Randy Couture: I hope James Toney takes me seriously

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    First ! I like James toney ! He is vulgar and funny and looks like :



    But if Randy loses it will be bad for the sport ,so I hope Randy ll win this one

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    I can’t wait for this “throwback” style vs style fight. It’s like a lion vs a croc… the question is will the fight stay on the land (the feet) or go to the water (the ground). I’m guessing it’s going to the water lol.

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    i hope tony to not take randy seriously…. so the natural can beat the crap out of him….

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    We still have to WAIT until 118…….my God, Dana is dragging this out so Tooney at least has a chance with a little training.
    I cant wait to see the GIF’s people make when Tooney is on his back like a turtle with feet & hands flailing about.

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    Toney probably won’t take Couture seriously and that’s why he is going to get schooled in MMA 101 when they fight. I can see it now….. Mr. Toney, pay attention….this is called a “double leg”, this is called “the mount”, and this is called “ground and pound”. Feel free to “tap” at any time. Any questions?

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    He’ll get his respect when he’s laying on top of him dropping elbows to those pudgy cheecks

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    Imagine him talking with a fat lip haha

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    I don’t give JT a snow ball’s chance in hell in this fight; he won’t make it out of the first round.

    Although JT is a world class boxer, RC is a world class wrestler. The moment the distance is closed and he’s up against the fence or on the ground, it’s over.

    To those that say if RC loses, that it will be a blemish on MMA – not even close. JT has been allowed to come in and fight at “whatever” weight and against and aging vet (no disrespect to Randy), if you put JT up against either the best in HW or LHW or even the top contenders in those divisions, he would be crushed and that, is the only real test for these “world class” boxers; put them in the wring with the counter parts in MMA; not whomever it is that they think they can make an “interesting” fight with.

    If the point is, that boxing is better then MMA, then take on the best of MMA, not a guy whose “X” fights away from retiring, in his mid 40’s and trying to promote a movie – again, no disrespect to Randy.

    If JT thinks he can run around the UFC HW or LHW with a big tire around his gut ala Roy “Big Country” Nelson…I have one thing to say to him – he’s not Roy “Big Country” Nelson; he doesn’t have Roy’s formidable skills; not even close. Guys like RC can get away with it for a variety of reasons and heck, he even uses it as a weapon on the ground and up against the cage (just leaning on people); JT will never have that option presented to him.

    NO – being fat in boxing, having less then stellar cardio, being a one-trick pony, having lax camps…is acceptable, even common place for many boxers, but not in MMA and certainly not in the higher echelons of the UFC. The simple face that JT couldn’t/wouldn’t hit 205 (the smarter fight for him) or even commit to a single weight division, tells me all I need to know; that he’s a joke and that he’s not taking it seriously, the he believes his own hype and that he’ll just knock out everyone and anyone with one punch…and that more importantly, he loves ice cream and big macs more then a 5 mile run, sit-ups, ground training, kick boxing, wrestling, weight training…and proper dieting.

    JT is a joke in the UFC. He will be another Kimbo and no disrespect to Kimbo, because Kimbo took it seriously, tried very hard and gave a decent showing of himself; he’s a decent (enough) fighter, a very decent fellow and I don’t agree with him being cut – he should never have been fighting in HW; he’s a LHW fighter.

    Concluding – JT is a joke and is not taking MMA or the UFC (specifically) seriously. I believe that Randy will embarrass him thoroughly and I hope, in doing so, sends a loud and clear message to the boxing world. If not, send us Floyd – and let him get the crap kicked out of him in whatever division he wants to fight in.

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    I hope Couture isn’t stupid enough to acctually stand with this gut.

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    randy couture needs to take toney serious too sounds

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    I don’t think it matters how seriously James takes this fight. There is no possible way that he has had time to prepare for Randy. Randy has been doing this stuff since he was a child, Toney has had a few months to prep and learn. That isn’t an ability gap that can ever be bridged.

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    I love James Toney too…also Randy is a legend and role model. I agree fully that Toney would benefit if the fight was at 205 too. I am pumped for this one..

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    All of that sounded very good, but what IF Toney does put him in an astronaut suit???…… ;o)

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    …and then goes on a run of victories. What will the Toney haters say then?? lol. This is one of the most intriguing fights Dana has put on and it will be nothing but good for the sport. Just like Machida brought all the Karate fans’ attention to UFC, Toney will bring the boxing heads.

    It will be fun to watch the whole Hero/Villain build up to the fight and they are both legends that are past their prime but better than most at what they do. Don’t dismiss Toney just yet is my advice…

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    Didn’t you get that from the part where he said, “I’m not gonna mess around and box with this guy, that would be stupid.” ???

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    Randy will take him down….get the mount…throw a few punches…Toney will turn his back…..Randy will tap him out w/ rear naked choke.

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    You mentioned Randy being old and near retirement. Remember James Toney is way,way past his prime as a boxer. He won his first title at 154 lbs in 1991! So we are not seeing the best of the best in either sport. To make that a reality we would have to see Floyd Mayweather or Manny Paquiao vs GSP, or Klitscho vs Lesnar. Then you would have top MMA vs Top Boxer.

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    Only problem I see with Randy; is that he has been knocked out cold twice. James Toney will KTFO Randy Couture, if Randy makes one mistake.

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    Does Dana have a plan to retrieve Randy from outer space?

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    Toney will KNOCK Coulture into SPACE!

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    That’s pretty much it. Toney can hardly even get a fight in boxing these days and his last fight was more than a bit sad with fans desperatly cheering him on every time his fat belly self did something even remotely close to what the old Toney could do. That he holds a bealt means nothing when he’s vritually unsellable in boxing terms and it’s like Don Fye would hold a belt in Elite claiming he was champ.

    All this really is, is a way for Dana, the jazzersize master, to look into the cameras after the fight and do his whole “you know me, and I’m a huuuge boxing fan. Boston, Boston, Boston”-speech whilst declaring the death of boxing…

    Freak show 101.