St. Pierre: Training Camps are for kids, I don’t sleep in a tent and eat Marshmallows


  • Riddle-jitsu

    Chael already cracked that joke..

  • WingChun

    I just don’t see what Jake is going to have to offer GSP. At this point, I almost want to see a ground fight, just to test Rush’s BJJ and see what he’s picked up. I personally believe, that even if they started the fight and all rounds, with The Champ on his back, he wouldn’t remain there very long. I give Shields no chance of controlling GSP on the ground; not in a protracted and conclusive manner, at any rate.

    And on the feet – this will be a slaughter.

    I hope Jake has orbital bone insurance.

  • Rane

    Sorry there sport but I believe you are forgetting BJ Penn’s grappling abilities. He is the best in your division.

  • dirt

    he did handle fitch for the first two rounds and almost submitted him. i didn’t see gsp doing that…

  • TheRealDeal

    I think Shields will hang in there for all five rounds but I give a unanimous decision to GSP, with GSP making Shields look like a child for most of the 5 rounds, just like he did with Kos. I agree with WingChun when saying that I don’t believe Shields will be able to hang with GSP on the ground, and especially not standing. Shields stand up is FAR from impressive.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

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  • HollywoodKOs

    Yeah… but coming from GSP who actually wins fights is priceless.

  • sickb

    for for being even good id say

  • cHodAX

    I really like Shields but I honestly feel that GSP is the pinnacle of MMA right now and he just has too much all-round for Jake to handle. People keep talking about Silva V GSP but I am not sure it is a good match, Silva is just too damn big on fight day for GSP at middleweight. That fight just doesn’t not favour GSP because of sheer size, I think he has more than enough ability to give Silva a real rough night but I don’t see how he copes when the bell rings and Silva is weighing in at around 200 pounds and GSP well above his normal fight weight going up against someone heavier, taller and with a longer reach.

  • sonny86

    i HATE jake shields!!!!! i hope GSP will beat him up so bad that all the shields ball lickers shut up once for all!!!! -.-
    boaring lay n pray bitch ass… he was nearly submited by mayhem the hendo fight was a joke cause he did no damage and hando was injured and with the kampman fight he shouldnt be a nr 1 contender!!!

  • ck1

    @sonny. im not a jake shields fan but your reasons for him not being number 1 contender are poor. Did he get the wins from all 3 of the fights you mentioned? yes. You can say that mayhem ‘almost’ submitted him but you could say the word ‘almost’ in reference to nearly all the fights you watch. Hendo ‘almost’ knocked him out but he didnt and he didnt win. Kampman ‘almost’ won but he didnt so that really means nothing. Its just down to shieds vs gsp. And if he is just a bitch ass lay and pray then its up to someone to beat him with striking as his striking is so poor, or at least stop his take downs. And if they cant do that, then who is the bitch?

  • Rindy

    Don’t kid your self shields is a threat but he will loose buy submission 3 round my prediction

  • mma420

    Kampmann won that fight with Shields anyone who disagrees go watch the damn fight. GSP will finish this fight

  • scrappymcgee


  • moots

    Agreed completely – Jake certainly has the credentials going undefeated for as long as he has, but it appears to be a mismatch.

  • IChokePeople

    I think you will all be pleasantly surprised. Hendo had Jake on queer street and he came back and dominated him. Jake won’t be able to rack up points in the striking game but I think that is all Georges can do. I believe that Georges can easily out point Jake and win on the feet but I don’t see him hurting Jake. Georges has no where near the power that Hendo has. Training with Roger Gracie will definitely help to level the field on the ground but I still give the edge on the ground to Jake. This is going to be a VERY competitive fight. It’s too bad the only people who seem to realize this are the two guys stepping in the cage. Maybe that will make it an even sweeter surprise for the rest of you.

  • IChokePeople

    GSP wasn’t using that strategy.

  • IChokePeople

    Jake’s stand up isn’t impressive but he is very good at using it to get the take down. I was talking to a boxing promoter the other day who said he actually likes to watch Shields stand up because it is so deceptive in the sense that it is very slow and robotic and doesn’t do too much damage but he lands a relatively high percentage of the strikes he throws considering he is mostly throwing them to set up takedowns.

  • IChokePeople

    well said.

  • IChokePeople

    If he loses it will be by decision or TKO. GSP WILL NOT SUBMIT JAKE SHIELDS.

  • IChokePeople

    I’ve watched it and you are wrong. Not only that but you know nothing about anything if you actually think that fight is any kind of barometer for the GSP fight. Go learn something.

  • garry_blackbelt

    gsp is better with his new skills ! i think gsp should just stand with sheilds and pick him apart ! i think shields will come in for the shoot! gsp will counter punch and move out ! i think gsp better just stick with that plan really hope gsp will not go on the ground alot ! yes gsp is a good wrestler but i think he may have meet his match on ground ! i dont think gsp will come out on top !

  • garry_blackbelt

    gsp got a better chance standing with sheilds !

  • IChokePeople

    The bad wt cut was the direct result of not being ABLE to cut properly because he was too injured to do so.

  • IChokePeople

    I would love to see GSP V Sonnen for the number 1 contender spot. It would be a real test for GSP.

  • xdecemberguy

    1) Fighting in Toronto. 2) Fighters from other organizations tend to not do very well in the UFC. 3) GSP IS A BAD ASS MOTHER ****ER. THE end. :)

  • WingChun

    @ IChoke

    GSP is not Hendo, though. Hendo is nowhere near as well rounded as GSP and doesn’t have his conditioning; GSP doesn’t gas.

    As to him having no power – I think Koscheck’s face would disagree, certainly the doctors that didn’t allow him to fly (home) after the fight, for fear of him dying, would, in-all-likelihood, would disagree. I think both Alves and Fitch, both of whom GSP knocked down “might” disagree and I certainly think Matt Hughes would disagree, from the head kick that he took.

    With all due respect to Jake and yourself – I give Shields a lottery chance for a win, in this fight. However and out of respect, I shall refrain from “weaking” you, but instead, shall vote it / you – “cool”.


    Wing Chun

  • WingChun

    @ IChoke

    No – his stand-up is not impressive.
    Yes – hes good at using it to get hit, by better stand-up fighters.

    Slow & Robotic – good words to describe Jake’s stand-up

    Boxing Promoters who like that – probably like to see a lot of KO’s in their promotions…hence the need for and subsequently his appreciation of, slow & robotic boxers.

    …just sayin’

    Question is – how will he fair against a guy who is an outstanding wrestler (himself), equally in as good a shape, outclasses him on the feet, has very good foot and head movement, quick hands and apparently, has a brand new toy he likes playing with – his very good jab. Not to mention the BB in BJJ, which is also in his utility belt.

    I like Jake, both as a fighter and a person. I think he’s an outstanding human being, to be honest. I just think, that when it comes to that fight, in that cage, that night, he will simply be overwhelmed; regardless of whether or not he’s fought bigger guys before and in heavier division before. There will no significant size or strength advantage for Shields in this fight. I honestly do not see how he beats GSP.

  • WingChun

    @ Cage

    I’m surprised you think this will be 5 rounds. I think this will, for the most part, be a re-play of the Koscheck fight. I think the difference this time will (simply) be, that the doctor will stop the fight.

    …go Jones on Saturday.

  • BigAlRIz

    No Koscheck’s face would say “i got hit with a bunch of jabs.” I can punch you in the face a million times and your face would say the same thing, doesn’t mean i am strong. St Pierre is in a constant “I’m afraid to lose the belt so i will take-down all these one dimensional fighters.” And he knocked out Matt Hughes almost 4 years ago? That St Pierre is gone for the time being.

    And to back up my “one dimensional fighters statement”, Koscheck is a wrestler and a wanna be striker, Dan Hardy and Thiago Alves both have the ground game of a dead goat. Fitch = Wrestler, BJ Penn was just the usual BJ who is smaller and doesn’t take his training camps serious. I cannot wait for St Pierre to outside Shields and win VIA decision, and then get told my Anderson Silva

  • moots

    We are singing the same tune WingChun, and it sounds good.

  • postmortem

    i think jake is a great fighter but lets face it hendo was injured going into that fight and could not train at all he gassed pat militech has recently said that he believes a healthy hendo would beat sheilds 9 out of ten times possibly10 out of ten.. the kampmann fight you could say the same about sheilds but even before he gasses he in no way threatened kampmann at all controled the main reason he won that fight is that martin continuly gave up the takedown to try a guillitone. make no mistake sheilds does pose a threat to gsp but it is a small one gsp is the better athelete with more experience fighting top guys and is better than sheilds in every aspect of mma except bjj which is something he is working hard on.

  • Riddle-jitsu

    yeah but if he smashes shields on the ground what would that say for the p4p doubters?

    i already he think he is the p4p hes two main fighting techniques are better than andersons 1 in my oppinion but i know its easily up for debate its cause andersons 1 is CAN be deverstating.

  • IChokePeople

    I didn’t say GSP had no power. I said he has no where near the power that Hendo has. I will grant you that he does have far superior conditioning to Hendo (as well as almost everyone else).

  • IChokePeople

    No my acquaintance actually, and I said this, appreciates the way Jake is able to land a lot of small punches and use them to get takedowns. I respect most of what you have to say because you usually at least have a point if not a correct opinion but you are way off saying Jake uses his stand up to get hit. Even in the Kampmann fight he landed a good number of strikes (not to say he was winning at that range, he was not) and that was probably his worst fight. 15 wins in a row don’t happen because he sucks. You may want to rewatch his fights and ignore how bad his stand up looks and just count how many strikes he throws verses how many land. As to a size advantage, Jake probably has a 5-10 lb advantage but I agree that it won’t matter.

  • IChokePeople

    You mean like the six guys from Pride who have held the belt in the UFC and countless others who have come from other orgs and either held the belt or are in the top ten of their divisions? Three of the last five LHW champions were Pride fighters. AS was a Pride fighter and came to the UFC from Cage Rage to take the title in his second UFC fight and start setting records.

  • IChokePeople

    I agree with most of what you just said but Shields looked horrible from go in the Kampmann fight. I give GSP 60-40 odds to win. I will probably choose him in the picks but I won’t be surprised if Shields wins. If GSP goes to MW Shields is the next long term champ at WW IF Dana gives him the chance.

  • theashark

    you sir are ****ING CORRECT

  • xdecemberguy

    GSP is going to destroy Shields. Has a better stand up game. Will out wrestle shields on the ground like he did Matt Hughes. Stuff all of his take down attempts. This is really just a one sided fight. In my other post I was referring to how other contenders from outside organization always come to the UFC. Get the belt and then lose it in their first defense. Rampage, the Ax Murder has been terrible since joining, Dos Santos just now getting a good run, Cro Cop, just to name a few. I’m not saying their not good fighters. It just seems that as soon as they get on top they go tumbling right back down. Who knows maybe this will be a repeat. Shields will get the belt and then have a long losing streak like many before him.

  • odesahitman

    Could it be possible that GSP is playing with the mind of Jake Shields? How might Jake prepare differently for the fight given the game plan which GSP indicates he is prepared for?

    I personally believe that the winner of this fight will be the one who most successfully impliments and manages his game plan at the expense of his opponent.

    This approach was well demonstrated by GSP against Josh Kosh…

    I believe the psychological set up is to have Jake Shields going into the fight using the presumption that GSP will be fighting in accordance with his strengths. The outcome of this would be a game plan which didn’t adequately take into account other scenarios, e.g. GSP fighting behind his jab, avoiding take downs and looking for clean opportunities to win.

    - I believe it is important for GSP to go for the finish because he is contemplating the legacy he will leave. If this were true he might be disposed to taking an unexpected risk or two during the fight. However, I believe the risks he would take would be prepared for and agreed in advance.

    GSP’s tactical and strategic decision team are clever people.

    I look forward to the fights evolution.

    / Odesa

  • WingChun

    @ IChoke

    When I said that he uses his stand-up to get hit, I was being facetious. It was merely an attempt at humor; nothing more. I was not being serious.

    As to his 15 wins in a row and him sucking – I have never said Shields sucks, nor have I ever ridiculed his win streak. He is a great fighter, with a great right record and I have no problems with Shields getting a title shot, after only one fight in the “big show”. I believe he earned it and I believe he beat Kampmann. It wasn’t the prettiest win nor the most solid victory, but none-the-less, I gave it to him.

    And when you take into consideration how the hole 170 fight picture has fallen a part, in terms of contenders, who else would you give a title shot to (at this moment) other than Shields.

    I will, however, maintain my original contention which is – I do not believe Jake has much to offer GSP in the way of a real threat. If we look at his 15 wins, we see that they are comprised of 7 decisions, 6 submissions and 1 TKO. What this tells us is that GSP really only has to worry about a sub; that’s my conclusion.

    GSP over 15 fights – is 14 & 1 …with 7 decisions, 5 TKO’s and 2 submissions; and Koscheck should have been a stoppage (IMO) which would make him 6-6 &2. I think the matrix favors GSP – clearly.

    Either way – one of us will be able to say “I told you so” come April 30th.


    Wing Chun

  • WingChun

    @ Moots

    Key of D – on 4 :-)

  • mma420

    im just saying Shields doesnt deserve a title shot for losing to Kampmann and GSP will finish him

  • WingChun

    @ IChoke

    …agreed. Hendo has more power.