Rich Franklin says he is fully prepared to fight Chuck Liddell at UFC 115

  • hinrik

    franklin has to be the most boring guy ever

  • Zombiepower

    the 2 fights with Anderson Silva have changed him.

  • pranabowjake

    have u watched hendo interviews?

  • grapplure

    rich frankling is a role model, stfu

  • joelsephw420

    i think its gon be a close fight but im goin with The Iceman by decision

  • TheRealDeal

    No kidding. Franklin is Hall of Fame material. Look how well he represented as MW champ before Silva showed up. If it wasn’t for Silva, who is a phenom, Franklin probably would have held the belt much longer.

  • TheRealDeal

    They are paid to fight, not entertain you clowns with their flashy interviews.

  • japanegro23

    What’s boring about this???

  • UrHype

    soooo. you prefer your men exciting huh?

  • BlueClearSky

    A good match between Chuck vs Rich.coz Chuck lose the fight
    he should retired and if Rich win is huge ,he already won over Weinderlei

  • HipHopMMA

    I think your the one who has changed. Considering he hasnt faught anyone since Anderson. i personally think it ha sopened his eyes. Look for a “un changed and more determined” Franklin to k/o Chuck .

  • Joey Santosus

    Very hard to pick. My hopes are with Chuck but my LowPick is with Franklin….. Only time will tell.

  • dray12

    He hasn’t “faught” anyone? Yah – Lutter, Hamil, Hendo, Wandy and Vitor are all nobodies….

  • Rane

    I am saving my money..

  • sambo

    why? cause he doesn’t trash talk? There is far too much of that these days. MMA fighters are starting to talk like boxers.
    Its refreshing to hear a fighter talk about winning while still showing Chuck the respect he deserves.
    I’m sure there is an Evans or Koscheck interview for you to watch somewhere .

  • HipHopMMA

    i repeat he hasnt fought anyone “SINCE” anderson

  • terra2805

    I like both these guys man, they’re both top level strikers and they both throw punches from unorthodox angles but i think Chuck has more power though and will catch Rich at some point and either TKO him or KO him altogether…’s sucks when you like both guys but one of them has to lose……………

  • terra2805

    why bother posting at all, if your tired, go to your damn bed………idiot….