Stefan Struve: UFC 124 is going to be a disaster for Sean McCorkle

  • Daniel Cassidy

    looking forward to this. his fight with morecraft, particularly round 2, was fantastic

  • whitemare

    haha i like that kid hes got a true fighters spirit think he cud be the future of the division

  • IGMBurninPiff

    yea the future number 2 contender like 7 times in his career, he will NEVER beat Dos Santos, Valasquez, Mir, Lesnar, Nelson, or probably even Schaub. I like the kid but lets be real. Lesnar would lay on him n collapse his chest, Mir would submit him, Nelson and Dos Santos would do the same thing as last time and Valasquez would just do watever he wanted to him, the only 1 I mentioned he’d maybe have a chance with is schaub

  • Ninja

    I agree….they mite not be big named fighters but this is going to be either KOTN, SOTN or FOTN, I got Struve don’t see him losing to McCorkle

  • IGMBurninPiff

    ok you’re right because I’m being a realist about his potential of beating real opponents who has he beaten that is top 10? who has he lost too? ooo the only real fighters he’s faced and both of them handed him his ASSS. lets be serious now.

  • IGMBurninPiff

    not to mention that fact that I agree with you it’s good for a person to think they can succeed at anything or beat anyone but unless WhiteNightMare is secretly Stephan Struve then your comment makes NO SENSE because thats who I was responding to genius.

  • dray12

    I dunno whosse gonna win this fight, Struve has looked beatable even when he wins, but in a few years when he grows into his giant frame and puts on weight so that he has to cut to make 265, he will be danerousss.

  • whitemare

    hey bum of the streets how you gunna hate on struve so hard the kid is in like his twentys and hes lost to some way more expirenced guys

    you gotta learn to not be so negative obviously at this point in his career lesnar would destroy him for struve to be a contender he needs to be stronger clearly you need to realize that he aint gunna be champ at wat 24

    wat i was saying basicly was i like how he has heart and in the future could be a champion not that he could beat a top five contender now but after a few years who knows

  • Chief Don

    the proof is in the puddin
    one of these young men will take a step forward
    and be looking for a match and win over a name oppnent next time out
    the other will become an opponent for up and comers

  • Keyboard Contender

    haha Bum of The Streets 😀

  • postmortem

    i think that what he is trying to say is struve has alot of potential he is still very young he has alot of room to grow both as a fighter and physically he could one day be a top contender

  • theashark

    nah struve probably can handle you, in very unfortunate ways..