Thiago Alves expects "to get the job done" tonight against Jon Fitch

  • partyboy

    half a pound and 20% gone….fitch is a lucky man

  • lichnight1

    alves looks like an alien making 170 looks like it kills him

  • docedoce

    If by a miracle Thiago Wins tonight, and Shields beats Kapman; Shields will get the title. IMO

  • ryuTTFU

    what does it have to do with fitch?

  • ryuTTFU

    nevermind,i mixed some things up

  • IGMBurninPiff

    If Thiago wins and Shields wins they should fight for the number 1 contender spot… I think Alves would wreck him… Alves is a monster I hope the obvious weight issue doesn’t mess him up 2nite