Philosophical Rampage Jackson talks about why he continues fighting

  • NateDogg

    I love Rampage, but i cant ****ing listen to him. This stutter shit ****s me up ^^

  • japanegro23

    Glad to hear that Rampage signed on for more fights. I know he may sound like a hypocrite saying that its not worth being away from his family but I hope no one holds that against him. I’m away from my family 4 weeks at a time and sometimes I don’t feel its worth it but I feel like I have to do it to provide for my family. I have always loved Rampage and I’m happy to see him back in the cage.

  • UrHype

    Maybe because he doesnt like gas stations or flipping burgers…….of course we know we would find him bouncing at a titty bar, the other jobs are like real work.

  • BigNog22

    thats true rampage beat dan henderson to unified the title and he didn’t even get acknowledge for that.

  • moots

    Usually I listen to Rampage interviews and end up somewhat disappointed by what he believes and what he says, but this time it really did seem legitimate and sincere. He made a lot of good points – why shouldn’t a fighter be in it for the money?

  • UrHype

    they can, but real fans know when you love your job, instead of just doing your job.

  • Joey Santosus

    “Thats what fans need to realize?” What makes him any different than any other fighter that takes the same risk? He sits there and COMPLAINS about having fans! Complaining about people wanting to take pictures with him?? He says of course he is in it for the money…… Ok and WHERE do you think that money comes from?? Those ppl who you are bitching about wanting pictures!! Those fans are the ones that put up the money to watch you fight! So u can feed your family! So you can drive those nice cars that your talking about!! Dont whine about what recognition other fighters get!! Who cares about where you got your belt? I am sorry but this guy has just turned into a sobbing crybaby!! I say this and I have ALWAYS been a Rampage fan!! Now I am just sick of his tears! I hope Rashad beats some respect into him now….. He is gonna have a system to find his fans? People booing him really gets to him to that point? This guy’s attitude sucks. He is just a bitter crybaby, mad that he doesnt get all the attention!!

  • japanegro23

    95% of people I know, complain about their job. Why can’t he? Sorry. Just have to play devils advocate here.

  • partyboy

    a lot of ppl in the world dont love their job, but still do it…the difference here is that rampage is famous…im only spitballin here but after 10 years of getting kneed/ punched/ elbowed in the face, most ppl wouldnt ‘love’ their job…

  • Ninja

    Rampage never got the respect he deserved, in Pride he was overshadowed by the Chute Box Academy members especially Wanderlei and then in the UFC people like Anderson Silva, Forrest Griffin etc took the attention away from Rampage, most people don’t even remember that he’s the only person to TKO Liddell 2 times, he’s the first ever Unified Champion or the fact that for the most of his career he had no actual training or coaches for his fights but still won due to heart and skills

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    No lie, my nigga spoke the truth. I thought this was going to be a catastrophe because how people were talking on the wall and was ready to be disappointed in rampage. I just have more respect for Rampage and the people who said he is whining, is just as bitchy if even more… WAR RAMPAGE and **** all haters! FLAT OUT! Some of which were never fans to begin with. This is my own opinion of the matter. If you don’t like it, oh well.

  • terra2805

    He was the first to unify the Pride and UFC belts and he should have gotten some recognition for that, he’s a true soldier no doubt, Evans is going to get smashed man and i can not wait. He has every right to complain about the issues he is talking about imo, i’ve always liked Rampage man and he’s definately one of the best 205lbers on the planet right now for sure……and still climbing……..

  • terra2805

    i think you’ve taken some of what he said out of context, the only fans he was complaining about were the “fake” ones, a bit like the people that bad mouth him on here but then if they were to meet him in person they would be so far up his arse you would have to grab their ankles, them type of fans, not his genuine fans.

    What do you mean, “sick of his tears”? the guy has hardly ever complained his whole career compared to some, he’s more known for his clowning and joking around than tears, you can’t have been much of a fan if you don’t know this already anyway. The things he does complain about he has every right to complain about imo………

  • BlueClearSky

    I have no problem with Rampage as a Professional fighter,but who ever think that he was the best at 205 on the planet .imao
    Rampage TKO Chuck 2 times,Wanderlei 1 time great .
    Recently, Chuck lost to all his opponent by the same very stupid mistake all over again including the lost to Shogun,not mentally well preparing and changed his strategy and fight style.LOL
    Forrest watched and corrected from there win over Rampage by decision.I’m not Evans big fan,but if you really think Evans going to get smashed is a big No,excepts Evans stand toe to toe with him in striking range and i have no doubt about Rampage over right hand power ,Evans gotta be smarter and faster plus more technical will surprise you and don’t forget Evans TKO Forrest,Chuck..

  • Ariovistus

    My problem is that Rampage has a victim mentality. Rampage YOU chose that career. YOU miss time with your family because of the career YOU chose.YOU re-signed with UFC. Don`t sit there and cry, you could go to college and be a doctor or lawyer. Stop bitching, like you don`t have choices in America. Fake is bitching and then re-signing. If I was that unhappy, I would be doing something else, not on camera being a bitch.

  • olivia

    I can’t even get pass a minute in this video! I can’t understand what he’s trying to convey through his st-t-t-t-t-t-t-tuttering, “you know what I’m saying?” He is such a whiner.

  • SikBoi

    Quentin is a man-child, and yes a huge whiner

  • RabbitPuncher

    Did it ever occur to you that he’s stuttering because he’s actually telling us how he feels? He’s not a gifted public speaker by any means. He’s not reciting lines from a script and kissing the UFC’s ass. I’d rather listen to someone stumble over their words while trying to convey a sincere thought.

  • hinrik

    did it ever occur to you that he’s stuttering because he’s actually a retard?

  • BlueClearSky

    I have to agree to what you said

  • partyboy

    rampage IS 1 of the greatest ever LHWs and thats just fact….the first time he fought chuck was in the pride GP where chuck was (along with wand) the best in the world and the whole point of chuck going to pride was to have that superfight with wandy, and nobody even regarded rampage….rampage bet up chuck for that whole fight so bad that his corner threw in the towel(now thats a beating!!)

    theres also been a lot of confusion bout the second time he fought chuck (evry1 thinks chuck was on the slide) nd thats BS, cos chuck had defended his belt 4/5 times and was the undisputed champ and no1 could touch him, until rampage! he KOd him and thats what began chucks slide

    apart from the forrest fight (which was a great acheivment by forrest would not happen again in a rematch id bet) rampages only real losses came to wandy and shogun, the chute box prdigees who were completly untouchable when rampage fought them

    then add to that the fact that he unified the belts (and actually defended his belt, unlike forrest and rashad) i think that despite the fact a lot of people dont like his complainin outside the cage, there can be no doubt over his quality

  • Ninja

    good post man, Rampage doesn’t get the respect he deserves, hopefully ppl will read this and realize how good Rampage is

  • BlueClearSky

    I don’t have a problem to watch Rampage fight , but a big no to watch his vid promotion or listen to the guy .I never underrated his strength and overright hand power ,so who ever stand and trade with him you finished ,if Forrest ever rematch again, i pick Rampage to win ,Chuck style never have a chance to win, rematch with Shogun I bet all my moneys on it over Rampage ,if i loose would be a bum on street .