Shogun Rua’s striking partner expects Lyoto Machida to counter attack at UFC 113

K-1 Veteran and one of the most decorated Brazilian Karate practicioners, Glaube Feitosa, discussed the anticipated UFC 113 rematch between the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida and Marucio Rua. Feitosa (17-17 K-1) was recruited to UDL (Universidade da luta) by Shogun Rua, to help him in his preparations for the unorthodox Machida’s striking style:

“I’m new in Curitiba and Shogun has opened his gym’s doors for me. I got here in Curitiba with my family in January and I’m adapting pretty well to the city.

I try to help on the left-handed part, do some mix, since my part is standing. My business is not ground or MMA, my specialty is standing up. I started training in UDL for friendship I have with Shogun, but not exclusively training with him. I train with the entire team, but when they get together I try to simulate Lyoto game, exchange bases and both sides win.”

Many people are wondering about what kind of tactical approach Mauricio Rua and Machida will choose for the rematch, after Shogun managed to surprise “The Dragon” with a devastating Muay Thai style in the first fight. Feitosa believes that this time Shogun will have to rely not only on his leg kicks, but also on his ability to avoid Machida’s counter-striking:

“Machida hasn’t gotten to the belt out of the blue. It’s not by chance he’s the champion, he and his crew are very clever and will try to neutralize this low kicks game, preparing something for the upper part. I think they’ll settle a strategy of counterattacks on the punches upon the Shogun’s low kicks.

Since Lyoto may counterattack, Shogun must be aware of that and prepared to give him some attacks back. He must take these counterattacks knowing they’ll happen, so that he’s not caught by surprise, the idea is to play the Shogun blows upon Lyoto’s counterattacks. Shogun has to be the last to hit, something hard when it comes to Lyoto, but that’s the main goal.”

Mauricio Rua and Lyoto Machida will headline the stacked UFC 113 card at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on May 8th. The potential Welterweight slugfest between Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck will serve as the co-main event of the evening.


  • LUCIFER666

    I hope that Shogun demolishes Lyoto

  • Joey Santosus

    Well of course Machida will counter……Thats not some type of secret they have discovered from an un-named source. This will be a great fight tho. The sport needed this rematch. If i had to pick a favorite in the fight I would say I would like to see Shogun take home the belt. I like both fighters for different reasons, but I would just like to see the LHW belt start to move around. I think that division is currently being slept on. There is a ton of talent there, but everyone is caught up in the divisions that are said to have P4P fighters. I am anxious to see Jon Jones for instance and several other possible match-ups amongst this weight class.

  • Rigo

    Shogun can do it again!
    this rematch is an advantage to Lyoto
    now he know shogun style and can work on that
    while Shogun will have to come with another gameplan
    risking himself to get counter by Machida

    Machida will just laid back and wait for the counter he knows
    the judges are on his side because his the champion

    and Shogun will have to be even more agressive
    and really finish Machida , because if not people will start sayin
    to be the champ yo have to finish the champ
    which is stupid since this is not box

    but i know Shogun will find a way!

  • Akordas

    Go Shogun, kick Machida and judges asses!

  • David Saucier

    God i hope Shogun KO’s Machida so it dosen’t go to the judges.

  • mokoko

    I hope Shogun win again this time with KO.I now one thing Machida gona run around the octagon for long time to keep the belt

  • IChokePeople

    I think there is a good chance we may see Lyoto’s ground game this time. He is a black belt in BJJ and a member of Black House. He may choose to avoid Rua’s stand up all together. There is also a good chance that his pride in his father’s Karate will prevent him from doing this but I think that Rua would be mistaken if he only focuses on countering Machida’s counters.

  • Mohawkblue

    I think in the last fight Lyoto just got lazy buying into his own hype. I don’t think Rua will catch him off guard again.

  • terra2805

    Rua was definately the more active of the two in their first bout but i don’t think that’s going to happen again, i think they will at the very least be equally active this time as they are both looking to make a statement now and get the finish…… this re-match is going to be awesome man….either fighter is capable of taking this fight, it all comes down to who fights better on the night and uses the right strategy. I like both fighters equally but against what most people seem to think, i’m picking Machida to win……..

  • DKMcGrath

    Machida by crane kick

  • lionkill

    i don’t know why people were surprised by Rua’s plan in the first fight or the fact that Machida wasn’t fully ready for it. go back and watch the UFC interviews prior to the fight Rua said he was going to take his time and force Machida to take the offensive and he was going to counter(which in kickboxing means your going to kick them with a fast leg kick)

    Rua said exactly what he was going to do, and Machida expressed that he didn’t think Rua could take that type of pace and that he thought Rua would be on the offensive. he learned that he was very wrong, and i have a thought that Anderson Silva is going to be working with Machida alot on his Tai Kickboxing defense. Rua is at a bit of a disadvantage now because he cannot really surprise Machida again, Machida was only surprised at the pace that Rua was able to keep himself at, he wasn’t surprised that Rua is a very skilled and dangerous striker. Machida has still a larger variety of attacks from the stand up, it wasn’t as if this was his first time seeing leg strikes as a heavy weapon he just didn’t train for them because in Kickboxing leg strikes are a counter strike and he didn’t believe Rua would be in that position.

    this is going to be a very different yet still similar fight. i think the rolls will be reversed that machida will simply keep his distance and kick Rua while he is circling towards him. and that Rua will be ready to check kick’s and counter with body shots.

  • Mohawkblue

    I agree, if Rua’s kicks were so “devestating” why didn’t Machida fall? Why didn’t he limp? Look at Faber’s last fight or Gracie’s – they couldn’t even walk!
    I’ve watched the Machida/Rua fight 15 times, I give Machida the first three by a narrow margin.
    I’ve read the “Compustrike” figures and they simply don’t match. They miss one-third of Machida’s strikes. Also Rua couldn’t get Machida to the ground where he WANTED to go, advantage Machida.
    If you factor in that Machida’s hand was hurt going into that fight there is no way you can favour Rua going into the rematch.

  • mokoko

    Beat the champ you just have to win and Shogun was ROOOOBED look at the fight stats.Shogun was the agresor all 5 rounds