, nuthugging kids. LOL

  • braQQizzle

    … I don’t even know why people do think about giving Vitor a title-shot. I’m a Vitor-Fan since many years, and it was great to see how he fought his way up again in CageRage etc. – but how has he deserved a shot at the title? Who has a comeback to the UFC, wins one fight (at catch-weight) against an overratet Franklin and get’s a title-shot at the next fight???
    In addition I think Vitor is an easy win for Silva… he would knock him out in the 1st or 2nd. Just a bad match-up for Vitor imo.
    I’d say give a 2nd chance to nate or chael.. I don’t see any other realistic contender atm.


  • HollywoodKOs

    Yeah I didn’t think Chael would dominate Nate like that. I just want to see Vitor back, that’s all.

  • pound4pound

    Yeah Vitor vs Sonnen will be great also they a Leben vs Okami should interesting, the winner gets the next tittle shot, that way A.S. will fight winner of Sonnen/Belfort and the winner of that will fight winner of Leben/Okami, that would a rematch to see too…

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Sonnen had his shot, he made the best of it but he still came up short. Now, he has to get back in line and start working his way back up just like anyone else….. Also remember that Sonnen was not the champ before the fight, therefore, he definitely doesn’t deserve an immediate rematch. It’s time for another challenger to challenge the CHAMP. Nate’s name should NOT even be mentioned since he just lost to Sonnen.

  • griffin

    Vitor hasnt fought in a year so since Silva is out till march Vitor and Sonnen should fight some1 in that time and who ever has the best performance will get the title shot. Kind of like wat they did with Edgar and Maynard

  • bluntsandbeers

    naaa sonnen needs to rematch maia if he wins he should get the next shot at sila. then okami and vitor should fight. winner of that gets the winner of sonnen/silva rematch.

  • CJ250

    alan belcher and okami already fought, and yushin won.

  • SanDiegoLife

    Vitor vs okami for the spot….

  • samigeh

    Why Sonnen?
    Instant rematches were only used when it is a very close decision or an early stoppage. Sonnen was submitted which doesn’t warrent an immediate rematch. I say Okami vs Belfort for the #1 contender.

  • CJ250

    okami vs belfort for number 1 contender…chael vs wandy or leben i would mention belcher but i think he’s going to be out for a while

  • falcon4917

    Well Joey or stickinurchick is about one of the most un biased posting lads on this site. I am biased on some of mine because of my thoughts on edicut and proffessionalism but I try and be wise when a fight is scrutinized. Joey Santosus does agreat job and brings in very good articles rarely showing a hint of bias. You on the other hand are heavy with sway.

  • falcon4917

    I probably spelled something wrong, a well it gives him ammo.

  • Malcolm O’Mahony

    By saying that Sonnen gave Silva his toughest test since the fight against Henderson you are drawing a comparison. In fact, it actually implies that the Henderson fight was a tougher test.

    The Sonnen fight was without doubt the toughest test of Silvas career. Not the toughest since Henderson… or any other fighter.

  • HunterB

    i think if vitor fights okami in his first martch back, okami will come out on top, only due to belforts ring rust that will be evident, and always has been when he takes a break then comes back…

  • falcon4917

    Sorry Stickin, not trying to be your

  • sleepy

    well if sliva is out til after the new year y not hav sonnen v belfort ??? dat wud be a great fight..


    Sonnen…hands down…i want to see him finish the job!

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Sonnen deserves to get his rematch because nobody dominates the p4p king like that except for him. Nobody ever believed that could happen and Sonnen was on his way to winning the belt and unfortunately got caught by a triangle. However if not a rematch then it should be Sonnen vs Belfort for #1 contender or interim champion(if due to the unlikely circumstance that Silva is out a longer then expected)

  • David Saucier

    @Capjo you attack joey because he makes more sense then you, you show you maturity, and who cares what he calls himself, probably the name he was given. You dont have much say in that.

  • lopresti1

    well since belcher was goin to face a top competitor in maia him n belfort should fight for an interim belt. okamis good but he should beat nate or maia before he gets a title shot

  • sickb

    so wtf? he lost, silva won without any help of the judges, sonnen should fight more fights before his rematch

  • hondata79

    Sonnen vs maia is stupid… Maia is not a contender for the belt !

    Vitor has not beat any middle weights ! SO NO GO !

    Belcher…Leben…Wand…Okami and Sonnen are top 5 right now !

    Belcher vs Okami Rematch

    Leben VS Wand They want that fight anyway, and it would be a slugfest ! ! !

    Sonnen VS Silva rematch ! ! ! Only prob with this is when Silva losses
    we would need a 3rd re-match and that ****s all the other middle wieghts for a year or so…

  • Rafaelroberto840

    Belfort was already supposed to fight Silva

  • hondata79

    Ya a year ago… after one fight at 195 lol with a win over a math teacher
    from Ohio LOL

  • hondata79

    Just read Belcher is out for a long time with a eye problem.

    SO vitor VS Okami
    Leben vs wand

    Sonnen Vs Silva REMATCH ! ! !

  • Mohawkblue

    Amen, samigeh!
    Sonnen has never finished a fight in the UFC. With Anderson’s rib injury, thats the best Chael will ever do. His Chael’s weakness is subs and that’s what happen again.
    Okami vs Nate and Vitor vs Chael … who ever win in the most convincing way gets the title shot.

  • Ninja

    y should sonnen get a title shot? he got stopped, its not like it was a controversial decision, it was a submission, I think Vitor should get the shot as promised and Sonnen should hve to atleast win 1 or 2 matches b4 another shot

  • Hdownmma

    I agree either a rematch with sonnen or a fight between vitor and sonnen for the title shot. As a fan I want to see the rematch because of Chaels dominant performance and the fact that id like to see Anderson healthy for the fight. Its nice to see a dominant fighter like Anderson actually be in a fight.

  • ENDStrikeFARCE

    Chael is the only one worthy of fighting Anderson next. Vitor hasnt fought in over a year and has no business getting a title shot. Okami, although more active, coming off of a victory is not impressive. I would have Okami fight Vitor give Chael an immediate rematch in February and the winners of Miaia’s and Nate “the great”‘s next fights face each other. ex: Damion wins and Nate wins they fight each other.

  • Dabs

    He only got him to the floor because Anderson wanted the fight there…he wore the GI!! Don’t you get it? The guy is a freak…a friggin freak!! He chose how he was going to win and probably left it until the last round so he could do maximum damage from the bottom. If that was a street fight Anderson was winning anyway because he did more damage. If somebody breaks your jaw and then you hold them in a headlock until you are split up YOU LOST.

    Chael played a good MMA game and Anderson showed he is the king of FIGH-TING.,…

  • Hdownmma

    Despite the fact that i disagree with you I think a rematch would be a good way to prove or disprove your theory.

  • daigoro702

    how about okami fights vitor winner fights anderson then chael fights the winner.

  • daigoro702

    how about okami fights vitor winner fights anderson then chael fights the winner.

  • nokick

    100% agree, anderson did not fight like his previous fight, i do believe that he was not 100%. In the rematch with a completely healthy Anderson would destroy Sonnen. Now this big mouth politician is claiming that people are running and afraid of him, is he serious? Sonnen get overself, these guy are pro and been in many fight i doubted they are scared of you. Please

  • Rochefort

    In a street fight the back of Anderson’s head would bleed out after getting taken down.
    And by a show of hands, who in their right mind would let a guy punch him for 23 minutes voluntarily?

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Chael Sonnen fights the winner of what fight? if you mean the winner of Anderson Silva vs Okami or Vitor, then it’s not the way it should be done.

    Sorry!! Chanel Shonnen is one of the challengers NOT the CHAMP.

  • hondata79

    dip shit… More like vitor vs Sonnen around xmas time, winner gets
    Silva in march by then he should be healed from his rib injuries
    and have no excuses.

  • Hit2Hurt

    Daddy long is right. Silva looked just fine. His movement was just as fast as usual. Everyone just doesn’t wanna believe he isn’t all he’s been hyped up to be. Or that Sonnen is as good as he proved he is.

  • blackhouse

    Anyone who thinks Chael Sonnen deserves a rematch is blind. WHY? Sonnen tapped out! We all knew Sonnens wrestling is superior to Silvas. Take down after take down, just like he did to Nate Mardquart, but Anderson was actually able to find a way to win.

    Its just like what GSP does to people, grind out a decison! Chael did not finish the f*ing fight. He had 22-23 minutes to do so but didnt and got his ass submitted. If Chael is that good he will get another title shot after another win. Like many have said already, it wasnt a close decision it was a clear submission.

  • Madnessstill

    “omg he almost beat him before being stopped while he had a plan to win ONLY by submission and had a cracked rib!”

    Yea, that definitely deserves a rematch…no doubt that scenario will happen again

  • Madnessstill

    Vitor was already supposed to fight, it’s hardly the worst situation we could have looking at strikeforce. Why the hell shouldn’t we finish the fights that were already supposed to have occured? And since there’s so much time, i guess okami vs vitor isnt that bad, vitor will probably win anyways.

    Then, when anderson is healthy and fighting properly we’ll see if chael is really magical.

  • b2bpaul

    Dana will go to the fight that has the prospect of making the most money, and that is Silva/Sonnen 2. If Silva’s on the shelf for a while, then why not follow Chael’s suggestion and do a season of Ultimate Fighter? Anderson’s an entertaining guy, despite his rudimentary English. Do Okami/Belfort for the number one contender spot.

  • ston3pony

    Sonnen doing what nobody has ever come close to doing, being the only proven competition for Anderson, is why he should get the rematch. Anderson was taking 30x more damage in each of those 10:8 rounds, than he had taken previously over his entire career.

  • nightmonkey17

    Silva is out until february. I think Dana White should make Okami and Sonnen fight and also sign Cung Le and let him fight Belfort. Have like a tournament thing between those four and the winner gets the shot against Silva!

  • DoubleLegTakedown

    please u silva nuthugger dont use a rib injury as an excuse. ur taking away from the fact that chael sonnen worked hard and executed a great gameplan and was literally a min away from being the new champion. no fighter is ever 100% going into a fight. he deserves a rematch. it was a close fight. out of any opponent silva has faced in the ufc sonnen gave him the biggest challenge. from a marketing perspective the rematch always sells more. btw ppl are afraid of sonnen. he is one of the best mw and he proved it.

  • YoMama

    Vitor for sure! He is the only one that has the power to knock Silva out! That I would love to see!

  • Leftty81

    Capjo is a reteard!

  • scouser1whodares

    rematch listen anderson got lucky he never had rib injury till sonnen broke his ribs

  • Ariovistus

    Lets have Sonnen vs Belfort. Case Closed. Winner fights Silva.

  • YungSpitty

    okami the guy deserves it sheez he been on winnin streak after win streak GIVE HIM A SHOT DAM

  • Joey Santosus

    Lol, what are u talking about? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • whitedana

    Poor Okami will get rape by Belfort. Give him a chance! lol

  • whitedana

    Still full of shit there, Vitor fights Anderson.
    Sonnen had his chance with an injured AS!

  • whitedana

    Suck on my junjun we’ve seen the best Sonnen already against an injured AS dumbass let’s get Vitor in there.

  • whitedana

    Finally someone that makes sense… But whether Belfort has fought in the weight class before or not he was promised that shot after his victory over Rich.

  • whitedana

    Another stupid dumb freak… No wonder you call yourself strange!
    Vitor has fought better competition than any of these ufc middle weight fighters including Anderson Silva. Give him Silva and watch him rape silva from every perspective.

  • whitedana

    Hooo just another one of the fck’d Sonnen fan boys, your girlfriend lost let vitor fight Okami and winner gets AS.

  • whitedana

    Wrong, Vitor will rape his ass…

  • Shanoo

    I agree Sonnen dominated then got caught, i think people are most interested in seeing how that fight would go if chael hung on for 2 more minutes

    Vitor needs more fights, period

    Okami doesnt draw PPVs u cant market someone the casual fan has no idea who he is.

    Okami is a sweet fighter dont get me wrong but he isnt the most exciting fighter either


    Ok, left his 1st fight after a year off be against the P4P king so he can get tooled.

  • pdogg

    Okami vs Nate and Vitor vs Chael is a great idea!!! nate and yushin okami would make a good match up.

  • pdogg

    chael sonnen is an great fighter and deserves respect! but there is no way silva was his usual self last fight. HIT2HURT you are tripping!!!!

  • pdogg


  • pdogg


  • pdogg

    wow okami defo deserves a shot.