Shane Carwin: Does anyone know Scott Coker’s number?


What started as a good year for “The Engineer,” defeating Frank Mir in March to capture the interim title and a shot at Brock Lesnar, seems to have taken a turn for the worse.  Following his “lactic acid” attack that cost him the Heavyweight strap, Carwin then went from appearing on the top ten list, to appearing on a far less prestigious pharmaceutical list.  With that situation seemingly swept under the rug, his difficulties continued when he was recently forced out of his UFC 125 match-up with Roy Nelson due to injury.  With such adversities surrounding the man once considered by many to be the future of the UFC’s Heavyweight division, his reaction to what seemed to be telling Twitter troubles this morning should come as a surprise to no one.


  • pound4pound

    What? are you serious? damn, if he goes to SF their HW division would be a lot more interesting of what already is.

  • steeul

    it was a joke he said it on his twitter page 5 mins later!

  • nightmonkey17

    I hope they do fire him. It will just hurt UFC and help Strikeforce.

  • UrHype

    That article deinitely left me with many questions.

  • MereDictum

    I beg to differ- I would be greatly surprised if he was cut. Further, I would not take seriously a twitter comment, obviously a joke, about being blocked out a UFC interweb account. In the real world, it takes more than an online blocking to release someone from a contract.

    Further, where did you come up with the “swept under the rug” comment? That is an ongoing federal investigation and he’s not been, nor is there any indication he will be, charged with anything. He’s just a name on an evidence list. v “Swept under the run” implies he’s part of some conspiratorial cover-up.

    Kids these days, sheesh- not everything is CSI or Law and Order. More real life, less TV/internet please. 😉

  • Conan

    I feel sorry for Shane Carwin. He is a good man.

  • rflynn

    why would you want that? strikeforce would have no exciting match-ups. none of the heavyweights there are active!

  • Ninja

    Oh thats good to no, not worried then

  • Joey Santosus

    What are you even talking about? All that was assessed here was his recent troubles. No one said he was released, nor was it implied. I don’t know how well you read it, but his own reaction was the topic of this post. Stop reading more into it than need be with all the stuff about “implies he’s part of some conspiratorial cover-up.” Please try to get a grip…

  • MereDictum

    Don’t run from your own words, we’re all grown ups here.

    You said “his reaction” was “not surprising.” His reaction was that he thought he was fired. Steeul aptly pointed out it was a joke, which you replied it was NOT a joke when written. By the way, you have since deleted that reply to Steeul. Classy. So, go back and re-read what I wrote about why I would, in fact, be surprised, then let it sink in.

    So far as the ‘roid issue, you said it was “swept under the rug.” Instead of addressing my question (where did you get that?) you claim I’m reading into your words too much and I need to “get a grip.” Here’s a little helpful debating tip- the best way to deter a critic is address the criticism. I am still wondering where in the world you came up with the “swept under the rug” comment; I won’t hold my breath for an answer.

  • FightLife

    This coming from a guy who said he “DVRd it- rewound it twice” just to try and read Ed Soares lips after the Rampage vs Machida fight so he can act like a drama queen and post a Soares smear campaign. “Kids these days, sheesh.”

  • Joey Santosus

    Again, his reaction was not surprising due to the fact that he has had a lot of recent troubles, which probably would make any fighter nervous. Swept under the rug, meaning it has not been formally addressed. FYI, there is no need for me to explain anything : )

  • partyboy

    i think joey jumped the gun with the article, i was shocked too when i seen it but it seems like an honest mistake, no harm done

  • Jamz

    what do you mean its already interesting. Popular or not this guy was mostly hype his whole UFC career.

  • MereDictum

    Let me use short sentences. I know you were not saying he was fired. You said his reaction (that he was fired) was not a joke. Steeul corrected you. I said such a reaction would in fact be surprising (if it wasn’t a joke as you said) cause fighters don’t get fired that way.

  • Lowkickdodger

    Somebody shud just teach carwin to add LOL after his comment to notify this is a joke for everyone’s understanding,

  • Joey Santosus

    Its ok man, you do not have to explain yourself anymore than the next guy. This stuff is just put out there to inform fans and give you guys something to talk about. I never meant for it to be interpreted in such a negative way. Furthermore, I never said that Carwin didn’t say it was a joke. I said that he said it two hours after the fact, which lead me to believe that his initial reaction was genuine. Again tho, thats up for debate.

  • MereDictum

    Yea you are right, I was too hard on poor widdle ed. He should have the right to confront fighters in the cage after a fight. What was I thinking, I need to get a grip.

    BTW, no lip reading was necessary

  • MereDictum

    Fair enough and you are right, u pointed out his “joke” comment was 2 hours later. Hell, maybe he really did think he got the boot.

  • dray12

    Wasn’t there also some issue with his sponsors which upset Dana and teh Fertitas?

  • MMAW

    yeah i remember that, a drink sponsor of Shane Carwin’s was banned from appearing in UFC events. Carwin was not happy.
    It looks like the UFC and Carwin havent been seeing eye to eye lately.

  • overhand right

    yeah shane wanted to use one of his sponsors on his shorts or something and the fertittas refused to let him, have no idea why.

  • overhand right

    also just want to say that i hope shane carwin gets back to training soon, i can’t wait to see him fight again! maybe a rematch against brock could be in order, i wanna see him knock that knuckle head out 😀

  • Jizzle11

    Jamz I wanna see you take a punch to the face from Carwin so you can feel the “mostly hype” that you’re talking about

  • Jizzle11


  • pound4pound

    I think you are talking about Lesnar…LOL

  • Dabs

    SF officially WILL have a better HW division than the UFC if this is what it seems…

  • irishlegsmasher

    stupid if you take this seriously

  • Keyboard Contender

    Hmmm Todd Duffy cut, Cheick Kongo on the verge of being cut, Roy Nelsons future with the UFC undetermined due to contract reasons, two underperforming fighters Krokop and Mir an ageing Big Nog a battered Brock and now a cut Carwin?? I hope Carwin is joking because if he goes ontop of all that i have just mentioned I really think the UFC HW devision is in danger of becoming shallow

  • UrHype

    hey careful feeling me there

  • WingChun

    @ JS

    I think the real issue here are the words used, JS.

    Terms like “swept under the rug” and “such adversities” leave the reader / listener with the impression that someone is getting away with something. That they are “bent”; not to be trusted, a cheat, someone who has “pull”.

    There is factually nothing wrong with what has been written (here), but the piece does have a negative or downer “feel” to it. And I would have to say, that when I first read it I thought…no, please don’t tell me Carwin and the UFC have had a falling out and he’s seriously thinking about going to SF.

    I see his year as being nothing more then him taking his first loss (which was a let down, for sure) and then sustaining an injury that has prevented him from returning to the Octagon; that’s all I see.

    Carwin showing up on some list for an unsubstantiated reason, which has (now) morphed into a thinly veiled unsubstantiated allegation, of what I’m not entirely sure, is nothing but hearsay and gossip and means nothing in the real world; and it means nothing to me. I have full faith that there is nothing wrong with SC and the UFC, in terms of their relationship. And I’m sure that SC’s blockage on Twitter was probably some technical glitch and nothing more. Shane is too educated, rationale and calm a man, to allow Twitter’s stupidity to ruin his dream.

    My Tweet about Carwin would be this – if anyone can seriously make the statement… “I’ll be back”… and not get laughed at, it’s Shane Carwin.

  • SumHo

    It just posted another tweet and said he is going down to middleweight. This is for real guys.

  • 707

    Go back to watchin bully beatdown thats more your style

  • 707

    whoa whoa whoa…Strikeforce Hw division hets too decent, Fedor’s gonna look around like “what the ef is goin on here?” ” theres a reason I picked strikeforce over UFC! Not cool shane” -Fedor
    Even if SF were to get carwin which isnt going to happen…lookin at that tweet no on knows what it actually means and we find a way to debate it. But even playin the “if” game SF would match dead even if you wanna go 5 on 5, but from top to bottom, UFC’s heavies would be quite a bit better just their average joes like schaub and struve.

  • 707

    I was wondering how long that was going to go on for…Id give u more sharpsif i could. Even though, after you point it out d**kheads arestill going to be tellin everyone that carwin signed with strikeforce!!

  • Krogan

    You think its good for the UFC to have Strikeforce heavyweight division even equal their own? Seriously Dana still argues that its an irrelevant organization, which at this point is like calling the entire heavyweight division irrelevant. The two top guys in the UFC are two talented but still rather younger and inexperienced fighters in Cain and JDS. Right now those might be the only two UFC heavyweights that make it onto my top 10 heavyweight list.

  • Krogan

    This would be the drop that makes Strikeforce’s heavyweight division surpass the UFC’s. Honestly Cain needs to go to Strikeforce if he is to be considered number 1 now. Not enough fights for him in the UFC. After JDS who does he fight? Mir?

  • azzkika

    most UFC HW’s have got along on the hype. Few are truly world class MMA. carwins hands were good enough to get him so far, but his cardio and zero ground game are nearly as bad as brocks turtling up.

  • azzkika

    PS: That said, he is still probably the best the UFC has IMO.


    Dnt kno why he would leave anyway. He beat mir, lost to brock which was a heavy loss but was due to his own conditioning, and didnt get his match cause of an injury that the had nothing to do with the UFC’s direct contact. If he wants to leave then go, there are no reasons why he would.

  • ThaSpider420


  • Maelstromaku

    The day LOWKICK posted Carwin had already confirmed he was joking almost a day prior.Super cereal.

  • postmortem

    think that people are reading way to much into this

  • ThaSpider420

    its called a hardcore mma fan lol