Paul Daley issues an apology

Following the events of UFC 113 Paul Daley has issued an apology for his behaivor.

Daley said: “I’ve had a long flight home to consider my actions and regret the mistake I made on Saturday. I would like to apologise to the UFC and the Athletic Commission for what I’ve done as well as all the fans and sponsors that support me.”

“I would also like to offer my sincerest apologies to Josh Koscheck who did not deserve the cheap shot I threw.  He did what he needed to do in order to win the fight and get the job done, and I foolishly reacted to the situation.”

“There is no excuse for my actions and I know what I did was very unprofessional.  I was immensely frustrated by a collection of things that took place throughout the fight as well as leading up to it, but I’m certainly not trying to condone or excuse my actions.”

“Josh implemented his game plan perfectly taking me down and staying on top of me for the majority of the fight.  I was also frustrated about him claiming (and acting like) I knee’d him in the head on the ground when it was clear for all to see in the video replay that I didn’t connect at all with the knee I threw.”

“Then finally, the verbal abuse Josh hit me with in the final 30 seconds of the fight simply pushed me over the edge and my frustrations came out as I knew I’d lost the fight, was unhappy with my own performance and had then been ridiculed by my opponent to top things off.”

“This is certainly no excuse for my actions; I fully deserve to be punished for what I did and hope that everyone I have disappointed can forgive my rash decision.  I feel very disappointed in myself for losing my cool and hope that I am able to address my temperament and bounce back from this low point in my career.”

“I feel ashamed and embarrassed by what I did and hope that together my team and I can get through this issue. It will be a long road back from where I am now to earning the trust and respect of the UFC and the MMA fans that have supported me for so long, I know I’ve let you all down but I’m determined to make it up to you all.”

  • Jack N. Meoff

    Oh, ok…

    Daley, GET F*CKED

  • moots

    Well-needed apology – unfortunately for him though its probably time to trek back to Strikeforce.

  • UrHype

    Too late Pauli. But I knew you were a big talking sore loser before you started that fight.

  • grapplure

    hes only apologizing cause he lost his ufc contract….fake ass apology

  • 51JD51

    Sounds sincere but is that because of his actions or the severity of his punishment in being banished from the UFC (+whatever the athletic commision does)?

  • grapplure

    probably fined him….

  • Rane

    Strikeforce will be calling you..

  • Cronos

    Well at least now he dosnt have to worry about fighting “the boring wrestler” jake shields.

  • thealex

    damn and he was the one talking most shit before the fight, and he still threw the cheap shot, its completely justified to have him fired.

    i predict parisyan vs daley in september

  • thealex

    oh and im really glad koscheck got the shot against gsp, i hope he gets the ww belt

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea, I dont buy it. I think he might be sorry, but thats because he didnt realize the severity of the punishment for his actions. Had he not been booted, I dont think he would even be apologizing. He will in fact get a contract with SF tho. Which he will probably be their champ, if thats any consolation.

  • HunterB

    screw josh kocheck he would be a horrible representative for the UFC

  • UnderdogGreatness

    This apology is a little too late.

  • japanegro23

    Bye bye Daley. That cheap shot was ridiculous. Kos is good at getting under people’s skin but if Daley wanted to get at Kos, he should have stuffed the takedowns and won the fight.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I kinda wish the cheap shot would have knocked KOS out though.

  • 51JD51

    If you’re gonna do something stupid like that you might as well do it right

  • tapoutkingzsup

    sounds like he is still a bitch and im glad dana is steppin up and showing everyone whats up i use to think daley was a good fighter before this shit,,,,,,,,,i want to know what kos said to him

  • willhammy

    who cares what kos said to him. Daley talked a bunch of crap be4 the fight and kos probably talked his crap during those final 30 seconds. Daley wasnt that great anyways

  • willhammy

    I dont think he can hang with Nick Diaz.

  • joelsephw420

    daley is a bitch, that fool was talkin just as much crap as kos. that punk lost all respect from me

  • jackthedrinker89

    I do not like GSP at all but after the way Koscheck has acted literally and figuretively in his last 2 fights i hope GSP beats the living **** out of him and actually finishes this fight

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea maybe not. I dunno, we will see tho I am sure!

  • Jack N. Meoff

    sorry about the consequences. Of course he is now going to “issue an apology” He’s just trying to save what might be left of his career.