Matt Hughes: Georges St. Pierre is boring

Well, I haven’t talked to you guys since the GSP fight so I’m going to say this, even though I’m going to piss a bunch of people off. To me the GSP fight was boring and I’m even going to tell you why I think it was boring: because I believe GSP is on defense. Number one, he doesn’t want to lose the belt and, number two, I think the UFC is paying him too much money and he doesn’t want to lose that either. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind; but he just doesn’t seem like he wants to finish anybody.

I did not watch the Edgar/Maynard fight, but I did hear that it was pretty interesting. For a 5-round fight to end up as a draw is pretty unusual by itself, so I will be looking forward to the (via

Matt Hughes is one of the two only fighters to ever defeat Georges St. Pierre, submitting the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion with an armbar at UFC 50, six years ago. Thirty-seven year old Hughes is coming off a knockout defeat against BJ Penn at UFC 127, currently holding an impressive MMA record of 45-8. As for St. Pierre, the French-Canadian will return to action on April 30th, facing Jake Shields at the main event of UFC 129 in Toronto, Canada.

  • purinho

    i a way it’s true, but he is not i a position to talk about boring fighters, well once gsp was really more excitting to watch, when he kicked Matt’s ass was pretty excitting to me…

  • MereDictum

    Sorry for typos. From phone.

  • purinho

    just wrote what was on my mind, didn’t know things become so serious on lowkick. users of this page don’t read my header ….

  • xdecemberguy

    Boring. Watching GSP out class every fighter he has ever faced is not boring. He always dominates with strikes, power, stamina, takedowns. He wins and that is what matters. He’s the champion not the other way around. If you want the belt come and get it. Matt Hughes fight on the other hand have been exciting for about 10sec. Him getting KO.

  • xdecemberguy

    I have to admit I’m pretty excited about GSP V.S. Shields. Should be more of an even fight that people expect.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    If he can’t appreciate the technical mastery of the modern day MMA fighter, he should retire. you had your run at the top Matt… time for the new breed to take over!

  • JaytheBrit

    hes still dizzy from the bj fight

  • Wolfi

    So he was not impressed by GSPs performance? I think I am having a deja-vu…

  • moots

    Matt Hughes made some good points – but in general I won’t say GSP’s fights are boring. I do concede though that they could be much more exciting if GSP looked for the finish more. The GSP/KOS fight was a clear example of not pushing for the finish, especially considering how badly Koscheck was hurt.

    Hughes may very well be right about GSP being on defense – he defends his belt without taking big risks in doing so.

  • japanegro23

    Thank you. I think he is salty that there is a more dominant wrestler out there. One who can also strike and do everything better than Matt. This is one of the reasons I have always disliked Hughes. He had his time. He shouldn’t hate on GSP.

  • japanegro23

    Hahaha! That might be true.


    Matt ain’t saying anything new.

  • UrHype

    Jealousy is ugly

  • rickjitsu

    so what!?
    ‘He defends his belt without taking big risks”
    Sounds pretty smart to me!
    Oh and another thing…people hatin’ the fact that GSP can take down whoever he wants,whenever he wants and do whatever he wants to with them…Tough sh*t thats the name of the game !
    Stop him from doin’ it if you want the belt!!
    Good luck with that.

  • IStink

    so is yo’ mama

  • BigNog22

    for a guy who got ktfo in 23 secs, he should keep his mouth shut.

  • Rigo

    First Hughes it was not boring , it was frustrating to see GSP doing the same thing for 5 rounds when he could have been more aggressive and finish Koscheck easy in the 4 and 5 yes.
    i am a huge GSP since the first time i watch him fight at UFC 46 , he was my second MMA hero.

    But at some points its true , he was way to cautious, i remember in his first fights in the UFC how aggressive he was and the killer instinct he had, Jay Hieron UFC 48 was the type of fighter he should have been vs Koscheck.

    I think thats why he is no Longer George “Rush” St-Pierre
    he is just GSP. But there will be the chance for Redemption!

    Jake Shields is the perfect guy to pick apart on the stand up with out the risk of getting KO. Lets make it happen Rush!!

    btw Hughes watching you get KO by a lightweight was pretty fun lol

  • BigNog22

    “I think the UFC is paying him too much money”,very cheap words from hughes
    and name me a champion who wanna loose his belt? hell yeah GSP doesn’t wanna to loose it.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I’ve never been a fan of Hughes, matter of fact watching Hughes getting dominated by GSP twice was the ultimate reason why I started liking GSP. However, I can honestly say that Matt is 100% right on this one. Ever since Matt Serra knocked him out, he has been playing it extremely safe and it’s only getting worse IMO. I don’t really understand how some of us here can criticise Anderson Silva for not finishing a couple of his fights and also some other fighters for not finishing their own fights when this guy is constantly being rewarded for doing the same exact thing. Now, the question is: Where is the consistency?
    Does Hughes sound a little bitter or jealous? Yes or No but is he right ? my answer will be YES

  • IChokePeople

    I agree with most of that BUT GSP cannot take everyone down at will. Kos stuffed more shots than GSP completed.

  • rampage1

    hughes is such a prick, GSP has nothing but respect for him and he keeps bashing him like that. Overpaid? he’s the 2d biggest draw of the UFC, what do u expect.

    “GSP is on defense”,exactly cause he has to “defend” his title remember.

    Just a bunch of stupid arguments from hughes.

  • turboman

    hughes just want people to forget the match with bj that he got so bored that he fell asleep right after bj punched him

  • SumHo

    He has never had nice things to say about GSP. He is still bitter about the two defeats handed to him, which were both in obliterating fashion. What’s so exciting about Matt Hughes, anyway? He himself admits that his only real strength is his wrestling power. The era of GNP one dimensionalism is over.

  • crocopcullen

    hes just trying to talk his way into a title fight….koschek(all though he deserved it) done the same and paul daley wouldv done it had he beaten koschek. frank mir done it with brock. Trash talk gains publicity thank uneducated fans instanlty pick up on and write all there shit on the internet saying the fight should happen, meaning that fighters that really do deserve it get overlooked because they dont cause as much of a publicity storm as the trash talkers do.

  • Zadok83

    “GSP is boring”

    Spoken like a sore loser who GSP finished TWICE! Matt Hughes has to face the fact that his time is over and he’s not really relevant anymore. BJ Penn proved that when he KOed him in less than 30 secs.

  • moots

    So, sometimes it makes for less than exciting fights, that is all I am saying. Fervently defending your favorite fighter is OK, but you have to realize that every fighter has their flaws. Some have technical flaws, personality flaws (Chael), etc. My favorite fighter is Cro Cop, but I’m not going to pretend that he is a legit contender to the HW belt, or that he hasn’t had boring fights. We see the same blind passion with Fedor huggers.

    Saying that simply winning the fight is just ‘the name of the game’ doesn’t hide or negate the fact that he sometimes has boring fights.

  • duder113

    man Hughes is a true genius! He figured out, all by himself no less, that a champion has no wish to loose the belt. That insight is just ….wauw….

  • hondata79

    Still love Matt Hughes ! Man i use to get so excited to see him come
    out and pick a guy up and slam him then beat him down.

    Ill never forget the old Hughes fights !

    I think he might have a few more wins in him… He’s still built like a BULL, BJ caught him, BJ is one of the best ever, the fight before BJ
    he almost tore big dog Ricardo’s head off, made him go zzzzzzzz
    With pure power !

  • Ninja

    I agree…watching somone totally dominate n outclass there opponents is not boring to me

  • Warheadchief

    Pushing for the finish gets your ass knocked out or subbed in front of millions of people who knew you had another win coming. People fail to forget, GSP tries to finish, but its just that his opponents as of late have been tough as nails.

    The opponents drive to be champion makes them exceptionally tough and harder to finish. Going into that fight with Kosh, GSP had just one more Decision than Kosh did and Kosh was stoking himself up to be a guy who finishes fights.

    Matt Hughes on the other hand, go back to the farm boy, the days of one dimensional fighters is over. Fighters today are far harder to beat and finish than fighters of yesterday.

  • Madnessstill

    Ironic you say that because GSP has been pretty one dimensional lately. He used to be exciting, now it’s totally safety first and a series of rematches. I’ve fallen asleep during a couple of his fights, and i fell asleep during the fitch fight.

    Those are the only fights i’ve fallen asleep during. If the same thing keeps happening over and over and it was predictable looong before the fight,’s boring.

  • Madnessstill

    Amen, i couldnt stand matt hughes when he was champion, and i LOVED watching him get beat down by whoever he was arrognat towards. But yea.. GSSP has become dull, and it has nothing at all to do with finishing.

    Machida vs tito was very exciting to me for example and pretty funny too. Lots of fights can be exciting without finishes

  • Madnessstill

    It’s not the finish that makes his fights boring, it’s how predictable it is coupled with how long it lasts. crocop vs fedor was not a boring fight, machida vs tito was not a boring fight, brock vs crazy horse wasnt boring

  • moots

    Agreed – that is the primary reason why I have A. Silva > GSP in the p4p rankings.

  • Keyboard Contender


  • WingChun

    Matt Hughes? He was a fighter back in the 60’s wasn’t he?

    At any rate – go compare the list of people they’ve fought and defeated and then tell me Hughes should even bother opening his mouth. GSP has beaten the whose who of 170, they throw his name around as the best P4P in the world, everyone wants to see him tie up with Anderson Silva in a “super” fight.

    What can you say about Hughes? He’s a spent shell, who holds wins over less than stellar fighters. And every time he seems to run up against a serious fighter he gets his ass kicked. Hughes is and always was a one trick pone with a big ego. Hughes is nothing more then jealous of “all” of GSP’s accomplishments and accolades. He’s a spent shell; just retire, already.

  • Bilhal a champion is there to pose a challenge. A contender is there to bring the fight to the champion. Koschceck did it for first two minutes then he has his face destroyed. Hardy did it – got schooled on ground game, Thaigo did it, got turned in to a punch bag. I’m waiting for someone to bring the fight to him – his on the throne – take him off. Anyone who spend 5 minutes in the cage knows that, you can’t play defense all the time otherwise you gonna get hunted down and destroyed. Even Frankie Edgar the marathon runner can vouch for that. He does look like he avoids the fight but his just picking his shots. Anyone who’ve seen the BJ Penn fight will know what I’m talking about. Those Lions fought for the territory, now it’s the time for young blood to chase them off from their rock. Just my opinion.

  • FlawLes

    Huh?? Why u crying?? U gave ur opinion, they gave theres. Am I missing something? U sound like the Chips Ahoy in the red package. Soft Batch!!

  • japanegro23

    Whoa whoa moots. Fedor is a pretty exciting fighter. Give him that. Or did you mean the defending part?

  • japanegro23

    Yup. GSP might be boring at times but thats for each person to decide themself. Him just saying it out loud is being hateful and shows how jealous he is.

  • HollywoodKOs

    And who just got Knocked out?

  • Rindy

    ya watching GSP beat someone up to the point he needs surgery ya thats not trying to finish them and real boring ya right your just jealous, and your washed up to bad he’s acting this way i just lost respect for him he was one of my favorit fighters.GSP rules and he’s Canadian so were proud learn to deal with it

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Antonio Nogueira VS Randy Couture was not a boring fight, Frankie “The leprechaun” Edgar VS Gray “The masseur” Maynard part II was not boring, Ben Henderson VS Pettis was very exciting too and many more…

  • UnderdogGreatness

    You two know what I’m talking about.

  • dray12

    If he finishes Shields people will stop talking smack.

  • sleepy

    matt is right wat hes sayn about gsp.. hes afraid to go out and try finish fights incase he loses so he just lays on them and get the decison.. mat hughes fights r more enteraining than gsps np matter if he win loses or draw.. and jamie stop talking shit modern day technical mastery???? gsp cudnt finish a fish supper never mind finish a fight…

  • purinho

    yes, you were missing something i was replaying to a comment that’s no longer there and just being sarcastic. it would be also better if you gave your opinion instead of writting shit like this.

  • Madnessstill

    Exactly. it’s exciting because something is happening, and maybe because it’s a new challenger and not just the same thing wrapped up and repackaged trying to pretend to be something new…with the exact same result

  • fluffybuns

    I thought it was not boring when GSP broke Matt Hughes’ tooth off. I also thought it was not boring when GSP kicked Hughes in the head and knocked him out. It was a full on not boring shin to face. Didn’t have to wonder whether he caught him. Really solid non boring type shot to the head. Hughes’ head really snapped back good before he went down and got pounded out in a very non boring finish.

    But, even if he is/was boring, what can he do about it? He already learned that when he overlooks someone (Serra) and gets careless, he gets knocked out. Can’t really ask him in good faith to go down that path again.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    sleepy go back to bed son, you dont even know what your talkin bout.

  • David.K

    Is he boring?: Possibly
    Does he win his fights convincingly?: DEFINITELY

    Frankly, just seeing GSP in the cage just has some sort of unexplainable buzz. If he started finishing guys, that would be like a 2nd 12 pack.

  • cranestyle

    If you are disappointed in watching someone as skilled as GSP, and think his fights are ‘boring’ because they don’t end the way you want them too (i.e. always with a highlight reel stoppage), MMA isn’t for you.

    But there is a ‘sport’ that delivers those qualities…pro wrestling.

  • AnAmerican

    it WAS very entertaining watching Hughes get knocked out

  • guest66

    he’s 37 lets see how your beloved gsp competes at that age.

  • Kings_Of_Metal

    Matt Hughes is just stupid. He is jealous of GSP’S money and fame.

    Do you remember when he was saying : ” my wife says ,she wants blood … ” hahahahahaha
    Im sure his wife dominate him .

  • UrHype

    You and I will never know what your mama looks like,

  • TenderRainDrop

    Whats? Obviously these people that complain about GSP are MMA fans, if they weren’t they would not comment. Plus nobody said thats it needs to be a highlight reel finish. On the other hand, some people don’t like GSP and will use his new found designs in fighting as an excuse to bash him. I simply am not as big of a fan as i used to be. Why? Because lately he’s been boring me. On the other hand people who like GSP will argue that he’s smart, great technique, and that you must be mentally challenged not seeing the beauty of his ability; they should all go watch pro wrestling etc.

  • Madnessstill

    Then how did you like the silva maia fight?

  • TheRealDeal

    Whatever Matt. He is the champ and you just got K.T.F.O. by Penn in like 9 seconds…..

  • cranestyle

    Like which ever fighter you want, I could care less. Don’t like GSP’s fighting style? That’s your opinion and more power to you.

    But then if you want to justify your dislike by saying things like “he’s boring” or “he’s too defensive”, then you have gone beyond opinion into something that I disagree with.

    I once saw Nolan Ryan pitch a perfect baseball game into the 9th inning. Some clueless fans left in the 7th because the game was ‘boring’. You can say you don’t like pitcher’s duel, fair enough.

    But to say it’s boring to watch someone heading to the hall of fame while they pitch a no-hitter is boring means you’re watching the wrong sport.

  • rickjitsu

    Oh yeah…I could see him just tanking when he’s 37.
    Matt Hughes is a has been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rickjitsu

    YES……….thank you!!

  • rickjitsu

    sounds like you may have some issues!!

  • Kings_Of_Metal

    haha this one was soooo funny ! with all the taunts of silva. IT was like a fake fight.. . like, it couldnt be real. Too many taunts… hahahahhahaha Sila is a funny guy . Im sure if you go on a night out with him you just laugh all night with his impersonation ,jokes and his king’s english

  • moots

    No i mean acting that someone’s favorite fighter has no flaws – I think Fedor is one of the most exciting fighters.

  • Jesper

    haha replaying…

  • codemaster

    I thought the Fitch vs. GSP fight was great–but one-sided. It had everything in striking, wrestling and BJJ.

  • codemaster

    I think there are a number of reasons for Matt Hughes saying GSP is boring, not just one:

    First, GSP has been so dominant in his fights–he never appears in danger. When one fighter in a fight is not really threatened, it is not as exciting for fans.

    Second, the responsiblity for a good fight is also the opponent’s responsibility. After Koscheck got smacked in the first round, Koscheck changed his game and became less aggressive. He knew if he came in swinging with both hands, GSP would take him down, and GSP did. Koscheck’s takedowns were stuffed, so he couldn’t go there. All he was left with was quick looping rights then back-pedaling to avoid the takedown.

    Alves was also stymied in this stand-up, afraid to throw his devastating kicks, because every time he kicked, GSP took him down. Alves the striker was also out-struck by GSP–people forget that.

    When Hardy had a chance to stand and bang, he strangely became very conservative–and did not push for the knock-out.

    GSP has excellent standup, and he hits hard, but he is not a knock-out puncher. You can argue that only knock-out puncher’s are great fighters if you want, but I would disagree.

    Finally, Dana may say that fighter’s who go for it, and risk all for an exciting matchup never get cut–but that is not true. Even Chuck Liddel ended up being cut, effectively, from the UFC.

    GSP knows the truth, and that is, the name of the game is winning.

  • codemaster

    BTW: Hughes recent fight with BJ wasn’t boring at all. It is good to see that Hughes practices what he preaches.

  • TenderRainDrop

    Obviously if the person is there and paid money to see a sport event, i’m pretty sure he knew what he was in for. It’s not like he paid money and showed up to find out it’s baseball not football.

    It’s just opinion. It’s not like that opinion reflects on you. If it does then it must be a hard life. Because people will dislike what you like many times.

  • Cookie77

    Champions find a way to win. Winning is never boring. Would you rather lose spectacularly or win boringly?