Shoot: In-Depth look at BJ Penn's preparations for Frankie Edgar (Part One)

  • ston3pony

    I hope he did more than beach photo-ops and gimmicky things like carrying rocks in the surf.

  • Mohawkblue

    I’m worried BJ doesn’t care to beat Edgar.
    BJ was flat in his last fight, his looked sick and tired.
    Many have complained about BJ’s motivation, I hope he walks through Edgar. He won’t do it with boxing though, he’ll have to wrestle the win.
    Look at what Maynard did with Edgar – SLAMS!

  • Krogan

    I don’t think BJ lost the last fight and he was sick and unmotivated then, now he is healthy (hopefully) and motivated (hopefully) which will mean he goes in there and destroys Edgar. I feel that if BJ is the BJ we saw vs Florian or Sanchez he can destroy Edgar where ever he wants. His striking is far better, BJJ much much better and I am sure he can take him down if he wants to.

  • FightLife

    You can tell who does and does not know how to score a fight…

  • takedown22

    seems like its always bj’s team making the excuses for him. he is never really the one making the excuse. maybe they should just keep their mouths shut.

  • jackthedrinker89

    Are you saying BJ actually did lose because if you are you apparently dont know how to score a fight….

  • WingChun

    I heard more about why he lost the last fight, then I heard about what he’s going to do and what he has done in training, to win “this” fight.

    It’s part of the problem with BJ – every victory is the greatest and every loss has a reason or an excuse…or was because he was cheated; either by his opponent or by the judges.

    Again – if he doesn’t show up in great shape and ready to fight, he’s going to lose; only this time, the loss will be more significant, because there’s more on the line. I’ve said it before, I think a re-match was a bad career move – should he lose.

    …maybe the real question from this fight should be – if Penn loses to Edgar (again), should he get another immediate re-match? …lol.

    Saturday will reveal all @ UFC “Best 2 out of 3″ 118.

  • minerve
  • AJY

    “I’ve said it before, I think a re-match was a bad career move – should he lose.”
    That’s kinda stating the obvious isn’t it? So if he wins it was a good career move right?
    Penn was willing to fight his way back to a title shot, the UFC wanted an immediate rematch, because it was a controvercial decision and a very close fight, neither one dominated the other, like you seem to think. So why not fight again? After 10 yrs of fighting I don’t think BJ’s legacy hinges on one or two fights .

  • WingChun

    @ AJY

    I don’t know that it’s stating the obvious; I’ve never heard Penn or his camp discuss it. If he wins it was a good career move, right? That is stating the obvious.

    As to it being a controversial decision – I didn’t see it that way and neither did the judges; Penn lost. There is / was – no controversy. The only people who saw it / see it as controversial are Penn’s fans.

    UFC Best 2 out of 3 – 118

  • azzkika

    if BJ wins a tight decision does Edgar get a rematch since he was the champ?

  • TheMMAfan

    That decision in the first bj/edgar fight was worse than the decision in Shogun vs. Machida. Yes, weight and conditioning has always been precieved as an issue with bj, but if you did any research you’d realise that his only downfall other than his difficulties to move up to welterweight with gaining bad weight and one of the tests at welterweight being the biggest fittest welterweight in history with gsp. One slip up due to a severe infection that caused him difficulty with speed and cardio against edgar and he’s lost his legacy as the best lightweight of all time..? Lol you kids make me laugh, nobody has walked through florian or diego the way he has… look at his record and it shows it all. Saturday will be the end of all this pointless shit talk from uneducated scrubs PENN VIA EARLY TKO/SUB

  • AJY

    You said if he loses it bad for his career. So I used ur same logic to make an equally meaningless point : if he wins its good for his career. Neither of these points mean anything cause they both state the obvious.

    I think alot of MMA fans, not just Penns people/fans think it was a very close fight. I won’t argue the details of the fight, suffice to say that Joe Silva, dana or whoever decided that a rematch should happen immediately, now I don’t think even Penn has that kind of lobbying power to hand pick opponents, so why then would the UFC demand the instant rematch?

  • bluntsandbeers

    bj himself doesnt make excuses, watch the UFC countdown he said he fought a poor fight on his part and he was to busy trying to knock frankie out and got out worked lol.
    its stupid JD penn that casues all this confusion

  • bluntsandbeers

    chun.. your just a BJ hater lol

    watch the countdown he says he fought a poor fight on his part and he was too busy trying to knock frankie out and he got out worked lol

    but i do see where your comming from BJ never gives his opponent credit for a big win. but hes a better fighter then Edgar and your underestimating BJ which i just cant understand lol

    i said it once and ill say it agian

    Ill be sending you a postcard from boston when Penn wins via sub round 4.. RnC to be exact. (:

  • azzkika

    GSP is not the biggest welterweight. He is probably the best conditioned and bigger than some, but there’s a few bigger than him.

  • azzkika

    And the Penn Edgar decision was valid IMO and many others. But I think you will find almost everyone agrees Rua won that first fight with Machida.