Video trailer for "The Striking Truth" documentary featuring Georges St. Pierre and David Loiseau


    Looks awesome! I’d pay to see it! Nice to see David Loiseau being recognized too.

  • ogobska

    this will give a negative effect on dana I know he will boycott this 😀

  • adobostreak

    wait a minute, GSP actually strikes?

  • gucci


  • azzkika

    obviously you havent seen many gsp fights. he is one of the best

  • purinho

    Pay a visit to his gym and ask him. He is a nice guy, so maybe you will have the oportunity to spend a few min in the ring with him and find it out by yourself.


    lucky strike

  • BigNog22

    sound nice,hope it’s gonna sell for gsp,ahahahahh

  • Rane

    Where is David fighting at now? UFC cut him a while back so I take it he is representing loss & pain in this vid.. Bwahaha!

  • Ninja

    David is fighting at UFC 115

  • Diazfan76

    luck is when preperation meets opportunity

  • UrHype

    “Luck”is not remembering the chick’s name, but your wallet is still there.

  • UrHype

    Or seeing a girl you were with a year ago holding a baby and he looks nothing like you.

  • Lowkickdodger

    gsp sounds funny in french, c’est la verite…french canadian accent rules.


    GSP sounds different in english but I’m sure his French is perfect.! I”m surprised how David Loiseau’s accent is less marked than GSP. Oui Oui.

  • Lordalek

    Waou… U all really think that sound nice ? All the stupid shit they are blahblahing with their serious look on their face? Great ****ing script… for retarded. And the music… pfiou… it reminds me of the TV show Xena.
    And theiur ridiculous outfit with a big logos they look like ****in sandwich man.
    Really dumb movie for dummies.

  • rickjitsu

    stupid comment from a stupid person who probably wishes HE was CANADIAN!! F****’n pussy

  • Joey Santosus

    Uhhhh have u not been around the mma scene long? The whole issue with him getting licensed at 113 and his upcoming fight in the UFC this SATURDAY….

  • Joey Santosus

    Why so angry? Just dont watch it bro lol

  • Zombiepower

    i would prefer GSP speaks french and get text translation.

  • joelsephw420

    what the hell is that guys problem, sounds like a hater

  • Lordalek

    sorry i was stonned.. ahah! still i think the script is weak. sorry guys 😉

  • Lordalek

    I wish i would be canadian? Waou. .. I didnt expect that. The way the movie is made is more typiccaly Hollywood style to me but may be its typically canadian to you. IDK…