Quick News: Forrest Griffin, Chael Sonnen, International TUF, Ed Ratcliff pulls out of WEC 49

One of the busiest weeks months in Mixed Martial Arts history continues to provide some very interesting headlines. Here is some stories about the latest happenings in the sport, involving Forrest Griffin, Chael Sonnen, WEC’s Ed Ratcliff and the rumors about the possible introduction of the first ever Canadian season of The Ultimate Fighter.

It looks like the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin is enjoying his career as an author, releasing his second book – Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down: A Survival Guide to the Apocalypse. Here is the “short” description from the back cover:

In “Got Fight?”, Forrest Griffin and Erich Krauss unleashed their unique brand of humor teaching people how to get tough and become a man. Now in the sequel to their bestselling book, Griffin and Krauss teach people the ultimate form of manliness: surviving the coming apocalypse (it’s gotta come soon, so you might as well be ready). For years, Forrest Griffin has been waiting anxiously to find himself in a post-apocalyptic future. Why’s he so excited about the near-extinction of mankind? Think about it: with grooming an personal hygiene no longer a prerequisite to social acceptance, you can let your mutton chops grow and live out your secret fantasy of becoming Wolverine. You could kill squirrels with your bare hands, practice throwing knives all day, and never have to say ‘excuse me’ after farting. With actual survival tips, illustrations, and photos of Forrest showing off his wilderness, this book is a survival guide for everyone who thinks that the end is near and wants to embrace it rather than running for the hills. From eating in the wild to fighting dirty in a world that looks like Mad Max, this book is for people who look forward to the end of the world because it will allow them to stop wearing pants once and for all.

WEC Lightweight prospect Ed Ratcliff was forced to pull out of his WEC 49 Main Card fight against the Canadian Chris Horodecki, due to the yet unknown reason. 6-0 Duku Roufus-trained fighter Danny Downes stepped up to replace Ratcliff on a short notice. LowPick is updated accordingly.

Topmmanews.com reported the news: Ed Ratcliff has unfortunately been forced to withdraw from his showdown this Sunday at WEC against the “Polish Hammer” Chris Horodecki. Top MMA News was unable to determine the reason behind Ratcliff’s withdrawal. Last night, word spread that the organization was looking for a 155er that was medically cleared and ready to step in against Canada’s 4th Ranked Canadian Lightweight.

Number one contender for the UFC Middleweight Title Chael Sonnen was forced to cancel his ongoing campaign for the Oregon House of Representatives, due to the mysterious “Real estate legal issue”. Sonnen declared that is not interested in being disqualified until 2011 from running to the Office, promising his fellow Oregonians that he will do everything in his power to continue contributing his community.

Fight! Magazine quotes Sonnen: “In the best interests of my district, I am resigning from my campaign for the Oregon House of Representatives. A 2006 legal issue has arisen that needs my immediate attention. I am not at liberty to disclose the details, but my name was involved in a real estate case that requires a ruling. If the ruling is adverse, I would be disqualified from running for office until 2011. So, given that possibility, I have chosen to withdraw my name as a candidate in 2010. I will continue to contribute to my community and ensure that we have a capable candidate to run for my district in November.”

And finally, UFC President Dana White revealed that the Middle East and Canada are “neck-to-neck” for hosting another season of the popular Ultimate Fighter franchise. White continues to put emphasis on the global expansion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, bringing the sport to Australia and Abu Dhabi this year.

Speaking via MMAJunkie.com Dana White said: “They’re neck and neck. Look at the U.K.,” White said. “When we went to the U.K. the first time – it was in like 2002 or 2003 – and there was nothing. Literally nothing. Ian Freeman had come out of (the U.K.). We did that fight at the Royal Albert Hall, and we sold like 4,500 tickets to that thing. Look at it now. In the Middle East – in Abu Dhabi, (United Arab Emirates) – part of kids’ curriculum in school is jiu jitsu. From kindergarten up, it’s like English or math. It’s mandatory. You have to take jiu jitsu. Trust me, it’s a lot bigger there than you realize.”

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    Haha! That’s what Chael gets.

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    cant wait till forrests book comes out. The first one was hilarious

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    That cover photo is priceless. Is that why he looked like a Neanderthal on TUF?

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    So Chael realy is a douche, even outside the ring. What a surprise…

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    yup now i hope he gets a beating to finish out his year-

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    He is running for the house of represenitives! How does that make him a doosh?

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    Missed words….come on son…I speak ebonics because I was never hooked on phonix….

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    I was thinking the same thing… Maybe for promoting the book. I thought maybe he had become clinically depressed and just quit grooming all together….

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    I have said time and time again that this guy would fail at all his endeavors…. Politics is just the start. I wonder if he will embrace the toothless look or if he will go for implants? Cant do dentures, I mean that would be ugly to lose ur dentures in the octagon…..

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    You have to hand it to Chael really, no matter what anybody thinks he speaks his mind, and to some degree at least, you have to respect that, whether you like his opinions or not. I don’t like some of the sh*t he says but he is more of a threat than people give him credit for. If he CAN get AS to the ground, without getting knocked out, especially at will, he has every chance. I don’t think it will happen though mainly because almost every fight Chael has lost has been by submission and with AS’s submission offence Chael will be in just as much danger on the ground as on the feet. The only area Chael really has an advantage over AS is the wrestling but that wont be enough to beat AS imo, we’ll soon see if Chael can fight as good as he can talk……

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    No, you don’t have to respect that. The louder the a$$hole, the bigger the a$$hole.

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