Michael Bisping is not taking the UFC 120 criticism personally

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    of course it would sell out its in england,. bisping is they’re hero and he’ll probably be they’re next prime minister. f*ckin wanker! (lol)

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    Given the fact they are laying on extra capacity due to demand, I think it’s more just uneducated fans who wanna see their own favourites and have little interest in MMA as a whole. Real MMA fans wanna see MMA and that’s it. Could be Tank Abbott vs keith Jardine, they’d still wanna see it.

    I think it’s a direct result of MMA slowly becoming mainstream, as the old MMA fan would never grumble in a million years about the privelige of getting to watch fights.

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    He’s really cooled it on the trash talking… I respect him for it

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    I’m English, and yes It’s true we are not spoilt when for choice when it come to world class mma over here. But claiming it’s becuse of pissping is retarded. Most people regardless of nationallity can see he is a prick (although more humbel since hendo) and a marketing tool for Dana. The fight that holds more intrest for me has to be Hardy vs Condit. Bisping was the first UK representative not the best, imo.

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    Bisping should care about the criticism. He is the so-called headliner and everyone is talking about the Hardy/Condit fight and the Hathaway fight instead of his.

    It’s called Karma, Bisping. You act like a complete A**hole for your entire UFC career and eventually no-one gives a rat’s ass about you or your ridiculous title shot claims.

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    yea, that Hendo punch is forever engraved in my mind.

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    @ Cage

    Which one was Bisping? The funny sounding sweaty guy or the guy with the microphone, asking the questions?

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    I dunno i might grumble if shamrock and tito went at it again.. needless to say, I’d stfu after the initial announcement and settle in for the fight. Now that I think about it, if they made that card free like ufc 120 is, i wouldnt grumble, thats a bunch of free fights.. What true MMA fan would gripe about a bunch of free fights featuring guys that like to slug it out like Hardy and Bisping.. I revoke all comments about me grumbling about any card…except Mir and Cro Cop 2 should anyone dumb enough decide they should fight again

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    bisping is going over his head again! good luck to Akiyama ! i thought when wand bashed his head in he sould of got his tko! but bisping felt he won that fight! the ref sould of stoped it ! 1 more thing gsp at welter weight would destroy bising even if he stayed at middle weight for that fight !

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    oh ya 1 more thing bisping will be champ at middle weight! lol come on! if silva had that fight with bisping silva would ko him first , or just play with him make a fool out of him! bisping would never ever in my opinion would be ufc champ !

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    well done lad, your so bright. would ya torture my **** after 5ish mate?

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    there’s another spelling mistake for you to blabber about punk

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    i dont think Bisping whanker got the minerals Yeah mate? hahaha

    I cant believe Bisping is being a headline on a UFC event!
    but since its in the UK and free it figures

    Honestly the only reason im watching it is because is free and for Akiyama , Condit and Hathaway!

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    Bisping might be a prick but there is no denying that he is a top 20 fighter in that weight class. If he really pushed himself he could go further but I do believe a world title shot is beyond him as that division is stacked with guys more talented and tougher than him. Would love him to prove me wrong though, I enjoy watching good strikers and he would have to put in some amazing performances to earn a title shot. If he actually did that then it is a win for all MMA fans regardless of how you feel about the guy.

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    MMA is still very new in U.K. and so yes we lag quite a way behind in both quality and numbers, only time and popularity of MMA is going to change that though. For that reason I appluad Dana White, he is trying to grow the sport over here and give our guys a chance to eat at the top table so they can learn what it takes to compete with the best.

    We have some tough fighters here but when it comes to MMA we still have alot to learn, in time it will happen though of that I am sure. The best thing is that as MMA grows in the U.K. the whole sport benefits and that is no bad thing surely?

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    Sure have been a lot of guys named garry from Canada.

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    id agree with you although freeman, murray were probably the 1st guys to be reps for the uk scene.

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    @sapizo80. what is that based on. bisping since being in the uk has fought-hamil, rashad, wand, henderson, leben. all really weak fighters!! daley only had 3 but included kampman, hazelett and koscheck. and hardy had gono, swick, davis, gsp and now condit. swick was expecting a title shot when hardy fought him, gsp is the top guy, condit is tough and wec champ. seriously sapizo80, you are typical of someone who just slates the uk fighters without facts.

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    ufc not uk.