SHOOT!: The Iceman Chuck Liddell loves his hot sauce

  • greg.herrera

    looks in pretty good shape best for a long time should be a good fight

  • Joey Santosus

    Thats one fight I would be happy to have picked wrong. I picked Franklin, but I really hope Chuck pulls it off…..

  • HipHopMMA

    Yeah he loks good…but im going with rich on this one. rich really needs a win to get him out of the spiders web.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Rich will get this one.

  • FirstnLastEmperor

    i dunno, chuck’s got a lot more punching power than rich.. and rich has been lookin pretty bad lately.. id say their chins are equally suspect at this goin with chuck on this one. hes hungry, i just hope he hasnt been too ‘thirsty’

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Rich hasn’t been looking good lately, but I’m sure Chuck has though LOL

  • D

    WTF WHERE’S THE MOHAWK AND FACIAL HAIR??? He’s gonna lose his strength like sampson.


    I feel chuck will go out there and bang….then get caught by rich. That will slow him down and chuck will just tear him systematically apart. Pullin for the Iceman only way to go.

  • USWF

    This Saturday night should be a big surprise to many who believe Chuck will not win. The age will not mean much between 35-40 but will be somewhat of an equalizer with five years of youth for Rich and due to the fact Chuck is a much bigger opponent. Rich is a true 185 pounder fighting a true 205 pounder.
    Both were champions but they are not meeting at 195 halfway, they are meeting up at 205 which will give Chuck a big advantage size wise. Chuck is the better boxer and is almost never taken down by the greatest wrestlers. People need to realize also when they talk about conditioning will go to Franklin, this could be true if it were a five round fight but its only three rounds. I see no takedowns, and better strikes from a bigger fighter in Chuck. I believe with only three rounds Chuck can get the knockout or score and keep enough distance to win a three round decision. I see Liddell winning Saturday night. USWF