Vitor Belfort: If I touch Anderson Silva, he’ll go down

  • friendlyfoe

    I knew it. Vitor has the “Deaf Touch” – as pronounced in the movie Blood Sport…

  • Tchelnik

    this guy can ktfo anderson

  • ljense8

    Vitor is not too good at talking trash… He should just stick to working on his fight plan. If he comes 100%, then I believe it will be a great fight. Two great standup fighters… should be good.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    vitor first needs to get past a tough opponent in Okami , if he does i think he definitley has the hands and speed to KO silva,
    havin said that i think Chael will be champ by then,
    if u watched ufc insider u cud see vitor has really studied silva, and knows wat silvas gonna do before even silva knows,but if chael wins we could definitley see vitor vs anderson, for no1 spot

  • Ninja

    Ya I agree, if a wrestler like Sonnen can rock Silva…Belfort would KO him then, hopefully this fight happens soon I hve been waiting for this for too long now

  • Drago

    Yeah, my thought precisely! I needs to focus on Yushin Okami first, I dont know if he can win that fight.

    I saw UFC insider and I agree with you, Victor showed he knew a lot of Anderson Silva fighting, he could “predict” many moves AS was about to do. That said, I think AS is the better striking and he would win the fight (if ever they fought) if they decided to trade strikes.

    That said, I think this match up is, at least for me, the fight I most want to see in all MMA… and if AS wins, I would like him to challenge Shogun!

  • TheRealDeal

    “Dim Mak” as it is called by the great masters……

  • TheRealDeal

    It would be great to see a stand up war between Vitor and Anderson, but first he has to deal with a hungry Okami, and Silva has to get past Sonnen, again.

  • JaytheBrit

    forrest griffin rich franklin dan henderson nate are all better stand up strikers than sonnen and anderson silva out stroke all of them. so the fact people r sayin chael out struck silva so vitor will as well is bollax although i do belive if he explodes at the right time he could finish this fight but my money would be on silva being to quick and elusive

  • ThaSpider420

    haha sonnen had to ground and pound anderson jus so he can rock him.. im a vitor fan too i like what he did to rich franklin and wanderlie silva but anderson had broken ribs going into tha fight and still won.. u know how much it would hurt to punch or even throw that triangle around and crank it.. if sonnen can do it again then yes i think vitor will have this fight.. but untill then learn ur facts b4 u make a stupied comment like anderson got rocked

  • WingChun

    He’s such a great guy. It’s great to see him happy, a smile on his face and back in the UFC; in a big way. He’s an outstanding fighter.

    I have no doubt that Vitor could beat Anderson. I have no doubt that if he hits him, he’s going down. Anderson is a great fighter, but he doesn’t have Vitor’s power; VB has some really heavy hands and (also) possesses Anderson’s “snipping” skill; he doesn’t waste a lot of punches.

    As much as I will enjoy seeing Silva v. Sonnen 2 (which we are going to see), I think it’s unfair. Chael lost, he doesn’t debate it. As great as the fight was, it’s over; move on. Silva v. Belfort or perhaps Silva v. Marquardt, should have been Anderson’s next fight.

    The difference between the fights – where Chael didn’t have the power to finish Anderson, Vitor and Nate – do; in spades.

  • doug777

    i really don’t see belfort ko anderson, I think with it being a stand up, he will not be able to hit anderson like people think he will, i see anderson wining by tko

  • griffin

    sonnen and maia wobbled silva. Vitor will KO him

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    ur comment is the stupidest one here wtf r u talking about. Watch the video Sonnen rocked him standing….Silva got punched and he lost his balance and keeled over. And his ribs werent broken he just claims to have injured ribs, they wont let a fighter fight with broken anything so just cool it with your nuthugging of Silva cuz ur making urself look like an idiot.

  • MMABeast

    Hey dude. Its obviously you are a Anderson Silva nuthugger so I will make this very easy for you. The commission doesn’t let fighters who are injured to fight. All this BS about fighters being severely injured and all that shit is not true. That is not to say that he might have been recovering from something as not every fighter goes in 100% but that doesn’t mean he was in pain 24/7 either. Did you see the weigh in? Probably not. He was goofing off the entire time. Did you see Silva vs. Lutter? Probably not. Silva has pretty crappy takedown defense. And he was going to get taken down easily especially against Sonnen who is an olympic style wrestler. What fight were you watching? Silva got tagged, rocked and dropped two times in that fight. Last time I checked.. your ribs “hurting” has nothing to do with your chin getting smashed by a punch. ..and before you call me a Sonnen fan.. I ain’t. I just call em as I see them. I am a Mauricio “Shogun” Rua fan and Shogun can crush Silva any day of the week. Now.. as soon as you get “The Spider”‘s sac out of your mouth.. pay a little attention to the sport and learn your facts before you make a fan girl comment. k? thanks! :)

  • GoldenBibi

    Vitor will K.O Okami very soon…Watch out Spider….The phenom is coming for you…

  • BigNog22

    no doubt about it.

  • UrHype

    yea, I dont know why people get “deaf” and “death” confused. Its not like they have even close to the same meaning. My cousin would always say “she cant hear, shes death” lmao I always say “run from death” lol

  • UrHype

    Lose the 420, some guys arent smart enough to handle both.

  • mirel

    I think that in year 2011 we will have a new champion….

  • drunkslug

    As menacing and lethal as he is, Vitor Belfort has the biggest and most humblest heart. Respect.

  • Dabs

    Anderson can beat him too…

  • daigoro702

    you make a lot of sense, i think andersons free ride is over he got exposed in his last fight and now the people that are lining up to fight him
    are at the same level as he is, now if sonnen dont beat him this time vitor,okami, or marquart have a pretty good chance either way hes on his way out.

  • daigoro702

    am pretty sure that if chael wins AS probably would get his intant rematch
    but i still want to see belfort vs silva i dont care how when or where, but youre right i think vitor has been watching silva and know his every move

  • EnsonInoue

    you act like just cause silva got punched in the face a couple times he was in danger of losing the fight. Sonnen never came close to ending it. The punches that hit silva on the feet sure they might have stunned him but so what. I mean if you dont threaten your opponent it wouldnt be much of a fight would it. Sonnen fought the fight of his life still got tapped out against a not healthy silva. Advantage definitely goes to silva next time around, and for a plethora of reasons silva is still gonna be champ

  • Joey Santosus

    Its crazy how many of these people were Silva fans just a hand full of months ago… Its human nature I guess.

  • japanegro23

    Dumb stupid lame….. champ….. damn you Anderson. Hahaha you guys make me laugh.

  • japanegro23

    That’s something I can agree with.

  • Joey Santosus

    I agree, I would like to see the Silva-Belfort fight regardless…. Sometimes it seems like a certain match just needs to happen for the sake of the sport.

  • doug777

    yea this does need to happen for the sake of the sport, it would be very interesting and i’m sure it wont go to the ground unless someone get knocked down, and another thing its gonna take more than just one punch to put anderson out thats my opinion

  • ThaSpider420

    maybe you should watch the fight again there is something called softening up your opponent with ground and pound… he softened him up so he can go for the ko but what happened you tell me the same thing that is going to happend on january 1st..

  • ThaSpider420

    in fact yes i did watch the anderson and lutter fight yes he did have shitty take down defence but what did travis get caught in do you know the same thing cheal got caught with but travis didnt go to sleep he tapped out and congrated anderson.. cheal even said him self that the ref woke him up calling his name during the fight and right at the and what did cheal say???? are you sure i tapped lol so why does he deserve a rematch simply all u complaining fans thinking of excuses on why cheal lost… vitor belfort deserves his title shot like promised but hes so respectfull he let cheal fight him again..

  • ThaSpider420

    haha ppl are lining up to fight anderson because cheal rocked him and beat his ass for 4 and a half rounds… if u look threw the facts about anderson before the fight no one wanted to fight him till cheal beat him up now every thinks they can when i see anderson get beat ill congratulate all u anderson haters but untill then anderson is the best p4p fight in the middle weight division.. and at least top 10 in light heavy not the best but one of them

  • mma420

    Vitor does have a chance but i see A.S. taking the fight if it ever did happen. if Vitor over commits on a flurry of punches Anderson can catch him

  • ThaSpider420

    haha maia didnt rock anderson. that pussy ran the entire fight untill the end when anderson jus wanted to taunt hm i mean really who can taunt damian maia like that with out getting submitted. cheal did rock anderson. but vitor has been fighting ju jitsu guys jus like anderson. lets see what happens when vitor fights a wrestler like cheal the same thing will happen i wanna see how vitor reacts to ppl grouund and pounding him

  • GSPfan

    I agree with 150% of MMABeast’s comment,lol

  • GSPfan

    Hell, you could say a bunch of sh*t about me just for my name, but if GSP got knocked on his ass or schooled for 4 and a half rounds, I would definitely tell it like I saw it instead of having my Anderson Silva ball sack glasses on.

  • khmerkickboxing

    More like, Dim Sum …hot breakfast…Yummy!!!

  • TheMMAfan

    These kids have no logic, you couldnt be any more correct

  • Madnessstill

    Nah it’s alot of MMA fans are stupid and really sellout quickly. Like any fighter is only one bad night away from “omg he suxx now guyz”

    Guys still hyping up sonnen like they still haven’t heard the news, idiots still hating on anyone who’s not Fedor….

    Anderson will win again, and retards will hate again, period. Gets boring posting and having to say the same thing over and over again.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Im a sonnen fan and i didnt make excuses…i sat back and watched all the Silva fans make the excuses ironically enough. As soon as i saw the forums Silva fans galore saying Silva was injured, Silva had a bad night, Silva was taking it easy…..Sonnen fans said Sonnen kicked his ass for 4 and a half rounds but got caught. We faced the facts right away but when you nuthuggers constantly say he doesnt deserve a rematch is absurd…..Chael dominated Silva like nobody has ever dominated someone before…The fight got 10-8′s … thats really saying something and dont blame Chael for getting the instant rematch cuz it was up to Dana and even Dana said he wasnt sure but hes gonna figure whats best for the company so i guess the instant rematch was best for business….But i do really want Belfort to fight Silva and i wouldnt have cared if he got to fight Silva first

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    People believe in Chael and Chael is nowhere near getting hyped up….Dana would never hype up Sonnen while Silva is champion. Most Dana said about Chael is that he will bring the fight to Silva and Silva would have a fight on his hands. Chael said hes gonna pick Silva up and drop him on his prissy little ass and swing the hammer. Thats exactly what happened. All of that “hype” you speak of was true. But you silva fanboys all said Silva would KO Sonnen with a knee or knock him out via punches…..if anything Silva nuthuggers hyped up Silva lol. You are blinded by your Silva nuthugging if you dont think Sonnen has a chance….the man got 10-8 rounds on Silva… cant deny that

  • Madnessstill

    gj retard.

  • Madnessstill

    Vitor had a good point, but that’s exactly why silva won’t just drop his hands and take shots like he did against guys who simply can’t finish him…he knows what he’s doing.

    He won’t completely disrespect vitors standup, because vitor is actually dangerous standing up. Silva only does what he feels he’s capable of getting away with it seems. If he knows a guy sucks on the ground, he’ll let himself get taken down, if he feels a guy sucks standing up he seems to drop his hands and take it on the chin…

    You do NOT see that when he feels threatened

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Good job to you too. Silva fans never have anything logical to say to counter my logic. They just sit there and say something stupid like “gj retard” or “Silva is p4p king” glad you accept the facts

  • Fluidity

    Don’t get me wrong i love Belfort, and i have been a fan of him from day one when he was knocking people out being only 19 years old. That being said, he is past his prime and even in his prime he got beat by lots of people such as Randy Couture twice, Chuck Liddell, Overeem twice, Sakuraba, Dan Henderson, Ortiz… I don’t see why all of a sudden he would be able to dethrone Silva who is one of the best if not the best fighter in the world. I don’t understand why people want Silva to lose so bad, it gives me the impression that the better you are the more people want to see you lose just to convince themselves that you are beatable and then they will like you again. While they still love fighters that lose everyonce in a while. I’ve been a Silva fan and will be till the end, he is so exciting and fluid. What’s not to like ? :-(

  • MMABeast

    I am going to try and type less words so you can have an easier time reading and you can go back to slurping on Silva’s balls, ok? How does Belfort deserve a title shot? He came back to the UFC after so much time in absence and what.. fought and beat Franklin who took the fight on short notice AND it was a catch weight fight. Belfort is not going to look great at 185lbs. Oh, he can KTFO Silva if he catches him but that is the thing.. I doubt he can catch Silva. He is not going to have that explosiveness in speed. As for Sonnen.. Chael has a bad history about getting caught by submissions while in a dominant position. I saw that triangle coming from a mile away. I am not making up excuses, kiddo. Just pointing out the holes in Silva’s game that Sonnen (who all of you think is trash) exposed. It is the majority of all of you who are coming up excuses as to why Silva got tagged on the chin and dropped or as to why he got taken down. Is Anderson Silva a good fighter? Yeah. P4P top list? Most likely. But Sonnen put a whooping on his ass that night and this next time around.. if he watches for those submissions he seems to like getting caught on.. we might see a new middleweight champion after a 5 minute grinding decision. What would you have done if Sonnen managed to grind out that last round? Whine about it on the forums like all the Fagdor fans did when Werdum choked him out? Rest assured. Silva is going to lose eventually. Sonnen exposed him more than you will ever know and willing to admit.. and Silva’s chin is not as iron as you all think. ..and.. I have to say it again. SHOGUN will crush Silva! He even said he wanted the fight and Silva has yet to respond. He can hide behind “Lyoto will get back the title so I won’t interfere” BS all he wants.. WAR SHOGUN!