BJ Penn talks about the "Closed Guard"

Recently, it seems a lot of people are forgetting bjj is one of the corner stones of our sports, ignoring it in favour of wrestling, judo, or even sambo. But there are still people still hold BJJ as the best grappling style in the industry, such as the wrolds number 1 lightweight fighter, BJ Penn:

“I guess if you’re in the closed guard you either gotta go for a submission or go for a sweep, or get back to your feet. Because, you know, the way the rules are set, the rules are set for whoever has the better takedowns….It doesn’t matter what the guy on the bottom does,” Penn added. “But I definitely think you can use the closed guard. Guys like “Minotauro” , they show it. It’s just different people’s games. But Jon Fitch is right, if you’re on the bottom in your closed guard you’re gonna be losing by decision for sure.

I just really like the mission control position, to tell you the truth. All the stuff that comes off it–the omoplatas, the arm bars, and the triangles–that stuff’s pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve got a pretty good idea of Jiu Jitsu, that stuff kinda blends well,” said Penn. “You can kind of pin the guy down, and you can kind of hit him if he stays close to you. I definitely like the rubber guard. I always try to use it, especially when I’m just grappling or at the gym.”

  • Bruce Lee

    Its true. Patience in the closed guard, working towards a JJ sub is artistically beautiful. From an action television perspective, however, it is ratings suicide. Boring to the uninitiated. MMA rules have evolved for the casual fan and TV.

  • Shanoo

    as much as i don’t kno you, your right.

    Casual fans wanna see the knock out. Nothing makes me more embarrassed/angry then having 2 fighters on the ground and the fans boo. *Sigh* Some day all these brock lesner fans will appreciate the art and dedication it takes to be good on the ground.

  • Daniel Cassidy

    sometimes i worry about where the sport is heading, but its nice to know that not everybody is some lil bitch that ets hard for Lesnar and actually appreciate’s mma for the skill and technicallity, not just the ko’s

    thank you for restoring my faith in the mma community

  • Spyridon

    The people who get upset with ground-grappling fights are typically the ones who dont understand what the hell is going on.

    They are typically the same people who say stupid shit like “It’s cool when their standing and fighting but I hate those ground fights because it’s so gay, 2 men laying on top of eachother”.

    If you see two people on the ground fighting, and the thing on your mind is them having sex, it’s YOU with the problem.

    People who do that need to try to learn what the different BJJ positions are, possible setups, and generally what the hell is going on, and get the obsession with man-sex out of their mind, and ground fights suddenly become much more entertaining.

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    So are you saying there is no technicality in KO’s?

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    I sometimes wonder how can wrestling be a popular sport when people think like this…

  • tapoutkingzsup

    what i like to see is the technicality of the fights strengths like if there good boxers or bjj, judo,wrestling what ever and they use it well thats what i like

  • tapoutkingzsup

    its what i just said

  • tapoutkingzsup

    thats what u think cuz ur a fag, y cant ppl. just appreciate mma this isnt just boxing

  • Daniel Cassidy

    no no not at all, im referring to the fans who boo when a fight goes to the ground