Shogun looks forward to "great fight" against Rampage or Rashad

Newly crowned lightheavyweight champ Mauricio Rua is proving already that he is ready to defend his title. While shortly after his bout with Lyoto Machida, Dana White announced his first defence would be against the winner of  Rampage Jackson vs Rashad Evans. Speaking about his possibile opponents, Shogun told

Dana White already said it would be between those two. It’ll be a tough fight against either of them, that’s for sure. Both are top-tier fighters, and it’ll be a great fight against either of them.”

“Truth is, I have no preference. I can’t think about opponents I want to fight. Whoever it may be, I’ll be happy. I just can’t be left without an opponent! I’ll be stoked to fight either of the two; they’re great fighters and it will be a good fight.”

Shogun caused a major upset this past weekend, not only defeating Lyoto Machida in their rematch, but doing so by knocking out his fellow Brazillian in the first round with a superb over hand counter punch. The fight earned Shogun a Knockout Of The Night award, and his record now stands at 19-4. He is also a PRIDE middleweight GP winner.

  • Anwar

    That’s the spirit, but I wonder if Wandy was still in LHW, I don’t know if Shogun would fight him since they are like brothers!! Shogun said he’s a professional fighter, he’ll fight anybody but I don’t think he’ll accept a fight against wandy

  • grapplure

    i can see shogun destroying evans and killing rampage

  • pushad

    I don’t think he would fight Wandy either… Shogun didn’t want to fight him in pride either… anyway he would destroy Wandy..

  • Dabs

    Rampage has not lost a fight in years and he has fought nothing but the best bar his rematch with Randleman?!…to say he would kill him is very ignorant and naive.

  • Dabs

    They fight for free in the gym all the time. I have seen videos of them doing heavy sparring (albeit with headguards) and they are swinging for the fences. Shogun owned him then and he would probably own him even more now. I fight I DO NOT want to see….

  • Ninja

    @Anwar, ya Shogun said that there is only 2 fighters in the world he will not fight one being his own brother murlio and the second being wanderlei

  • Ninja

    I believe that Shogun will beat both these fighters, however, Rampage vs Shogun will be far more competitive than Evans vs Shogun

  • David Saucier

    He lost a fight 3 fights ago to Griffen back in july 2008 and only had 2 fights after that. He hasn’t been very active but to say he hasn’t lost in years is naive.

  • David Saucier

    Rampage is one of my favorite fighters, but if i had to bet on the fight i would pick evans to win, Rampage has had alot of time off since going the distance with Jardine not a great fight their. I have seen Rampage give less than stellar performances. Evans has the scouting from Jardine on Rampage, Jackson camp to make a gameplan, and has more than 1 way to win the fight he is a very vast counter striker that will stand in the pocket. Either one of them can catch each other. But Rashad has had alot of success utilizing his wrestling to win fights, he has a back plan if striking dosent go his way. Rampage with cage rust, against a prime Rashad i would bet on Rashad.

  • Ninja

    @a222g, no offense but i hope your wrong lol, there is nothing more i want to see than rampage knocking out rashad even more than carwin knocking out lesnar

  • Joey Santosus

    @a22g So there is another sane person among us. I am not saying Evans will win for sure, but he has a good chance. People shouldnt count the guy out.

  • David Saucier

    When I try to pick winners of fights i say to myself if i had a 10 grand to put on somebody who would i put it on. To remove favortism. I would love to see Rampage KO Evans, and fight for the title. But if i had to bet on someone I would go Rashad. I try not to pick winners by favortism. Im with you Ninja with wanting to see Rampage KO Rashad, and im with StickinUrChick that i feel Rashad will win the fight.

  • UrHype

    THATS the kind of champion we want and attitude!

  • RageKage89

    Evans might be able to do something, his ground game has been getting better but his chin has gone to shit so to speak. and Jackson would just get killed, that simple.