Question to the Fans: UFC 125 Jose Aldo Debut

UFC 125 Main Event was Frank Edgar vs Gray Maynard was going to headline UFC 125.  Now that Jose Aldo makes his debut does this make the event exciting?  Everybody said that Edgar vs Maynard was going to be boring but now that Aldo comes in does this save the event?

  • 908to540

    the card is definitely spiced up by adding jose aldo vs. josh grispi, but unlike popular opinion, i think that frankie edgars much improved stand up and motion will make gray maynard fight his fight. i was at UFC 118 and the entire crowd for all 5 rounds of the edgar/penn fight was electric. the fact that a gray maynard fight should come with a pillow shouldn’t be a factor. Also josh grispi won’t run into the reach problem that faber did, he’s much taller and longer than aldo, so that in my opinion is going to be much more interesting than most people think.

  • 908to540

    i forgot to mention that chrin leben is fighting, who doesn’t love watching him walk directly into straight rights and just keep walking? caveman is fighting too, and nate is my homeboy, so i gotta say, i’m a little excited about this card.

  • Ninja

    Before I wanted to see this card because of Carwin, Gomi and Diaz… I want to see it for Aldo, Gomi and Diaz…so it hasnt changed alot for me but definitely more excited to see Aldo fight then Carwin

  • Ninja

    Oh I always forget the Vera vs Silva fight, ya thats another fight I wnt to see


    I never though it would be a boring card…. but I also never thought it would be explosive, like a brock lesnar vs cain velasquez fight… nonetheless I would like to say it is going to be a great fight between Edgar and Maynard, i think edgar has the speed but Maynard has the power, lets see if he can keep up! As far as Jose Aldo goes, that guy is ****in awesome, he has so much power, speed, skill for his age, its scary! Can anyone really match up with this dude, he will blow ur shit out of the water, for real, this guy has two hand missiles ready for launch at any moment… like tyson said SPEED KILLS, now add skill and power, and u have JOSE ALDO! True legend for his age, no doubt.



  • hempysmurf

    Aldo on the card bumps it from good to great, i buy that one!!!