Reminder: Strikeforce San Jose, UFC 120 and UFC 121 are OPEN FOR PICKS!

We are proud to announce that all October MMA events are now open for picks at the events page! The stacked month of October will feature some of the best fight cards of the recent time, as the likes of Jose Aldo, Nick Diaz and Brock Lesnar defend their titles.

All you have to do is to get yourself to the Events page for submitting your picks. Click here to go to the Events page for submitting your picks, or here view the Tutorial if you are new to LowPick: MMA Prediction Game.

The winner of the UFC 121 LowPick game, will win a Main Event T-Shirt of Brock Lesnar or Cain Velasquez!!!

Oh, and here’s the UFC 120 promo:

  • Jizzle11

    WAR Velasquez!!!

  • grapplure

    i will not be watching ufc 120

  • partyboy

    i will

  • divo

    who cares if yous not gonna watch it, stoopid.

  • Rafaelroberto840

    I dont know why everyone says this card sucks.
    -its free
    -has akiyama who has all fight of the nights awards for every fight he has in the ufc
    -kongo vs browne
    -hathaway vs pyle
    -condit vs hardy
    -bisping pong vs akiyama.

    The only reason why everyone says this card sucks is beacause it has the british invasion

  • GSPfan

    i will b there

  • khmerkickboxing

    This better not be another crappy boring UFC event…

  • headxkick

    but DAN HARDY is fighting man,.

  • Tboobs83


  • Rigo

    the UFC feed Hardy with Condit!
    Condit is a small WW while Hardy is even bigger than GSP!

    Akiyama will beat Bisping!!

  • Nik_Hulstein

    I would watch it but my satellite got disconnected

  • Nik_Hulstein

    Sorta like the last one :P

  • Accyfist

    Fake MMA fan!!!

  • Accyfist

    Wanna see Cyrile Diabate again too, he looked awesome against Luiz Cane.

  • Accyfist

    As I said in another comment those who criticise the last event more than just saying it wasn’t as exciting as most of the others this year and those who say this 120 card sucks especially the One More C!!k in my A”s up there who says he won’t watch it. Well you a prove that for all the time you spend bitching about every one and everything in the sport, you’re not real MMA fans. No appreciation whatsoever! Well I am a real fan and 120′s gonna be fun. Even if every fight goes to a decision which is about as likely Dana White not saying ‘f!!k” in an interview, it will still be by far the most exciting sports event that weekend. Stop bitching and be real fans!

  • nightmonkey17

    I would put money on Akiyama, Velasquez and Noons.

  • uRL

    as long bisping get his ass beat, im watching it. i used to like him but he got ****y BIGTIME!

  • JTalbain

    Lolz to the Bisping haters. Why is it he gets so much crap when other fighters talk just as much or more (Sonnen comes to mind) and get nowhere near the amount of hate Bisping does?

    Seriously though, if Akiyama’s last fight is any indication, my money’s on Bisping. Unless Akiyama has improved his cardio substantially since his fight with Leben, Bisping is gonna light his ass up in the 3rd round. People dislike Michael for backpedalling whenever he thinks he might possibly be in danger, but they forget he’s in good enough shape to do it ALL DAY LONG. I like Akiyama a lot, but I think Bisping by 3rd round TKO.