Photo Gallery: Team Quest and Dan Henderson prepare for war against Fedor Emelianenko

Next weekend, Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Dan “Hendo” Henderson will step inside the Strikeforce cage to face “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko at the 10,000-capable Sears Centre, in Hoffman Estates (suburb of Chicago), Illinois. Henderson will come fresh off victories over Renato Sobral and the previous Light Heavyweight Champion Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante, with sights on delivering Emelianenko his third consecutive defeat.

If victorious, Dan Henderson will put the future of Fedor’s legendary Mixed Martial Arts career under question, and perhaps even retire arguably the best fighter to ever compete in MMA. Both Fedor and Henderson have 35 professional MMA bouts on their record, although Henderson started his career three years earlier, on June 15th of 1997.

The fight with Fedor will be at Heavyweight, and despite the fact that there’s no official “catchweight” paragraph in the fight contract between the two, there may be a gentlemen’s agreement to stay in the region of 215lbs. One way or another, it looks like the first man to hold two PRIDE titles at two different weight classes, Dan Henderson, is ready for any turn of events against Fedor Emelianenko.

So there you have it. Our photographer Scott Hirano traveled to the sunny Temecula in Southern California to capture the bulked-up Dan Henderson in his final preparations for July 30th. Dan Henderson’s teammates Virgil Zwicker, Tarec Saffedine, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Ricardo Feleciano helped “Hendo” to strike, wrestle, and as you can see – sweat, for what is without a doubt one of the most high-profile fights in MMA history.

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  • nickp44

    Great photos… not as awesome as the Blackhouse group shot from yesterday haha

  • MMALurker

    Strikeforce is starting to look like the retirement league :P. Dont get me wrong im fan of all the guys

  • rickjitsu

    I REALLY hope Fedor takes this one!!!

  • griffin

    they need to get JT money back to the UFC. The guy is on a good streak with wins over tom watson and denis kang

  • gaul

    hendo look superb but still to small 2b a HW. In his entire career first time Fedor will be ” the big guy”

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Hendo still looks pretty small, I’d say he’ll come in around 206lb/207lb

  • Jaypak

    He fought Matt Lindland (MW), Kevin Randleman (LHW), Renato Sobral (LHW) and Ricardo Arona (LHW)

  • dray12

    Sokoudjou would be the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world if fights only lasted 3 minutes.

  • HunterB

    Hendo is a straight up bad ass

  • HunterB

    this is only being sharped by nut huggers, here is a list of all the fighters he fought who were the same size or smaller.

    Babalu, Arona, Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, Big Nog, Cro Cop, Hiroyu Takada, Martin Lazarov, Levon Lagvilava, Chris Haseman, Lee Hasdell, Yuji Nagata, Kevin Randleman, Matt Lindland, Andrei Arlovski, Ryushi Yanagisawa, Mihail Apostolov, Egidijus Valavicius

  • borealis19

    A loss will hurt Fedor’s career and legacy more seriously than it would Hedo’s. After two major upsets, Fedor cannot afford to lose….

  • Lowshot

    everyone on team quest is a wrestler

  • TorontoUFC

    Agreed. Both are legends in the sport, but Fedor was unique in that people believed he was unbeatable. Losing 3 in a row would have Dana White laughing and pulling the 3rd grader “see! SEE! see!!”

  • griffin

    mayhem isnt a wrestler

  • HunterB

    i know… the truth is weak to nuthuggers

  • Jaypak

    Or maybe you are just wrong on some of them. Like Andre Arlovski and Big Nog if you watch the fight you can clearly see they are bigger.

  • HunterB

    maybe you should do some research on their weights, they were literally the same exact weight at their weigh ins, looking bigger doesnt mean anything, they were taller and slimmer. They are the same weight with different builds.

    Fedor has fought 19 fights against smaller or same size opponents.

  • MMAW

    neither is Soukodjou

  • friendlyisle

    Henderson will always be a favorite of mine for shutting up Bisbing. I’m looking forward to seeing Mayhem in the cage again.

  • asdf

    Being the same weight at the weigh ins does not mean much. Majority of fighters balloon back up on the fight day. I’ve never liked the how the system works; you assume they are equal on the fight day but they aren’t.

  • ClosetCasey

    Yeah, and 2+2=4.

  • asdf

    Fedor has had problems with smaller or same weight fighters before. Although i don’t think Hendo is a ‘fast’ fighter he might have the stamina to grind this fight out and win. In my eyes, Fedor has to finish this fight or decisively beat Hendo to stay competitive. If Fedor wins, i can see a rematch being set up with Werdum.

  • David Saucier

    except none of those smaller or same size guys were cutting weight to fight Fedor.

  • The.Bratt.yo

    Fedor is a washed up old faget

  • Tchelnik

    you are confusing him with your daddy

  • crocopcullen

    it woud be a bit odd if fedors legacy was forgotten following 3 losses. the man has put on some of the most memorable bouts in the sports history, hes a fan favourite, his name probably the most protected and respected name in the sport. the problem is, with mma rapid growth, new fans are not familiar with the pride days, which in my opinion, opitimized mma, there was very few ‘lay and pray’ decisions. and in those times fedor flourished. the way mma should be. fedor got caught against werdum, simple as, no excuses, he got caught. against silva, fedor gave up against 2011 MMA, grinding MMA, anti-fan favourite, gritty fighting which has become so common now a days. for people to say fedor is finished is a joke. he simply needs to adjust to modern day mma, and before silva beat him, he had no reason to really try and adjust because he had never taken a serious beating.