Shogun Rua: I would be happy to fight Forrest Griffin again

Former Pride Champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua answered to a lot of interesting questions in his interview to UFC Light Heavyweight contender declared that he would love to have another fight with the former Champion Forrest Griffin, after watching his fight against Anderson Silva:

In his fight with Forrest, Anderson Silva fought well and his strategy was good. He knew how to use psychological advantages against Forrest. I would be happy to have another fight with Forrest Griffin as well.

Shogun Rua also stated that he feels more comfortable now in The Ultimate Fighting Championship, and a much different fight than he was in PRIDE:

I think the Shogun in PRIDE was a man who adapted to the ring, and now the Shogun in the UFC is a man adapted to the cage. I focus more on fighting now, and before I had to do other things, today I am much more focused and professional.

As for his rematch against the unbeaten Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, Rua works on a new gameplan that will surprise the Shotokan Karate fighter:

I’ll represent my country and my city, and I will surely represent myself. I do not promise victory, but fans can expect my greatest possible effort. I will change my gameplan, because he’ll surely change his. I’ll go in with other strategies, with other cards up my sleeve.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is expected to rematch Lyoto Machida at UFC 113 event in Montreal, Canada, on May 8th.

  • DocDoom

    The UFC should have stuck with that other Promo!

  • partyboy

    maybe, but theres no doubt it would be a better fight than shogun forrest…i think if rampage beats rashad(which he will)then he should get a crack at shogun or machida

  • partyboy

    well he did beat shogun

  • partyboy

    cos he was fuked up on roids and was usin soccer kicks and stomps…the ufcs a different ballpark

  • partyboy

    thats bullshit ruas never even really bin hit by rampage when they fought rampage broke a load of ribs early in the fight and was f*cked for the rest of it, so how can you know?

  • Krogan

    I think at title shot for rampage is very unlikely, would be crazy to see Rampage take the belt and walk away from the UFC to Strikeforce.

    Not saying it will happen but Dana isn’t going to risk it.

  • garrylt1


  • samigeh

    Who wouldn’t want to fight Forest in the LHW division?

  • DR3W

    yea i think shogun has the edge but it will be a much closer fight

  • DR3W

    yea no your def wrong

  • partyboy

    exactly, plus when rashad got thiago on the ground he couldnt actually do anything, silva just got straight back up

  • partyboy

    lol of course i am thats why im on a combat sport website…man i wish i had a manly name like UDORK, then all the chicks would dig me…sigh…

  • partyboy

    yeah nd will ppl still be lickin his balls if he does?his performance was good but if machida wins the rematch ppl have got to shut up bout how he was robbed

  • partyboy

    yeah shogun would destroy him now, but forrest did beat him so ya gotta give him props…that guys comment was just retarded

  • partyboy

    partyfag, i love it!do u make them names up by yourself?