The scare of a complete UFC monopoly

The UFC is by far the biggest and most competitive promotion in MMA. If the UFC were to acquire a select few fighters, such as Fedor, Mousasi, Aoki, and a few other big names, the UFC would control practically all fighters within the top 10 rankings for each weight-class at or above lightweight. There would be a severe lack of competition and an absence of any substantial substitute for elite MMA. A monopoly concordantly, is characterized by a lack of economic competition for the good or service that they provide and a lack of viable substitutes. This is scary.

I’ve had trouble ignoring some of the more hard-headed actions by the UFC. The UFC recently was responsible for the firing of a co-author for BJ Penn’s book ‘Why I Fight’. Taken from an interview, the co-author had this to say: “I’m very happy I wrote the book but I’m also very disappointed the UFC decided to force my employer to cut me loose,” said Weintraub, who alleged UFC executive vice president of operations and production Craig Borsari told Exit 9 Films that Weintraub was “no longer welcome to work for the UFC.” There is speculation that the UFC did not approve of some material in the book related to how Penn had a stint with K-1.

If the UFC were the government

  • grapplure

    who cares no one complains about the nfl

  • friendlyfoe

    Gotta have competition man – that is pretty much what fighting is all about! It kinda sucks when you have one person always dominating – once (no Fedor lovers comment please) in a while I find myself cheering for the underdog…..though I am guilty of watching mainly UFC events.

  • Leftty81

    Great post! I would like to see the best fights and I don’t care in what organization. I’m tired of everyone thinking that the ufc is MMA, and I focking hate Gayna. UFC needs to be brought down a few pegs.

  • Abrams

    I totally agree with you, UFC want to impose that they are MMA and everybody moust agree with their politics. They are not flexible, if they were Fedor would be already be on board and everybody would be making shit load of money and fans would be happy.

  • marno

    im not happy with the current state of mma i wanna either see all the big names under the same corporation probobly ufc cos i love them regardless of there tyranny or the bellator system i think thats a great way to organize events the tournament system is great as well as some superfights

  • tapoutkingzsup

    i just want to see the very best fights possible i wouldnt get caught in the political spot light,there are politics 4 everything when u get caught up in it all ur not gpoing to have a good time,dont worry about stupid shit!bring on the fighting!!!!

  • Rigo

    thats why i always cheer for strikeforce or afliction at the time it began!
    i knew the UFC would take control as soon as they buy Pride in 2007

    its like the fifa world cup every country has his own tournaments
    even continents , like america and europe

    but every 4 years theres the World cup

    i think it should be a tournament not organzaition that holds the best fighters or the champions of each organization every certain time to fight , kinda like an olympic thing so even if theres no co promotion
    fighters are able to fight each other to se whos the best

    even if it is every 4 years , or 2 , or just simply included MMA in the olympics so theres no co promotion bs disputes!

    and we as fans get to see the best fighters fight even if it is every 4 years

  • IChokePeople

    Very much agree with that.

  • IChokePeople

    The problem with not getting involved in the politics is that while you are enjoying yourself, your job is being sent over seas and your country stops producing tangible wealth. I’ve seen it happen a few times where people start talking about things they’d like to see (usually matchups) on these forums and then it becomes a rumor and then it actually happens. The people running the show watch these sites and take note. In a very small way what we post is our vote. If the Dons of MMA feal that copromotion is to profitable to pass up, it will happen.

  • moots

    Very much agree – I hear it in interviews with fighters/promoters all the time they will reference the MMA community online. We can do more than just buy or not buy a ppv to voice our opinions.

  • 51JD51

    The NFL also has a players union, I’d love to see the UFC to have a complete monopoly of mma (co-promotion would still be better but that’s out of the question for the foreseeable future), but under the condition that the fighters get themselves organized to ensure they receive fair treatment.

  • UrHype

    Of course we all want to see the best fight the best, but this is not just the USA like the NFL. Its worldwide and it bit too much to ask.

  • UrHype

    You also will have no way to unite every language barrier in this world.
    Not trying to be the negative guy, just realistic.

  • Pyronaut

    It all comes down to UFC as a sport, Or UFC as a MMA Organization. I know Dana White thinks of it as the former, and most MMA fans think of it as the later.

    Personally I think there needs to be more co-operation between the different organizations, and more co-promotion being done.

    I think in an Ideal world, UFC would be more like a “talent agency”. Where they keep fighters on contracts, And win them deals to fight at certain events. Like how an actor belongs to an agency who finds them work, But they work with lots of different actors from different agencies to make a movie. Fights can be from completely different organizations, But compete against each other in tournaments. In a way we have this with training camps, Like Greg Jackson, Blackhouse etc.

    There can still be UFC only events. And that is fine and is more like fighters stating their case to be included in the next organization vs organization battle.

    I dunno, Brain is just talking shit probably. But I like the idea of UFC working with other promoters, And working in a more agency type of fashion.

  • Kackvogel

    this is one of the best posts about the UFC!!!

    is there anybody who thinks the UFC buisness model would work for another sport???

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    Isn’t that what wamma is about? TBH, wamma is starting to remind me of The League Of Nations…

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    I think all businesses should have a union and a little competition no matter what. Anyways, I think the state of mma is fine right now.

    Also, you guys have to realize journalists are only out there for the money most of the time and not the truth or well being of others (same thing can be said for UFC and not saying all journalists do). If journalists gave more solid facts to their articles (not saying some do) then it would be okay. A journalist would irritate the shit out of me too if they start telling lies then won’t even give solid facts.

  • RabbitPuncher

    I would prefer that there would be only one organization. But a players union would not be such a bad idea. Fighters simply do not get the representation they deserve.

  • bullock

    People got to stop comparing MMA to team sports. Is there an organization that controls all golfers and tennis players? Individual athletes around the world compete with each other in different tournaments and competitions to figure out who is the fastest, strongest, most graceful, and best. No organization controls all figure skaters, swimmers, sprinters, etc…

  • bullock

    Dana White is a tyrant. What he did to that writer is just one example of something that will mostly go unnoticed. Remember when Dana White cut Jon Fitch when he wanted to get paid for likeness rights in the UFC video game? He had to make an example of poor Jon Fitch for wanting to dip into Dana’s money. Dana got his way of course because if you want to fight in the UFC, you do what he says even if it has nothing to do with fighting. Dana owns you!

  • PwnSaw

    To me it’s all about being able to see the best fight the best. Whether it’s cross promotion or one organization. I’m not really opposed to it. Every other pro sport has one monopolizing organization and it seems to work out just fine. I don’t see any reason it can’t for MMA.

  • NikMegamanHulstein

    I would just like to say that; BJ PENN FAILS!!!