UFC 131 Results: Junior Dos Santos defeats Shane Carwin

Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos proved why he’s the #1 Contender for a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title with a convincing performance against the former title challenger Shane “The Engineer” Carwin.

The turning point of the fight was in Round 1, when Junior Dos Santos connected with 1-2 combo that wobbled the knees of Shane Carwin. Dos Santos delivered about 20 unanswered punches, put the referee Herb Dean refused to stop the fight. Dean’s decision proved itself as Shane Carwin recovered well in Round 2, and managed to get himself back into the fight.

From there, Dos Santos’ striking was the difference. Carwin struggled to find his pace, and looked uncomfortable on his feet against Dos Santos. The most surprising thing about Dos Santos was his takedown defense. Shane Carwin tried several times to take the fight down to the mat, but Dos Santos managed to defend every single one of his attempts (or at least to stand up quickly). In fact, it was Dos Santos who took Shane Carwin down two times in Round 3, showing that he’s not all about striking.

In the end, Junior Dos Santos needed that type of performance to prove critics wrong, and to solidify his place as the #1 Contender. The fight against Cain Velasquez will be without a doubt the biggest fight in the history of the UFC Heavyweight division.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/UnderdogGreatness/ UnderdogGreatness

    Completely owned.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Boner89/ Boner89

    good fights , good card. I don’t think Carwin has gotten his “man strength” back yet. That surgery sounds looks like it took a lot out of him.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Cronos/ Cronos

    J.D.S! all day

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Ishy/ Ishy

    Junior Dos Santo’s speed and technique was far better than shane carwin

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Postmortem/ postmortem

    i have said some unflattering things about jds in the past but job well done you silenced this critic.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Friendlyfoe/ friendlyfoe

    @ Underdog

    Did you get the impression JDS held back abit after pummeling Carwin in the first? Carwins face was wrecked

    he looked like the zombie from the land of the dead


  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Ishy/ Ishy

    JDS deserved to win but did anyone notice carwin had jds in a submission choke in the last 10 seconds of the fight. I think if that fight had gone 10-20 seconds longer jds would have tapped out, you only have to look at his face to realised he knew he was in deep shit!

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Codemaster/ codemaster

    Carwin showed a lot of heart and a great chin, but he was out-classed by Dos Santos. JDS showed great footwork and takedown defense.

    Caine vs. JDS is gonna be sick.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/UnderdogGreatness/ UnderdogGreatness

    @ friendlyfoe

    I think JDS just didn’t want to punch himself out.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/TwA/ TwA

    carwin needs cardio

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Mmauk/ mmauk

    Shocked how bad Carwin looked, he looked more explosive and surprisingly more mobile when he was heavier. This new regime might have drained him or maybe he needs another fight to adjust, only time will on that one.
    Very Very good performance by JDS, more than a worthy opponent for Cain. I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for it, It’s also very annoying that so many fights lately have guys coming back form long spells out.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/KeithFarrell/ KeithFarrell

    The fight played out basically how I thought except I expected JDS to get the knockout punch, taking nothing away from his amazing performance though!

    There is a few things I’ll take away from his performance:

    Cardio – I doubt it is as great as Cain’s but I was really impressed with how he unloaded big time on Carwin at the end of the first and looked fine in the second, as well as looking in great shape at the end of the fight. I think he will improve his cardio even better to prepare for the championship rounds.

    Chin – He took a couple of good hits from Carwin and took it withno problem, of course anything can happen but I can’t see Cain landing a big combo on JDS he is too fast and Cain won’t take him out with one punch.

    Wrestling – JDS’s wrestling looked pretty good in defense and offense, Brock couldn’t take Shane down in the first but JDS managed to do it easily near the end. He also popped up insanely quick when Shane took him down, the question is if he can do the same against Cain.

    Striking – As usual Junior put on a striking clinic and destroyed Carwin, who is thought to have the heaviest HW hands. I think JDS has the second best striking in HW, only behind Reem, and I look forward to see how he implements it in his fight with Cain.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/PrideFC/ PrideFC

    Completely raped.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Moots/ moots

    If there was one fight I would have predicted would end for sure in the 1st or 2nd round it was this one, but it was still an excellent performance by JDS. Carwin looked befuddled by the technicality and speed of JDS’ jab. JDS vs Velasquez is gonna be a hell of a fight!

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Courtes/ Courtes

    Yeah indeed , but same goes for the ending of the nunes florian fight , got clipped badly

    but much props for florian his heart

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/IChokePeople/ IChokePeople

    What was really surprising is how SLOW Carwin was and how little power he had. He was way slower than he used to be. I think cutting all that muscle (whether it was due to steroids or not) was a huge mistake. He should have bettered his cardio by building blood vessels in his muscles ( a normal adaptation to cardio exercise) instead of losing his biggest advantage.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Xxcoldfirexx/ xxcoldfirexx

    It’s an barrier and communication skill you need too know….Sorry I have been there and done that….

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/Friendlyfoe/ friendlyfoe

    @ Underdog

    I saw that too (not wanting to punch himself out) but what I meant was rounds 2 and 3….JDS seemed like he didn’t want to destroy Carwin completely – only seemed like to me anyway. I thought he may have felt sorry. Also, during that pummeling…Joe Rogan said he looked over where Carwin’s wife was sitting and he said that she couldn’t look at Carwin’s wrecked face.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/IChokePeople/ IChokePeople

    Yes but Florian recovered before the bell whereas JDS was being choked. As I said above, Carwin was really slow and lacked his old power. He needs to bulk back up and then get his cardio the right way by getting the right calorie and nutrient ratio in his food and maintaining muscle mass while building blood vessels to oxygenate them. I’ll also add that Carwin seemed unable to pull the trigger last night and could have possibly performed better if he had. All of that said, JDS put on a spectacular performance and gained a legitimate victory. My above remarks could be interpreted as implying otherwise and that is not what I intend.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/IChokePeople/ IChokePeople

    Losing muscle is not the way to improve cardio. A lot of top level athletes think it is because when you increase muscle mass your cardio suffers. What they don’t realize is that there is a phase two. You have to go on to get the right calorie and nutrient balance to maintain muscle mass and do the right amount of cardio to build new blood vessels to oxygenate those muscles.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/IChokePeople/ IChokePeople

    Valid point. I personally think Fedor can bounce back and beat anyone at HW. I am disappointed that his next fight is against a small LHW. Oh well, at least it should be a good fight. Hendo is tough as nails.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/members/KeithFarrell/ KeithFarrell

    Its a good job Dos Santos has trained his English a lot more than ou took to think about that comment obviously