Sonnen: UFC Light Heavyweight division is a joke

  • Rory Kernaghan

    Sonnen seriously please stop talking so much!

  • Jpulfrey84084

    haha gotta love Sonnen

  • HugeCleavage

    Chael sonnen is the biggest joke of them all, seriously hes name sounds like a mascara or a female perfume.

  • Lordalek

    lol! hes funny

  • godsofwararise

    OMG, his trash talk used to be entertaining but now this is becoming a total pain in the ass. Looks like he’s trying to follow Tito’s footsteps and become the biggest whining, grumbling and bitching douchebag in MMA. Oh to see a fight between the ‘karate guy’ and this asshole so we can see Sonnen have his head kicked in.

  • marno

    i love this guy simply because hes an anus

  • fluffybuns

    I see what you’re saying. I initially enjoyed the smack talk because to me he appeared to be someone who specifically didn’t like Silva’s antics and wanted to shut him up. You know, like a man of the people who is ready to fight the good fight, or some shit like that. Now that I’ve seen more, seems like he’s just shotgunning smack to see what sticks. Less enjoyable now.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    This guy is a clown. enough said.

  • UrHype

    Thats right Bob!
    And right after this commercial break, we’ll see your last weeks picks on “How many stitches Chael will need after each round!”

  • Joey Santosus

    Wow as many times as I have said that, you stole that line about the perfume from me directly off of the last Sonnen thread….

  • BigNog22

    why the **** is he talking about the LHW division,so pointless trash talk.

  • UrHype

    You guys gotta admit, we need a Chael right now, even if you hate him.
    I personally think he’s always been an outspoken individual. Anyone who says exactly what they are thinking will piss you off until you get to know them and give it back to them the same way.
    Im a little bit like that as well if you’ve seen my comments, I dont hide something because it might hurt someones feelings.
    Because no-one hid them from me.

  • Flip419

    watta douchebag, he talks wayyyyy 2 much trash O_o

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    that karate guy would ko your ass -___-

  • Joey Santosus

    See this is what happens when you give a nobody the spotlight for a little while….. He has made a complete idiot out of himself. Like they say, give somebody enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. This guy will never succeed in any of his current endeavors. He will get embarrassed in the octagon against Silva, go no where in politics, and then hopefully be forced into a grudge match with Rampage so he can see what the LHW division is all about. To people that say, “He is speaking the truth” or “Whats on his mind,” then whats your take on the belligerent things that have started to come outta his mouth at this point? I think more ppl liked him at first because they were mad at Silva for 112 and liked how Sonnen was being so forthcoming about it, but now its like…… Who the f*ck is this guy?

  • thefuryy


  • HugeCleavage

    haha, lol i didnt know im new in this site well im so sorry then. -.-

  • ljense8

    Chael Sonnen: “When I get famous, I want to be just like Frank Mir.”

  • mrmanuelhung

    That comment is correct on so many levels!!

  • D

    Sonnen would never ever ever fight for the title in the Light Heavy Weight division, and that Karate guy would knock him out just like Anderson Silva is going to. If he thinks he’s not an arrogant jerk now, I would hate to see what he thinks it is. It’s not going to happen because he doesn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of beating Mr. Silva. Guys he has little or no chance of beating at 205: Evans, Rampage, Machida, Shogun, Griffin, Liddell. He probably wouldn’t even beat Tito, he’s just a smaller version. What a jackass- Oregon Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for selecting this guy.

  • D

    Phil Davis and Jon Jones would also beat him, I’m sure I’m forgetting others.

  • Drewfloyd

    He’s funny in a sense. But i cant wait to see how much his actions back up his words

  • partyboy

    i say we let him fight the karate guy (machida)
    or the movie star
    or the guy who plays with his nipples
    or the old guy…

    and a few days later when he wakes up in hospital he may think differently about the LHWs


    wow. this man just has way to much mouth that his abilities can back up. its not bad enough that hes just a LITTLE bit ****y but then he goes and runs his mouth about something that he does not kno anything about. I just want to see his dreams be smashed cause hes gunna get KTFO against silva and kno one should want an arrogent ****y ass whole as a rep of their state.

  • Joey Santosus

    I am planning on bottling and selling it!! Its going to smell just like the BS that comes out of his mouth!! Now that I think about it tho, it probably wont do very well!!

  • rocknroller007

    chaels just saying LHW division is a joke cuz hes not in it. he thinks to highly of himself i hope silva knocks him the fuc* out

  • Rane

    Seriously, this guys antics are old already… After Silva hands his ass, Chael will go home put on his pink Speedos, lip-stick, and Elizabeth Taylor fragrance.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    The LHW division is a joke, right? I’m not sure Sonnen can beat anyone in the top 8 in the LHW….Anderson Silva will drop this fool like a bad habit
    Anderson Silva, Please Make this idiot’s face leak like a faucet

  • falcon4917

    I think Tito might sense a business oportunity with this guy. Imagine them Chael and Tito side by side marketing ”Sonnen: Essence of BS… By Tito”.

  • Jizzle11

    Stop kissing his @ss

  • Rigo

    hes hyping himself up!
    i usually like the stuff he says because its funny
    and its a fresh air to the ufc ! but this time he went to far,
    trying to make the 205 division sound weak to hype himself and his fight with Anderson

    when its obviously the 205 division is the most stacked one!

  • MD777

    what do you expecting from a politician guy just talking and promises for whatever it is,but what they did just so little .

  • WingChun

    Well, seems like everyone is hating on CS. Personally, I like him. I think he’s hilarious. I wonder what the haters will do if CS ends up defeating AS. AS does have trouble with high level wrestlers and this guy, if anything, is a high level wrestler.

    I see an up-set in the making, in this fight; they do happen – Matt Serra/GSP Frankie Edgar/BJ Penn.

  • IChokePeople

    do you have asperger’s?

  • UrHype

    Have you always been a male? You dont seem comfortable with it.

  • KimuraMan

    Sonnen dominated a man that was billed as one of the most well rounded middleweights in the world (Nate Marquardt). He also beat Paulo Fihlo in the WEC, although Paulo was not in an ideal mental or physical state due to challenges making weight. Sonnen has great wrestling that has been refined for MMA, outstanding conditioning, and passable standup. Obviously, Silva is one of the best strikers in the sport, irrespective of weight class. Certainly, Fihlo and Marquardt are not. Styles make fights, and this is a great match-up. My big question is this: When Anderson is on his back, is his BJJ truly all that good? If so, Chael has had challenges with submission defense in the past.

    While clearly innapproriate, Sonnen’s comments are clearly designed to hype a fight and get into Anderson’s head. I’m not justifying them, only explaining them. While I’m NOT a republican, prior posts offering generalizations based on party lines are far worse than Sonnen’s. At least he has a reason, irrespective of the lack of substance in his comments, for making such ill-guided comments.

  • Plutonian

    His accent sounds way too hokey, Sarah Palin like to listen to for long periods.

  • Lowkickdodger

    Anderson Silva by KO, Chael sonnen by Gucci…

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Yeah, he does have a crazy accent..He sounds really country. I can’t stand that bum ( Chael Sonnen )

  • KimuraMan


    That is hilarious. His accent is kind of nasaly, in a Palinesque kind of way. Pretty damn annoying. If you’re going to dump on a guy for being a Republican, at least be creative about it!

  • doberman

    He’s 1/3 Ted Nugent, 1/3 Randy Couture, 1/3 just f’n insane….. gotta love it. Hope he backs it up.

  • KimuraMan


    Well put. I think the insanity part is what makes him successful. A higher percentage of mad dog personality than most. Quite frankly, Silva isn’t all that stable either. Everyone who practices this sport is a bit unhinged (myself included).

  • MMAMarco

    I second those suggestions partyboy. LOL

    There is nothing stopping Chael from gaining muscle mass over the year and stepping up to dominate next year what he believes is a joke of a division. I wish one of these interviewers would call him on some of the crazy stuff he says.

    Anderson Silva sure will, only it will be his fists talking.

  • ksooner76

    for a guy who hasnt finished a fight since 07′ all wins have been a decision should keep his mouth shut til he earns it and he hasnt…
    finish Silva then flap those gums

  • ksooner76

    lol…is kinda funny though…….

  • willhammy


  • KetzerBlut

    Say what you want, he gives the best interviews in MMA

  • KetzerBlut

    Assuming they both lose their title shots, wouldn’t a catch weight Sonnen Vs Koscheck fight be the absolute king of all shit talking match ups?

  • mokoko

    UFC MWD division is a joke

  • SpiderSilva

    He’s Team Quest…The Old Guy is one of the founding members…I agree 100% He couldnt beat any of them and he wont even beat the Middle weight title holder who will be the light heavy weight title holder some day…I just wish he would shut up because not even the dumbest guy believes the shit he’s saying, he might as well say he has ocean front property on the moon

  • SpiderSilva

    I’ve been saying the same thing, if I was somewhere where I could get a microphone and pull his bullshit card I would and not just nod my head and say “yeah kick his ass Sea Bass” when we know damn well he’s going to get murdered and would get it just as bad at 205…in this world there’s the talkers and the doers…how much has Anderson talked and how many guys has he made look like amateurs? Same for the guys he ripped on at 205, and look at Sonnen how many guys has he destroyed compared to talk about what he would do or how he doesnt like this or that? Yeah…he’ll be done when he has to fight Anderson because it’s a fight not a debate or a junior high cafeteria

  • SpiderSilva

    We should start a pool, I say they double every round until he sleeps in round…shit he might not even make it through the 1st for there to even be an “each” round. What stands him apart from the last 11 guys who said they were going to get in Anderson’s face and take the fight to him…I guess the fact that he hasnt done it yet

  • SpiderSilva


  • SpiderSilva

    I’d bet on Bader, Brilz, Lil Nog, and Matyushenko over Sonnen any day of the week

  • SpiderSilva

    I’m sure his face is going to beat the shit out of Anderson’s fist

  • SpiderSilva

    Your upsets in the making were all stand up wins…if you see Sonnen beating Anderson at his game please tell me how…and give me your email address cuz I have a great price on some ocean front property in Arizona…oh and tell me which high level wrestler gave him trouble because he has been subbed twice and neither guy is on any list of “high level” wrestlers, in fact they’re both Japanese and not on any top 10, 20, 30, or even 100 list

  • SpiderSilva

    The same Marquardt that Silva TKO’d and the same Marquardt that Maia subbed? That guy right?

  • UFCPortugalFan

    The only joke on the UFC is this sonnen. what an ss.
    I hope he loses to Silva. them let him fight with the Light Heavyweigths and with the karate guy

  • ston3pony

    Haha. Chael cracks me up. He’s such a smart guy too. He is playing you guys like a fiddle, effortlessly. This is all marketing strategy, and he’s a grand slam with it. Look how much everyone hates him. He’s being the villain, and it will do wonders for his career. People want to see him fight, even if it’s because they want to see him lose. Win win for him.

    If you knew him in real life, I bet you’d like him.

  • ston3pony

    (I’m certain that he has the utmost respect for Lyoto, he knows how hard Lyoto works)

  • nickpeyon

    Do you really think ghe will be able to lay on Anderson Silva for 25min and not get hit or submited in almst 1/2 hr?

  • nickpeyon

    What’s unstable about Silva? everyone who knows him or has been following him for almost a decade knows he’s a joker, always taking the piss and having a laugh. You just don’t really get him. The only odd thing I’ve seen from him was the crap he said after his fight against Maia.

  • nickpeyon

    I dont think any of us wants to see him fight (actually, lay on top of others). What we want to see is Anderson Silva fighting. He just happens to be Anderson’s next fight.

  • Zombiepower

    A guy who beats Nate Marquardt for 3 rounds with G&P is NOT a hype.

  • irishboy

    Chap is a legend haha

  • Shaft

    And you know all this because you do know him personally, right? And you guys get along swell…or are you just pulling it all out of your butthole maybe?…

    Of course we’re all too dumb to understand Sonnen realy isn’t a douchebag but you’re on his intellectual level…you and Sarah Palin.

  • ston3pony

    Playing you like a fiddle, it’s hilarious.

  • ston3pony

    Nobody has ever dominated Nate like that, it’s true. Nate vs Anderson was a very competitive fight until he got caught.

  • dray12

    Chael is funny but he isn’t a joke. I hate to say it but he has the best strategy in MMA and as long as he learns some decent submission defense its likely he can become a champion.

  • dray12

    I’d like to see GSP fight him. I think he would retire after he lost to a lighter guy with a wrestling style

  • pound4pound

    Yeah I remember you saying that before only to get weak like crazy, funny how somebody can steal the joke and be succesful. I guess it was just the moment or somethig.

  • pound4pound

    The guy has been submitted like a thousand times and he still thinks that much of himself. one word :


    Well lets make two:


  • GSPfan

    Personally, I like Chael Sonnen. He is an egomaniac and the only thing he is trying to do with every comment is get noticed and build himself up. Regardless if u like him or not, he is doing exactly what he wants and that is getting a lot of attention. He don’t care if it’s positive or negative. And if u don’t believe me, go look at any interview he has done, and look at how many comments they have. It don’t matter if u r just commenting because you think he’s a jerk, or an idiot, his name is still crossing you’re mind, and the more he pisses you off, the more u are going to want to watch him get his ass kicked. Good strategy Sonnen. The more people hate him, the more people talk about him, the bigger his name gets. And it’s exactly what he is trying to do

  • GSPfan

    I don’t know how anyone can honestly think that he means everything he says

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    He most likely is just promoting his fight like ston3pony said…

  • KimuraMan

    Anderson has behaved strangely in more than just the Maia fight. There are times he has exhibited over the top show-boating, as well as not showing up fully conditioned for fights. Part of it may be that he’s that damn good, and can get away with it. Note moving up in weight class: beating Irvin is one thng, dominating Griffin is another. That being said, Dana’s frustration appears to extend beyond Andersons behavior during and following the Maia fight. There is SOMETHING else going on.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Silva’s striking. I am primarily a stand-up guy by training (TKD and muay thai), and he is one of a handfull of top fighters I actually like to watch in this regard. I want to see him beat, then come back and continue being dominant. I suspect part of him is bored.