Pat Barry is beaming with confidence ahead of the clash against Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 115

  • M1KENIC3

    I like Pat Barry in this one. This guy is a rare bread of hilarious and terrifying. TKO early in the 2nd.

  • sambo

    I hope CroCop really is back to full health. If he is ,this will be a great fight. They both kick like mules.

  • Dabs

    I am looking forward to this fight as much as the main event now…!!

  • dray12

    I could see Pat Barry in movies, I think he’d make a good actor.

  • Joey Santosus

    Pat’s a good guy man, wish this interview didnt keep freezing up….

  • UrHype

    Pat looks even bigger now than he ever did.

  • joelsephw420

    i have to go with Barry in this fight for sure, Mirko isnt what he used to be and Barry knows it