Return to the Gulf: UFC 128 to take place in Abu Dhabi on March 19th

According to report on MMA Weekly, Ultimate Fighting Championship will present its second Abu Dhabi event on March 19th, with a Rua-Evans headlined UFC 128 fight card:

“The UFC has planned its next trip to the Middle East and it will be UFC 128 on March 19 in Abu Dhabi. Multiple sources confirmed the booking to on Wednesday.

While no fights have been confirmed for the card, sources indicated to that the fight being considered for the main event is Mauricio “Shogun” Rua defending his light heavyweight title against Rashad Evans.”

If true, the event will take place 11 months after UFC 112, which took place on April 17th this year. This will also mean that Rashad Evans and Shogun Rua will fight after a 10-months absence, having their last bouts at UFC 113 and UFC 114 events in May this year. It will be also interesting to see if UFC add another title fight to this Abu Dhabi fight card, as Anderson Silva and BJ Penn defended their belts in promotion’s last trip to the UAE.

  • Jizzle11

    lol if Rashad Evans does his low wrestling stance and decides to just shoot in for takedowns this crowd will be as unhappy as they were with the last main event they had

  • Jamie Kennedy

    UFC 128 was supposeed to be in Ireland…. 127 is in Australia, hopefully 129 will be Ireland plus I woul’ve loved to have seen Shogun :( hopefully hes injured till past that date lol

  • mrmanuelhung

    yeah man i cancelled my holidays on paddys day and all for it. god damn


    hope the give them a better performance than dancing silva they got last time


    ye man thats a bummer im pretty sure i seen a video of dana saying he would be back in ireland before 2011……………….damit

  • daigoro702

    i just hope that the ufc didnt push shogun to come back before he was 1oo% just because of evans bitchin cause it wouldnt be fir or even a good fight for that matter.

  • Rigo

    Rashad would be a bad choice for Abu Dhabi , lay and pray will not be someting the Arabs like , like some US fans.
    But the most important dont bring A Silva there! unless his fighting Sonnen or Marquardt .

    Shogun vs Rashad sounds good on paper , but Shogun coming from surgery and Rashad new ” gameplans ” could be a bad fight

  • Ninja

    UFC actually did the opposite, Shogun wanted to fight in December or January but instead UFC told him he can’t fight till atleast March

  • Rafaelroberto840

    What happened to Renzo Gracie. ever since he got TKO’d by Hughes standing up Dana never made a match for hhim since

  • rflynn

    i was looking at wikipedia every week to see if it has been announced in ireland… this is gay news

  • rflynn

    i have a feeling we are getting a crappy fight night :(