Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort offer their UFC 119 predictions

  • badblueboy

    steroids effected his brain for sure…

  • pound4pound

    Wanderlei has 46 fights, 34 wins, 10 loses, 1 draw 1 no contest,
    Chael 36 matches, 24 wins, 11 loses, 1 draw, he should not be talking about bad records, Wanderlei has almost as many wins as he has fights…

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Having a staph infection is as relavant as sayin i just got a haircut LMAO

    Nogueiradamus lol his predictions were right tho………………

  • badblueboy

    cro cop is 4-3 (27-7 overall) in the ufc and sonnen is 4-4 (24-11 overall), what an asshole!

  • michl

    actually it surprised me that they didn’t find traces of cocaine too… I could swear this guy is on that shit in his interviews and Q&A standup sessions… just reflect a second upon it, everything would make sense: his surreal self-confidence, his comments about other fighters that significantly often lack of any rational logic, his creepy out-of-charakter “comedy” bits like at the end of this video,…

  • PooPonYourFacE

    “I TOOK STEROIDS….oh yes i did…..oh no he didnt……YES I DID”

  • PooPonYourFacE

    how does he not understand how being sick 60 days before the fight can matter? if being sick affects your training so that you are not prepared for the fight, then that is a big deal. i dont think nog said “im gonna be sick on the night of the fight.”…..i guess you dont really need to train that much when you juice it up

  • GSPfan

    STOP the GAYNESS you gay boys act like you cant read over and over they are telling you its over and you still hope that its not true just play his trash talk videos while you jack off you’ll be alright

  • hinrik

    yea they make him hilarious

  • pound4pound

    It is because if gets the flu he takes roids, if a nail breaks he takes roids so he never stops training.

  • PooPonYourFacE

    hahaha p4p he did say he was sick right before the fight, so that may have some truth to it

  • BigNog22

    the sonnen parts is so awkward now

  • YouKnow

    sonnen= heart problems

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Chael Sonnen made sense so i suppose steroids made him ever so slightly more meaner in his approach but still makes sense….Idk why with some people their dislike for a fighter clouds their judgment….its a shame really

  • ck1

    i know everyone is hating him now but he is very funny at the start of the video. nogstradamus!

  • Joey Santosus

    I actually read that was a line he intended on using at the Q&A, but the “plant” he had in the audience that was supposed to ask the question to prompt that answer never got to the mic… In fact, the story goes that most of the questions asked at the Q&A were by “plants.” Then what do ya know? The line I read pops up in this video after the fact….

  • ksooner76

    would love to see him fight either at a catch weight dont think Chael
    would win he got mad at Silva and talked chit about brazil and the fighters
    and Wanderli put him in his place he is now anti- brazil……
    Bader vs lil Nog,… Bader is on a roll and has been fighting great but
    if Lil Nog is on par and on his game will win but last fight looked

  • nightmonkey17

    What if he spreads the disease ya dumbass.

  • Drewfloyd

    the only thing i can say is **** chael sonnen, disrespectful ****sucker

  • therealdeal

    sonnen rly NEEDS to be kicked by cro cop..
    disrespectfull scumbag

  • UrHype

    NICK DIAZ……………lmao

  • UrHype

    I dont know why, I just cant hate him for some reason, but like most people, just give it time.

  • sleepy

    he should keep the steroids and do some stand up 4 year.. death comedy jam presents mr chaelroid thats the only way ur gna earn some money.. lol. but hes funny in this video..

  • Nunchaku

    he be alot funnier than u

  • borealis19

    His ranting (funny as it is) reminds me, for some strange reason, of Rush Limbaugh’s…He has this politician-rhetorician’s proclivity to twist facts, exaggerate the, suit them to his own agenda. For how can Jeremy Horn be in any way better than Wanderlei?? How come Cro Crop who fought 70 fights (well 69 in MMA and K 1, to be exact) and who destroyed the who’s and who in both sports have no record worthy of mention?? I’m not surprised now that Chael has political pursuits as well…Cheating/falsifying truths/and inspiring controversy and scandals is what politicians are about after all…I have to admit, though, that the guy is funny……..

  • whitemare

    sonnen is the ultimate douche bag

  • partyboy

    i always liked sonnens little rants and im not sure if i would’ve completely hated him in light of the steroids accusations (i still love sean sherk) but to talk about crcop in that way has just COMPLETELY drained my respect for him…hes just choosing to ignore crcops 30 odd k-1 fights prior to crossing to mma, his 30 odd fights in mma, winning the 2006 open weight grand prix, earning a title shot in the pride HW division (nd only not winning it cos he was facing the greatest HW ever to have lived at his BEST) is lunacy

    oh yeah nd crocop never took steroids, so basically **** you chael, you disrespectful pric

  • Madnessstill

    Ughhh…..where’s james toney when you need him? I mean we’re totally interested in what the losers of fights have to say. Staph infections are irrelevant, but a cold requires steroids to get over.

  • warren

    OK, I think I’ve read enough…
    Give the the names of the three most successful athletes.
    Then I’ll show you that they to have used. Chael did everything he said he would do to AS, Good enough for me. I’ll beat him,He did,I’ll take his lunch sack,He did. Go back and listen to what Chael said,Tell me he didn’t deliver….

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    what about Nick Diaz? ive talked crap about Nick Diaz cuz hes a punk but i just think he wont beat GSP lol. People saying he would beat GSP and i had to say something =]

  • Rigo

    Chael is a so fun to watch!
    but i have to disagree with him on the Pride Comments
    Pride didnt went Under the UFC use their money to buy themself the name of #1 Organization in MMA because they could do it any other way with Pride around.

    and the rash talk to Wanderlei? oh man first the brazil comments and Wandi getting mad now this! i smell bad blood!

    Wanderlei vs Sonnen would be awesome to watch!!

  • MD777

    Omg Chael still talked like a true hero here.LMAO

  • Joey Santosus

    Personally, I cannot see Chael holding The Axe Murderer down for as long as he did Anderson. Wandi is just to explosive imo..

  • Joey Santosus

    Def… Def Comedy Jam lol