The Shoot!: Jake Shields

  • YouKnow

    Can’t wait for this Saturday! Awesome card!

  • jackthedrinker89

    Me having a lil bit of hope for Kampmann KOing Shields is just over whelmed by the fact that either Jake is gonna lay n pray for 3 rounds or breaking his arm with an armbar….. But anyway go Kampmann!!

  • griffin

    you would imagine that working with Chuck would make his striking better but its possibly one of the worst in MMA. Got dropped by Hendo twice then he couldnt even finish him while in full mount for 4 rounds. Hes got 3 TKOs after 30 fights

    • daigoro702

      yea i know and evertybody is talking about “coming out of the destruction of dan henderson” idk about you guys but i didnt see it that way

  • ck1

    ive gone for kampman. i think he is underated but is more well rounded that shields. shields is very good at what he does but like you said with the hendo fight, all the time in dominant position and still couldn’t finish. dana clearly will be cheering shields. then we will see a wrestling match with gsp!